Total Lockdown: The Details…




Jogging, non-contact sports allowed with physical distancing. The activities can be performed in the neighbourhood but are subjected to the movement control order that is currently in force.

Vehicle capacity is the same as MCO 1.0, whereby only two people are allowed in a car, and they are only allowed to shop for essential products, as mentioned earlier.

For vaccination, a person must provide proof of the vaccine appointment in order to exceed the 10km travel distance limit.

Meanwhile, only two people including the driver are allowed in a vehicle together to get daily essentials, but for medical related matters, three people can travel together in a vehicle.

Eateries and restaurants can continue to operate for takeaway and delivery services. The dining in ban still stands. Laundromats (including self-service ones), pet shops and optical shops are considered essential and allowed to remain in operation.

Hardware shops and car/motorcycle workshops are also considered essential, therefore allowed to operate.

Shopping malls are not allowed to operate, apart from essential services such as supermarkets and hypermarkets. However, in these markets, only food, beverages, and essential product sections are allowed to be open. Other sections such as clothing are prohibited from opening.



All Economic Activities are not Allowed except :- – Food and drinks – Air – Energy – Security – Solid waste management – Air Water Land Transport – Port Services, Cargo,- – Commodity Storage and Packing. – Communications, Media, Courier, Postal. – Banking

– Kredit Komuniti (Pajak Gadai) – E dagang – Bahan Api dan Pelincir – Hotel & Penginapan hanya untuk Kuarantin. – Pembaikan Kritikal. – Perhutanan (Penguakuasaan) – Logistik (Perkhidmatan Perlu)Translated from Malay by– Community Credit (Mortgage) – E trade – Fuels and Lubricants – Hotel & Accommodation only for Quarantine. – Critical Repairs. – Forestry (Management) – Logistics (Essential Services)

– Shopping Mall is not allowed to operate except for groceries & food premises – Supermarkets, Hypermarkets are allowed to operate only for basic needs only (+food & beverages) – Food stalls allowed (pack only) – Eyeglass & hardware stores allowed

Allowed – Movement does not exceed 10km as before – Daily market (6am – 2pm) – Controlled fresh market (7am – 12pm) – Farmers market remains under FAMA/MyFarm Outlet and Farmers Organization Complex (6am – 4pm) – Wholesale Market (12am – 6am) (11 am-4pm) – Petrol station (6am – 8pm)

– Kindergartens & Nurseries are not allowed EXCEPT for frontliners & working parents – Religious -related activities are determined by the state government


Malls to close except for supermarkets, eateries during lockdown

Nicholas Chung -May 30, 2021 5:43 PM

PETALING JAYA: All shopping malls will be closed during the two-week lockdown which starts from June 1, except for supermarkets, restaurants and other shops that sell daily necessities.

Senior minister for security Ismail Sabri Yaakob also said most manufacturing sectors are to remain closed except for those involved with the production of food and beverage (F&B) products, the packaging of F&B products, cleaning products, medical products and aerospace.

All food premises, including stalls, are allowed to operate during the lockdown but only for takeaways and deliveries, as per the movement control order (MCO 3.0) which has been in place since May 12.



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