The Hotspot Identification by Dynamic Engagement (#HIDE) system PREDICTS places that could be Covid-19 hotspots in the next 7 days: Premises listed under HIDE are NOT Covid-19 clusters!


Premises listed under HIDE are not Covid-19 clusters.
They are places that could become Covid-19 hotspots in the next 7 days.







Retail associations say HIDE system ‘grossly unfair’

By New Straits Times – May 8, 2021 @ 10:04pm

KUALA LUMPUR: Associations representing shopping malls and retail industries today called for the suspension of data derived from the Hotspot Identification by Dynamic Engagement (HIDE) system.

In a joint statement, the Malaysia Shopping Malls Association, Malaysia Retailers Association (MRA), and Malaysia Retail Chain Association (MRCA) said the Science, Technology, and Innovation Ministry (Mosti) should suspend announcing information from HIDE until a clear, accurate, and precise basis can accompany the information released.

The move, they said, would give the public adequate and precise information to make an informed judgment and establish their level of comfort and confidence.

“The first release of the HIDE information, which includes several shopping malls, has unfairly created more uncertainty, panic, and fear.

The associations said data from the Health Ministry clearly show that the top three incidences of Covid-19 are factories with 48.06 per cent, followed by community spread (12.5 per cent), construction (11.56 per cent), while shopping or shop areas only comprise 4.78 per cent.

“Therefore, clarification needs to be accurately provided as to the incidence of infections between shopping malls and shopping areas.”

The associations said as HIDE data uses information from the MySejahtera application, places and venues with higher incidences of patrons who are inclined more to use manual registrations are automatically not taken into account and further distort the accuracy of the HIDE information on hotspots.

“Thus, those without records are even more risky locations and potential hotspots and these should be highlighted for public awareness.

“It would be a complete irony and a huge peril if HIDE is unable to identify these places, simply due to the lack of such data.

“Ironically, this will inadvertently direct and encourage the public to patronise such poorly regulated places with the misguided belief that these places are much safer.”


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