Video of a man and his wife in an altercation: Tan Sri Musa Hassan asks public to stay out of his private affairs but the police are probing


Altercation is a nicer word for “quarrel,” which is a nicer word for “fight.” Fight is a simple, effective one-syllable word, while quarrel is a softer, two-syllable word, and altercation is a very civilized-sounding four-syllable word for the same uncivilized thing: a noisy argument between angry people.


KUALA LUMPUR – The police have confirmed that they have opened an investigation into former Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan and his wife following an incident that went viral on social media.

Kuala Lumpur police chief Datuk Azmi Abu Kassim said the investigation papers will be referred to the Deputy Public Prosecutor for further action soon.

“I confirm we (the police) have received a report and investigation papers have been opened.

“We will refer to the Deputy Public Prosecutor as soon as the investigations are completed,” he said when contacted by Astro Awani on Wednesday.

It was understood that both parties were called to make a statement. – Awani


Musa Hassan warns against outside interference in ‘family matter’

Updated 11 hours ago · Published on 7 Mar 2023 9:58PM · 0 Comments

THE former police chief who is being investigated for allegedly assaulting his second wife, issued a warning this evening, saying it was a family matter and warned against any outside interference.

In a tweet at 8.21pm, Musa Hassan warned that any speculation about the matter would be met with legal action.



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Musa asks public to stay out of his private affairs

Earlier today, several videos circulated online showing a man resembling Musa Hassan in an altercation with a woman.

FMT Reporters – 07 Mar 2023, 10:51pm

PETALING JAYA: Former inspector-general of police (IGP) Musa Hassan has asked the public to stay out of his private affairs after video clips of a squabble between a man and a woman went viral.

The video clips showed a man resembling Musa in an altercation with a woman.

Replying to a tweet by @IzzraifHarzz who questioned what was happening in the video clips, Musa asked the Twitter user to respect his privacy.

“This involves family privacy. Do not get involved. Those who speculate will face legal action,” Musa tweeted.

In the video clips shared by a Twitter account with the handle @makcikbawangmu, an angry woman can be heard yelling at the man resembling Musa, while he attempts to leave. A child could also be seen in the video clips.

Musa held the post of top cop from 2006 to 2010.



Ini masalah privasi keluarga, jangan masuk campur – Musa Hassan

  • 7 Mac 2023, 8:52 pm

PETALING JAYA – Bekas ketua polis negara, Tan Sri Musa Hassan menggesa orang ramai untuk menghormati privasinya.

Musa berkata demikian dalam satu ciapan di Twitter selepas tersebar klip video memaparkan seorang lelaki menyerupai dirinya berbalah dengan seorang wanita di dalam sebuah rumah.

“Ini adalah masalah privasi keluarga. Jangan ada yang masuk campur.

“Jika ada yang membuat spekulasi akan berhadapan dengan tindakan undang-undang,” katanya dalam satu ciapan di Twitter.

Terdahulu, tiga klip video berdurasi sembilan saat, 56 saat, dan 10 saat dimuat naik pengguna Twitter memaparkan pertelingkahan antara sepasang suami isteri yang turut disaksikan seorang kanak-kanak dalam rakaman itu. – KOSMO! ONLINE


Google translation:

PETALING JAYA - Former national police chief, Tan Sri Musa Hassan urged the public to respect his privacy.

Musa said this in a tweet on Twitter after a video clip was circulated showing a man resembling himself arguing with a woman in a house.

"This is a matter of family privacy. Do not interfere.

"If anyone speculates, they will face legal action," he said in a tweet on Twitter.

Earlier, three video clips lasting nine seconds, 56 seconds, and 10 seconds were uploaded by Twitter users showing an argument between a husband and wife which was also witnessed by a child in the recording. – COSMO! ONLINE


1. A video of a tongue-lashing between a woman and a man who looks like Tan Sri Musa Hassan, 71, the eighth former Chief of Police went viral on social media today. “You’re jealous and afraid that others will get me, right? You can also marry another Chinese,” said the woman.

2. Harian Metro reported on March 1 that the second wife of a former senior police officer made a report claiming to have been beaten by her husband at their residence in Kuala Lumpur. Although not specifically mentioned, netizens claimed that the senior officer was Musa.

3. It is understood that the incident happened after a fight broke out which is believed to be caused by property and maintenance issues. The woman in her 40s claimed to have been beaten by her husband on the head and back of the neck.

4. Musa made a report stating that he was hit using a helmet in an incident witnessed by their son. Kuala Lumpur Police Chief Datuk Azmi Abu Kassim confirmed that he had received a report of the incident.

5. Musa on his personal Twitter account TSMusaHassan chose not to issue any statement about the incident but managed to leave a religious message. For the record, Musa’s father is Tan Sri Hassan Azhari, the famous educator of the 1970s Muqaddam program.

6. No less, some advised Musa to get the services of an interior designer for his second wife’s residence so that it would be more grand and equal to the status of his Tan Sri. “The interior is like a bachelor’s rental house,” commented Asyraf Halim at the ex-IGP’s speech.



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