The “Caveman”, a judge’s son, gets 8 months’ jail for storming the Capitol on Jan 6


Judge’s Son Gets 8 Months in Prison for Storming Capitol in Caveman Getup


Corbin Bolies

Breaking News Reporter

Published May. 06, 2022 1:25PM ET 

Aaron Mostofsky, who dressed up as a caveman to storm the Capitol, was sentenced to eight months in prison Friday. “What you and others did on that day imposed an indelible stain on how our country is perceived,” U.S. District Judge James Boasberg told Mostofsky. “You dressed up as a caveman and acted a role like a fantasy game.” Mostofsky, son of Kings County Supreme Court Judge Steven Mostofsky, claimed he just got wrapped up in the crowd, not realizing the totality of what he was doing. “When it started getting chaotic to a point that I had never experienced, I started to make bad decisions,” he said. Mostofsky got past officers who were trying to use barriers to protect the Capitol before eventually making his way into the Senate wing. Days later, he boasted via text message that he wouldn’t face any consequences because his “brother is connected to conservative party and my father’s a Judge.” On top of his prison sentence, he must pay $2,000 in restitution and serve a year of supervised release.


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