Yuriy Gudymenko @y_gudymenko, a Junior Sergeant (Corporal) in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, to the Belarusian Armed Forces: If you step on our land, you will die


Yuriy Gudymenko @y_gudymenko

Ukrainian politician. Co-founder, Political Council Member of the Demokratychna Sokyra party. Junior Sergeant of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.



My name is Yuriy Gudymenko. I am a Junior Sergeant (Corporal) in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. I want to appeal to each and every serviceman of the Belarusian Armed Forces. My address can be accessed in Russian and Belarusian in the Ukrainian media and on my FB page.

I am not going to lecture you. I don’t want to talk about brotherly nations, nor do I want to remind you of the fact that haven’t ever fought against each other. I will be straightforward and simple. If you step on our land — you will die. 2/12

I don’t know how exactly each of your deaths are going to occur. Maybe you’ll die like that Russian paratrooper on whom I’ve tripped in Irpin, early spring of this year, while placing mines. 3/12

I remember him, because I haven’t seen dead Russian soldiers as close before, not looking into binoculars or a scope. He was fully burnt, his uniform baked together with his blackened skin, and one of his legs was eaten to the bone by dogs. 4/12

Maybe, you’ll die exactly like him, betrayed by your command and comrades. You also may get obliterated by our mines. We have a lot of them, enough for all of you. It’s a quick death — if it’s gonna be an AT mine, that is. 5/12

An anti-personnel mine will most likely leave you bleeding out, unable to survive without modern medical kits and evac systems. Maybe, your truck will get destroyed by a HIMARS rocket, and you’ll be lucky to die with scattered legs and in horrible pain. 6/12

Maybe, your tank will get destroyed by a Stugna or a Javelin, and you’ll burn alive, just like hundreds of Russian tank crews before you. Though you’ll be counted as missing for a long time, because ammo detonation will certainly turn you into tiny flesh-bone dust. 7/12

A trophy Solntsepyok HFS might as well work out a fire mission on you. Or, maybe, a Grad MLRS. We will watch the video of your death, filmed from a drone, and share it with our friends. However it will occur – you are going to die. 8/12

Over 60 thousand Russian soldiers could have confirmed my words. But they can’t. There’s bad reception in hell. You haven’t seen fighting for decades. We’re fighting since 2014. Your weapons are old and obsolete. Our weapons are brand new, made by NATO. 9/12

You’re being pushed into a senseless war on foreign soil, while we’re defending what’s ours. We own the initiative, and your Russian allies are retreating month after month. You don’t have a single chance. You will die here, near a village you’ve never heard of before. 10/12

I have some Belarusian blood in me. Maybe, this causes me to warn you, instead of gloatingly observing your deaths. If you’ll arrive to Ukraine, you will die. Surrendering is your only way to survive and return home. If you don’t do that, you will most certainly die. 11/12

Junior Sergeant Gudymenko ends his report. 12/12.


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