Yes 5G coverage is now available in Ipoh – SoyaCincau


Yes 5G coverage is now available in Ipoh


5G coverage in Ipoh is still quite limited and sporadic with greater concentration in the city centre around Jalan Sultan Iskandar and Jalan Sultan Idris Shah. As shown above, there are sprinkles of coverage further out such as Taman Mas Jaya, Taman Mayfair, Taman Gopeng, Taman Jepun, Ipoh Sports Complex, Desa Lang Indah, Taman Malaysia, Taman Merdeka, Manjoi, Taman Alkaff and Taman Pertama.

To start using 5G, you’ll need a compatible 5G smartphone and a Yes 5G SIM Card. Unfortunately, the iPhone is not supported on Yes but the current crop of Galaxy flagship devices including the Galaxy S22 series and Galaxy Z Flip/Fold 3 are already supported after a software update. In case you didn’t know, Yes is offering a free SIM card with unlimited 5G data for 30 days.


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