Received via WhatsApp: A heartfelt message from Tash Karan, a young doctor…


I hardly share what happens at work but today I am feeling extremely frustrated & drained.
My nurse took this picture at 4am today while we were waiting for a baby to be delivered.
This is me πŸ˜ͺ
I was having a challenging call to begin with as there were few really ill babies keeping my team & I busy all night. We were working continously from 8am in the morning (the day before).
At 3am , we received this call asking us to ‘standby’ for a baby who is going to be delivered via C-Section. Standby is when the paediatric team is present at birth to ensure resuscitation is done if required & the baby is okay post delivery.
When a patient goes in for a c-sec operation, a minimum of 10-15 doctors/staff are needed just to run the operation theater & conduct the procedure smoothly. (Personnel include those from the anaesthetic, obstetric & paediatrics team).
Ideally we don’t favour operations being done at 4am as we have fewer doctors & staff working at this time. If emergencies occur, there is less help available & everything becomes more stressful. However, if a baby is in distress or the mother is unwell, then yes – it is an indication to proceed for an EMERGENCY c-section regardless of time.
However this WAS’NT entirely the cause for todays 3am c-section. Todays operation took place because the mother was a ‘probable covid-19 patient’. Her covid RTK screening test came back positive.
When we asked her how was this possible, her reply was that she went ‘visiting/travelling’ during Raya. Her relatives were unwell & yet she ‘chose’ to visit them. She ‘chose’ to go to their houses, not wear masks continously, not maintain distance & basically not follow proper SOP.
It didn’t stop there. She came back home & wasn’t feeling too well, however she still had relatives/friends come over to her own house for ‘visiting’.
It frustrates me that throughout this ordeal, she couldn’t spare 2 minutes to think about how this affects her unborn ‘baby’. Forget thinking about us frontliner strangers but she didn’t realise that if she is COVID positive, it changes her entire delivery experience.
If she is positive, her baby will have to be isolated from her once delivered, undergo a series of tests & swabs just hours after being born. If her baby tests positive, she didn’t think of the possible harm she brought to her child. She didn’t think of the amount of resources that will be used just to facilitate her one delivery because of her lack of consideration to follow SOP.
Zero consideration was given, zero awareness was present.
At this point, it’s extremely tiring & demotivating. It is tiring when you feel you have to fight this battle alone & some ‘people’ (rakyat) are least bothered to think & play their role in this.
They are least bothered to help you fight this & flatten the curve. They rather listen to fake news, disregard SOP, lie to cross borders & in result continue spreading the virus.
Today Malaysia has hit 7k cases (highest number ever) & this is why.
It is because there is ZERO awareness & consideration from some. At this point despite 2 weeks of MCO, cases are still rising.
We can’t do this alone, we will fail if you don’t do your part.
To everyone reading this, I beg you – Please do your part 😒

  • Tash Karan


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