Evaluation of Russia by Martti J Kari, former Finnish Intelligence Colonel (English audio) | December 3, 2018


Finnish intelligence officer and university teacher

Martti J Kari

University Teacher at University of Jyväskylä

I served 37 years in Finnish Defence Forces starting from private in Airborne Rangers to Colonel, Assistant Chief of Military Intelligence including more than 28 years in intelligence as an operator, single and multi source analyst and in management and commanding posts. I have experience on military diplomacy, crises management and arms control, OSCE evaluations and inspections and Open Skies -operations.
I have university degrees in Russian language (MA), international law (MA), Cyber security (MA) and Arabic and Islamic studies (BA). I wrote my Doctoral thesis in Jyväskylä University in 2019 on Russian cyber threat perception. I retired in the end of 2017 and since that I have worked as a teacher in Jyväskylä University teaching Strategic Intelligence, Strategic Analysis, Information Influence, Hybrid Threats and Cyber related topics. I have a company, Saxorum Oy. Saxorum Oy provides training and lectures on strategic intelligence, intelligence analyses and Information Influence. Contact martti.j.kari@saxorum.net





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