Self-styled Global Citizens for Justice rubbishes the Pfizer vaccine in favour of Ivermectin (2 July 2021)…



Received via WhatsApp.

What most people do not seem to know is that Pfizer is so much more terrified about the success of Ivermectin than about any revelation of the dangers (due to toxicity) of its mRNA vaccine. Why?
1.     Because Pfizer has already compromised and bought over the mostly pro-Western main stream media, pseudo experts, dishonest fact-checker sites and many government & WHO officials. Therefore, Pfizer knows that the damage on any expose to the dangers of its mRNA vaccine would be very limited due to such censorship and due to FEAR of legal actions by the corrupted authorities for anyone who dares to openly expose such toxicity.
2.     It is much harder to censor and suppress the success stories of life saving Ivermectin in treating and preventing Covid-19 from getting out to the people based on real life experiences by many doctors and experts from around the world that Ivermectin really works in treating and preventing Covid-19.
3.     Pfizer also knows that many experts, doctors, NGOs and honest government officials are more willing and determined to promote and stand up for a very safe, very effective, very cheap, easily available and easy to administer medicine (Ivermectin) than to run down or condemn a proven toxic product (Pfizer mRNA vaccine), for fear of defamation and legal action by the authorities against them. It is often more viable and less risky to promote a product than to condemn a product.
The global success of Ivermectin could be the beginning of the end of the already proven very corrupt & evil pro-Zionist Pfizer. It is no wonder that based on feedback from insiders, the Smear Campaign to discredit and demonise Ivermectin is masterminded and funded by Pfizer and its geo-political sponsors.
Pfizer mRNA vaccine is only supposed to prevent infection and transmission of Covid-19 but it has been proven in many countries to be quite useless in this respect, especially against the new variants. Yes, the mRNA vaccine can reduce the severity of the symptoms and hospitalization, but injecting this toxic mRNA vaccine comes with a heavy price of causing severe side effects (including deaths) later on.
Broad spectrum (against all variants) and anti-viral Ivermectin, on the other hand, is both for prophylaxis (prevention) and for treatment of Covid-19 and you do not have to worry or pay any harmful price of severe side effects later on. No one needs to die from Covid-19 if super anti-viral and anti-inflammatory drug Ivermectin is administered from the onset.
Therefore, if you evaluate these 2 products very objectively, it like comparing “heaven” (Ivermectin) and “hell” (Pfizer mRNA). Toxic Pfizer mRNA is really no match to Ivermectin in performance of safety, efficacy and cost.
Please viral this message to the world to support Ivermectin and to oppose the evil and very corrupt pro-Zionist Pfizer. Boycott, divest and sanction (BDS) Pfizer everywhere!
Global Citizens for Justice
2 July 2021


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