Foo Siang Heng aka FSH: Zoonotic Disease


Zoonotic Disease

Pray tell, what is ‘zoonosis’?
Put simply, it’s a disease
With bug starting in animals
Like bats, birds, or camels

Usually inflicts little harm
To animals, so no initial alarm
Bug mutates then spills over
To man, causing much furore

Deadly zoonoses of viral type
That usually get all the hype
Like Ebola, MERS and SARS
Not forgetting the influenzas

Viruses are most problematic
Unaffected by antibiotics
By mutating, evolve quickly
Inflict high rates of mortality

In a past scientific discourse
Said virologist Stephen Morse
“Viruses have no locomotion”
Yet managed to cross oceans

Take the case of present pandemic
That caused the world to panic
Carried from its epicentre, Wuhan
Across all continents it fanned



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