China’s national pandemic expert, Wu Zunyou: There are 2 more outbreaks to come



Health expert predicts three #COVID19 winter waves in China Epidemiologist Wu Zunyou said he expects the current wave of infections to last until mid-January, while the second wave will then spread through mass travel in January around the week-long…

Lunar New Year, which begins on January 21st. At this time, millions of people usually travel to spend the holidays with their families. The third wave of cases will occur from late February to mid-March when people look for the

return to work on holidays. According to their own statements, more than 90% of the population in China have been fully vaccinated. However, less than half of people aged 80 and over have received three doses of the vaccine. Earlier this week….

A respected US research institute had reported that after an explosion in COVID cases, more than a million people in China could die from COVID in 2023.




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