Manan Razali: Mat Sakau the Movie




I think Zaid Ibrahim and Hisyam Teh have just encountered the worst nightmare of their professional career that spanned over 40 years. The two of them have just dug their own graves.

In just one stroke of miscalculation, they have lost almost all respect and credibility due to their handling of Najib’s SRC corruption case. It is unbelievable how they foolishly underestimated the Federal Court judges’ strength of character whom they thought could be bulldozed, bullied and taken for a ride.

It goes without saying that the biggest idiot here is of course Zaid Ibrahim who got possessed by a “God-knows-what” demonic spirit that caused him to make a dramatic U-Turn from being one of Najib’s hardest critics to someone who suddenly believed in his innocence despite the many glaring evidence of his wrongdoing. Only a blind fool could overlook this and decide to defend the world’s most corrupt Prime Minister who has no chance of winning when his case is put on trial in a fair court, more so when Zaid decided to take up this case 3 weeks before its final hearing starts.

To make matters worse, Najib made one of his biggest mistakes by attacking Judge Nazlan’s integrity earlier when he cast aspersions that Nazlan received a RM1 million bribe which allegedly found its way into his bank account based on a despicable lie concocted by Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK) – Malaysia’s most coward fugitive who irresponsibly throws stones to whoever he is paid to hurt. I don’t think Judge Nazlan’s colleagues took this attack kindly with a smile on their faces when a member of their fraternity was maliciously slandered in a such disgusting show of power to intimidate the judiciary.

The final episode of this “Mat Sakau The Movie” soap opera which has been running for a little over than 2 years is coming to its end soon and the curtain is about to fall. Najib can start bidding farewell to his freedom and look forward to a quiet new life behind bars in Sg. Buloh free from his wife until he rots and dies there as he gets indicted in many more court cases that are coming his way.

I am not sure if his best friend in the palace will accord many Royal Pardons to shorten his stay in Villa Sg. Buloh when he gets convicted in more high profile cases that are sure to add many more years to his forced “vacation time”.

If his friend hopes to regain some respect from the rakyat amid the erosion that has been taking place due to some insensitive actions that openly exhibited his buddy-buddy relationship with this National Thief, my advice is for him to stay out of the way and let Najib serve his time for his heinous crimes of stealing billions of ringgit from the rakyat and country. Granting pardon to this crook will only show that the palace is truly insensitive to the rakyat’s feelings and is also complicit in the crimes that have been heinously committed.

Malaysia will surely be a better place to live in with one less contemptible corrupt scumbag and thief from our midst who has been unfairly given the privilege to move freely all over the country for the past two years, even with police outrider escorts occasionally. He has been making an idiot out of himself in his bid to make himself relevant and popular among the rakyat which had also caused so much heartache to a large segment of the rakyat too. Regrettably, he was free to do this simply because he has some RM2 million of spare change to put down as bail.

Once he is gone, the air will surely be fresher for us to breathe into our lungs without the nauseating stench that has been bothering us for so long.


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