Panda and Lucy: One dog protected the other on the railway tracks (Uzhhorod, Ukraine)


639,514 views Jan 5, 2017 UZHHOROD — An injured dog that was stranded on snowy train tracks near Uzhhorod in Ukraine was watched over by her loyal friend for two days until help arrived. Local resident Denis Malafeev found the two dogs, named Lucy and Panda, on Dec. 26. To protect Lucy, who was injured and could not move, Panda became defensive when they were approached by the human rescuers. Malafeev said on Facebook that Panda took care of Lucy by curling up next to her, with both of them pressing themselves against the tracks when trains passed over them. Panda reportedly never abandoned Lucy during their two days on the train tracks. The dogs were later taken to a animal protection center, where Lucy received medical attention. Thankfully, according to Malafeev, she only sustained bruises and hematomas. So it’s not clear why the dogs stayed on the tracks. The animal protection center returned the dogs to their owners after tracking them down. In a recent Facebook update, Malafeev noted that not all people would do what Panda did for Lucy.



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Injured Dog Stranded on Train Tracks Is Protected by Furry Friend

One dog held down the head of the injured dog to protect it from passing trains.


January 1, 2017, 1:45 AM

— — An injured dog that apparently couldn’t move off some snowy train tracks was, thankfully, not alone.

A furry friend made sure the other dog, Lucy, remained safe even when trains passed by holding her head down to keep her from getting hit.

Denis Malafeyev, who said he was part of the rescue effort for the two dogs, shared the heartwarming story on Facebook.

The Uzhhorod, Ukraine, man added in a message posted on Christmas Day that the dog named Panda not only protected Lucy from oncoming trains, he also warmed her as temperatures dropped.

Malafeyev called the dogs’ bond “instinct, love, friendship, loyalty,” according to a Russian translation of his message.

In an update four days later, Malafeyev said the two dogs were successfully removed from the train tracks by an animal shelter.

They were later reunited with their owners, who provided proof that they owned the two dogs.

“The animals are on the mend,” Malafeyev added.


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