The MCMC, the Gombak police station, its chief Arifai Tarawe, and the death of A Ganapathy…


Police have nothing to hide over A Ganapathy’s death, says outgoing Gombak police chief Arifai Tarawe who has withdrawn his RM10 million lawsuit against news portal Free Malaysia Today which he had initiated over two articles on his forthcoming transfer to Bukit Aman.

Arifai is due to be transferred to Bukit Aman’s Integrity and Standards Compliance Department on June 21, and FMT reported the transfer with the headlines ‘Under-fire Gombak police chief transferred to Integrity Unit’ and ‘Ketua polis daerah Gombak ditukarkan ke Unit Integriti Bukit Aman’.

It highlighted that at the time the transfer was announced, Arifai and the Gombak police department were in the spotlight over the alleged custodial death of Ganapathy.

In an interview with the news portal, Arifai (above) said that he was upset the reports on his transfer had included background on Ganapathy’s case.

“But after giving it some thought, I realised that there was no intention to portray me in a negative light, and that the press was just doing its job in reporting the news.

“That is why I decided it was best to resolve the dispute amicably with FMT. We agreed to meet, I explained my position and FMT made it clear there was no intention to cast me or my officers in a bad light.

“I am withdrawing the suit against FMT,” he said.


MCMC denies ordering cops to seize Syed Saddiq’s phone

We only assisted probe, have no political agenda, says commission

Updated 11 minutes ago · Published on 23 May 2021 10:47AM ·

KUALA LUMPUR – The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) denied issuing an order to the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) to confiscate the mobile phone of Muar MP Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman.

MCMC’ corporate communications department said the commission only acted as a technical agency in assisting police investigation and did not give any order to seize any items of evidence required by the authorities to complete their investigation.

“On the other hand, MCMC will continue to provide assistance and technical recommendations for the investigation without any hidden political agenda,” said the department’s statement today.

Yesterday, Saddiq questioned why his mobile phone was seized when he gave his statement at the Dang Wangi district police headquarters here.

MCMC also denied creating a special unit in the commission for political purposes, political intrusion, and campaign sabotage as claimed by Syed Saddiq.

It said that its role is to regulate the industry based on the power of the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission Act 1998.

“On this matter, MCMC is inviting Syed Saddiq to be present at the commission. We are ready to provide full information on our roles and organisation chart, which is available on the official MCMC website,” added the statement. – Bernama, May 23, 2021











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