Pierre Kory, Ivermectin hawker, has a new book, War on Ivermectin


Book About ‘War on Ivermectin’ Distributed By Major Publishing House

— “Infuriating to see misinformation mongers being taken seriously”

by Amanda D’Ambrosio, Enterprise & Investigative Writer, MedPage Today December 9, 2022

Pierre Kory, MD, one of the most vocal proponents of ivermectin for COVID-19, has the support of Simon & Schuster, with the leading publishing house slated to distribute his upcoming book, which claims the widely discredited drug “saved millions.”

Slated for release in February 2023, The War on Ivermectin: The Medicine That Saved Millions and Could Have Ended the COVID Pandemic, documents the critical care physician’s efforts to push for ivermectin in COVID-19 treatment protocols, and what he calls a corrupt and concerted effort from the medical establishment to deny its efficacy.

But while studies have shown, time and time again, that ivermectin is not effective to treat COVID-19 — and mainstream medical organizations have repeatedly recommended against its use for the virus — Kory’s book is still being supported by the large publishing house.

“It is infuriating to see misinformation mongers being taken seriously,” Timothy Caulfield, LLM, professor of health law and science policy at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, told MedPage Today. “This kind of book can do great harm. It legitimizes bad science and erodes trust in scientific institutions.”

The War on Ivermectin will be published by Skyhorse Publishing. Simon & Schuster is the distributor for Skyhorse, and handles functions such as warehousing, shipping, and billing for their books. Kory’s author page on the Simon & Schuster website lists The War on Ivermectin as his first book that will be distributed by the publishing house.

When MedPage Today inquired about Simon & Schuster’s support of The War on Ivermectin, a spokesperson from the publishing house said that distribution clients are completely independent third parties, noting that their editorial, marketing, and publicity decisions are made independently of Simon & Schuster, and that it does not pick and choose which titles to distribute.

Skyhorse Publishing, founded in 2006, has twenty imprints — one of which is Children’s Health Defense, an organization that opposes vaccination for kids. Skyhorse has also published books written by other physicians and public figures who have previously spread misinformation about COVID-19, including Robert Malone, MD, Peter McCullough, MD, and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.




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