WhatsApp message on Ivermectin and Australian MP Craig Kelly: Is it true that the Chief Medical Officer of Australia has doubts about the “very toxic Pfizer mRNA vaccine”?


No,Professor Paul Kelly couldn’t have said that.




Craig Kelly



Received via WhatsApp:

This honest MP declared in the Australian Parliament on 22 June 2021, using studies around the world, that “GAME OVER” for the DENIERS of IVERMECTIN.

The tide around the world is turning against now proven very toxic Pfizer mRNA vaccine (with the Australian Chief Medical Officer acknowledging that the risks of vaccination outweighs the potential benefits) and the global tide, based on Science & Studies, is increasingly in favour of the use of a very safe, very effective, very cheap and very easy-to-administer wonder drug called IVERMECTIN.

Please don’t be on the wrong side of history. Stand up and support the use of Ivermectin NOW to save lives, eliminate infections and END THE PANDEMIC once and for all,

23 June 2021


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