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May 2021

Dear Friends,

As a member of the Chinese community in the UK, I write to you on behalf of Concerned Citizens. We are increasingly worried that the current hostility against China could lead to a further increase of hate crimes in the UK and even war in the South China Sea region.

A public opinion poll taken at the end of 2020 shows that British public opinion on China has dropped from gold to dust, from its height during President Xi Jinping’s visit to the UK in 2015, to just 18% in favour. It could be worst now with the intensified allegations of Genocide against China.

An old friend, Graham Perry, who understands genocide, antisemitism, and China, said this: “Critics are stepping up their attempts to damage China by claiming China is committing genocide against the Uighurs.

In the public imagination, genocide is associated with the killing of 6 million Jews by the Nazis…

But when it comes to China, the critics cannot find the crematoria or the burial grounds or the massacres/killings or street hate or daubing of walls. So they focus on the forced sterilisation of Uighur women. But the population of Uighurs has gone up and not down.[1] So they focus on forced labour allegations, and here they are really struggling.

Why so much anti-China publicity. Is it because China, like the Nazis, is a racial threat to minorities and an international threat to world peace?

No. The answer is that China is a socialist country that is about to become the biggest economic power in the world. Socialist countries are meant to fail, and yet here is China succeeding and giving its people a real life.”

Graham Perry is a successful lawyer and a businessman. His late father was the first British businessman who went to trade with China in 1953.

When politicians attack China, they often add a proviso that they were not attacking the Chinese people. They claimed they were only against the government. That argument is untenable as the Chinese government is supported by over 90%[2] of the people; if the genocide charge was true, the Chinese people also have to bear the moral responsibility.

The genocide claim against China is, of course, a lie. For there to be genocide, the accuser has to prove that Beijing has the “specific intention” to kill all or part of the Uighur people and their culture. I have set out 20 reasons in support of my argument. [3]

The attacks against China are orchestrated in Washington because no American politician can win a Presidential election without promising the people that his party would not allow China to overtake the USA. Whatever the intention of China, this is unavoidable based on the current momentum of China’s economic and technological growth.

The only way to stop the inevitable is for the West to disrupt China’s BRI (Belt & Road Initiatives) that will link China’s development to over 70 countries worldwide.

Without breaking the BRI, Joe Biden would not be able to keep his promise that China would not overtake America under his watch.

As Concerned Citizens, we believe that our best interests lie in returning to the golden age of 2015 to develop good trading relations with China and not to instigate war.

As people of Chinese ethnic origin, we will be the first to suffer from this hostility against China. We have already witnessed the increase of Covid-19 related hate crimes. If we do not now speak out against the lies about genocide, very soon, we may even be prevented from challenging the CIA-manufactured narrative of genocide. Should that happen, our children and grandchildren will have to endure the stigma as a people associated with genocide.

We are anxious to stop this by speaking with a collective voice that the hostility must stop.

If you share our concerns, let us know that we are also speaking for you.

Please send your support to any of the platforms listed below.

With your support, we can increase the volume of our voice.

Tan Wah Piow

(Universal Common Sense)

Tan Wah Piow – Oxford University Balliol-educated Human Rights lawyer, practising in London. Campaigner and writer. He was born in Singapore.

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1 Response to Tan Wah Piow: An Open Letter to the Chinese Community…

  1. PadmaYeoh says:

    Yes, Chinese people are very Hardworking. When we see Videos by USA & the West spewing lies & hatred, we can do our bit by educating them… how??? Attaching all relevant Videos of the real situation etc.. one good video (plus a few other videos) is attached.. https://youtu.be/xKBTT827b84
    The USA admits how caring they are ONLY towards the Muslims of Xinjiang China … when Surprising the USA has bombed & killed Millions of Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan & the Middle East but “loves” the MUSLIMS IN XINJIANG China … hahaha😱.
    USA should work together with China to prosper & benefit HUMANITY…The Truth, Justice & The Law of the Universe Will Always Be Served.

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