Taiwan: Ukraine-born Larisa Bakurova’s gymnastics students win medals at international event


Larisa Angela Bakurova is a Ukrainian-born Taiwanese actress and model. Besides her modeling engagements, she has appeared in supporting roles in the Taiwanese drama They Kiss Again and the film Don’t Go Breaking My Heart. In 2012, Bakurova starred in the film Young Dudes directed by DJ Chen Yin-Jung. Wikipedia



Ukrainian-born Taiwanese actress Larisa Bakurova has in recent years become active in Taiwan”s gymnastics scene and has even opened her own gymnastics training center, Rising Star Rhythmic Gymnastics. Today, the actress and athlete announced on her Facebook page that three of her young students, a nine-year-old and two eight-year-olds, have won medals at the International Rhythmic Gymnastics Cup 2022 in Turkey.

The young gymnasts beat out over 200 athletes from different countries, to take home one gold, three silver and four bronze medals. Bakurova said they had trained for just over one year, and that this was their first time competing internationally. She thanked supporters, saying their efforts helped Taiwan be seen by the world.




Anna Bessonova wowed the crowd at the Summer Olympic Games in Beijing 2008. The Ukrainian athlete had chosen “Hopak” for her Rhythmic Gymnastics performance – a folk song from her home country.


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