Fact Check: Sending Forwarded Good Morning, Good Night Wishes and Festival Greetings on WhatsApp CANNOT lead to data being stolen from your phone.


The following message received via WhatsApp is fake.

Starting tomorrow, do not send network pictures, look at the following article to understand.
Please delete all photos and videos of Good morning, Evening and other greetings as soon as possible. Read the following article carefully and you will understand why.
Read all! Please send this message urgently to as many friends as possible to prevent illegal intrusion.
Warning from Olga Nikolaevnas lawyer:
attention! For those who like to send Good morning! Its a beautiful day! Good evening!
Picture people, please do not send these good messages.
Today, Shanghai China International News sent out SOS to all subscribers (this is the third reminder), and experts advise: Do not send pictures and videos of good morning, good night, etc.
The report shows that hackers who attacked China designed these images, and these images and videos are beautiful, But there is a hidden phishing code, and when everyone sends these messages, hackers use your device to steal personal information, such as bank card information and data, and break into your phone.
It is reported that more than 500,000 victims have been defrauded.
If you want to say hello to others, please write your own greetings and send your own pictures and videos so that you can protect yourself and your family and friends.
Important ! To be safe, please be sure to delete all foreign greetings and pictures on your phone. If someone has sent you such images, remove them from your device immediately. Malicious code takes some time to deploy, so if you take action immediately, there will be no harm done.
Tell all your friends to prevent being hacked.
Say hello in your own words and only send your own created images and videos to greet you, which is completely safe for yourself, your family and friends. Please understand what i mean! Everyone has a bank card attached to their mobile phone, and everyones mobile phone has many contacts. This hack creates a threat not only to yourself, but to your phone, friends and acquaintances as well! This is a brutal
This is a new technique used by terrorists to visit your mobile phone SIM card, so that you become their accomplice!!!

  • * * Send this message to as many of your relatives and friends as possible to stop any unauthorised intrusions!!! In view of the above , …
    I would not be sending good morning messages to everyone from today onwards. Thanks for your kind friendly cooperation & comradeship! 😃😃

*Please don’t forward it.






For more: https://www.techarp.com/internet/hackers-good-morning-fact-check/?amp=1


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