2-in-1 Propaganda about Covid-19: Both pro China (anti USA) and anti China…



Received via WhatsApp.

A few hours ago, China has asked the US ten questions regarding the source of the covid 19 virus. Several hours have passed, the US side has pretended to be dumb and deaf.

The ten questions are as follows:

  1. The US under its military leadership has built more than two hundred biological laboratories around the world, what is this for?
  2. Why did the US, before the covid pandemic, suddenly close the FORT DETRICK biological laboratory in Maryland?
  3. What is the relationship between covid 19 and the flu pandemic and lung disease that occurred in the US before the covid 19 pandemic?
  4. The US pandemic flu experiment with the same characteristics as COVID-19 was it just a coincidence?
  5. During a military match in Wuhan, what disease had infected some US soldiers so that they were picked up by special planes to return to the US?
  6. In January 2020 the US has started trying to make a vaccine for the covid 19 virus, the question is where did the US covid 19 virus come from at that time?
  7. Why threaten and terrorize scientists?
  8. What role has US social media played during the pandemic?
  9. Why does the US deny all scientific research results of scientists?
  10. Why did the US not dare to invite WHO to come to America, especially the laboratory to investigate the FORT DETRICK laboratory? The ten questions above are five questions that are closely related to the US military, from here it can be seen how the role of the US military in this COVID-19 pandemic is. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in Wuhan, China’s first policy was to win the pandemic, and prevent the virus from spreading out of Wuhan and outside of Hu Bei province with a comprehensive and strict lockdown for 76 days. Since this pandemic was so sudden and vicious, all of the Chinese people united and in a short time managed to prevent the pandemic. At that time China only concentrated on the issue of how to win the war against the pandemic, and was not aware of the cruel and evil tricks that were hidden behind the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the Trump administration to the Biden administration, the US has been like a devil who has always and unceasingly wrestled with China, with all kinds of issues and slander thrown up through the media, both in the US and around the world. For this reason, China invited WHO and scientists to come to Wuhan to conduct a review and investigation. The results of the investigation prove that there is absolutely no relationship between the COVID-19 virus and the laboratory in Wuhan. But the Biden administration is like a ferocious dog who always wants to bite China, Biden asked the US information service center within 90 days to investigate the source of the Covid-19 virus and must provide an answer. This US action is none other than THINGS SHOUTING THOUGHTS. The US itself is very aware that the US is not only a country that produces the COVID-19 virus, it is also a virus-exporting country. But when it released the covid virus, the US itself could not prevent the covid virus in its own country, so the death toll of the US people itself has reached more than 610 thousand today. For that he is looking for other countries to throw his responsibilities towards the people of the whole world in general and the people of the US in particular, for that China was chosen as a target. The Chinese people cannot accept these kinds of baseless accusations and slander. So China issued the 10 questions mentioned above. The ten questions are like ten sharp knives that are directly inserted into the neck and vital parts of the United States.
    How long has the Chinese people endured with patience, but the inhumane US imperialists continue to hurl dirty and cruel slander, 1.4 billion Chinese people have run out of patience, the US cruel and evil intent to bring down China, China is forced to face this challenge. China was forced to put up a fight. China asked the ten questions above and we are waiting for answers from the US administration to the ten Chinese questions.


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