The mixing and matching of Covid-19 vaccines…



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2 Responses to The mixing and matching of Covid-19 vaccines…

  1. Comusav says:

    The WHO, US CDC and CN CDC are suppressing this life-saving information:
    Chlorine dioxide was shown to be beneficial in the treatment of COVID-19, making negative RT-PCR at 7 days in one hundred percent of the patients who took it during the clinical study, rapidly mitigating their symptoms associated with this disease, and significantly reducing the laboratory parameters to normal in a space of 14 to 21 days.
    In addition, the researchers observed that patients who consumed chlorine dioxide as a treatment for COVID-19 also substantially reduced post-illness symptoms, compared to patients not treated with ClO2.
    The ClO2 is an antimicrobial agent whose action is selective by size and therefore It does not affect human cells due to its large size compared to the virus and it is extremely effective on all types of viruses including COVID-19 with all its variants and strains.
    Following this clinical study, physicians around the world now have the right to legally use chlorine dioxide in accordance with the paragraph 37 of the Declaration of Helsinki *. The therapeutic use of chlorine dioxide gives new hope to end the COVID-19 pandemic and save millions of lives.

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