Iris Koh of Healing the Divide gets new charges of conspiring with doctor to lie about people being vaccinated


The new allegations bring the total number of charges that Koh faces to 10, and the number of falsely vaccinated people named across her charges to seven.


Healing the Divide’s Iris Koh gets new charges of conspiring with doctor to lie about people being vaccinated

Published February 16, 2023

Updated February 16, 2023

SINGAPORE — Iris Koh Shu Cii, founder of the Healing the Divide group known to be against Covid-19 vaccination, has been handed more charges of conspiring to defraud the Ministry of Health (MOH).

Out of six charges, five are for conspiring with co-accused doctor Jipson Quah to lie to MOH that five people were vaccinated when they were not.

This allegedly occurred between October 2021 and December 2021. The five people who were allegedly falsely declared to be inoculated with the Sinopharm vaccine are: Goh Tua Buk, Bobby Teo, Steven Teo, Tan Kia Lee Carrie and Lee Amy.

The sixth charge is for instigating a woman, Tee Hui Yee, on Nov 5, 2021, to fabricate evidence and get her to be falsely certified to be of unsound mind. 

It was intended that this would appear in evidence in a judicial proceeding, and cause the police to “entertain an erroneous opinion” on whether Quah had improperly administered Sinopharm vaccines of a lower dosage to patients, the charge read.

When she heard about the bail condition requiring her to not have any contact with the Healing the Divide group, Koh said: “There are 5,000 over members, it’s impossible for me.”

Judge Tay cut her off and told her to observe appropriate decorum.


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