Queensland researchers discover COVID-19 ‘heat-seeking missile’ but it won’t be on the market until at least 2 years later…




Queensland researchers create COVID ‘heat-seeking missile’

By Sally Gyte Nathan Edwards

7:01pm May 17, 2021

Queensland researchers have developed a new anti-viral drug they believe to be a “heat-seeking missile” in the fight against COVID-19.

The new drug, developed by researchers at Griffith University, is said to seek out and destroy COVID-19 cells with the help of nanoparticles injected into a recipient’s bloodstream.

Professor Nigel McMillan from the Menzies Health Institute says the drug, which is about to enter clinical trials, has already shown promising results.

“We can actually reduce the amount of virus in the lungs by 99.9 per cent,” Professor McMillan told 9News.

“What we’ve developed is essentially a heat-seeking missile for the virus that causes COVID.

“Researchers also say the drug will attack all new and mutating variants of COVID-19 that may appear in the future.

“If we had this drug available now, for example, to give to everyone in India, we would reduce the death toll tremendously,”

Professor McMillan said.If clinical trials prove successful, it’s hoped Australians could see the drug on the market in two years.





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