When the Wow Program of some State Tourism agencies scared Ipoh folks almost to death!


Received via WhatsApp.




Good afternoon Ipoh mbrs.
Chinese press Kong Wah yesterday.
A tour bus from Penang was on a 3D2N trip to Ipoh. The driver was +ve Covid.

Visit loc known :-
1) The Haven
2) Lost World Tambun
3) Tg Tualang tin mine rig.
4) Old Town fanous makan places.

“Confirmed the above…all are presently under quarantine at Fair Park hotel…..”

TNS. Still want to visit during this period.

Please stay home until 2 to 3 weeks after Hari Raya which falls on 13/14 May.
Cases expected to rise during this period.
Please take Care and Stay Safe. WKY


The article translated:-
COVID-19: Tourism Perak learns from the issue of tourism agency-friendly programs

IPOH, May 3-The state government regrets and will take heed of the incident that occurred at the Wow Cuti program and a friendly session of Penang and Kedah travel agencies with tourism operators, NGOs and Perak media partners recently.

According to a statement from Tourism Perak Management Berhad on Monday, all participants involved in the program have been instructed to undergo a COVID-19 smear test.

“This familiarization visit program has already received the approval of a cross -state travel permit from the PDRM for the purpose of official duties.

”It uses travel agencies under the Travel Bubble guidelines, body temperature scans and MySejahtera scans in all the locations involved.

“However, unfortunately, the bus driver who brought the program participants tested positive for COVID-19 while doing a swab test at the Kampar Health Clinic on April 29, 2021 for the next task, which he is scheduled to bring another group of participants to Genting Highland,” he said.

He explained that this early detection caused all participants involved during the program to be contacted by the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) to conduct a COVID-19 swab test.

He added that the results of the screening test of other participants who participated in this program were found to be negative and advised to go through the quarantine procedure in Ulu Kinta from April 29 to May 8.

“They need to do a second swab test on May 6. Meanwhile, guests comprising Perak agencies and media partners were instructed to perform a swab test on May 2 and start quarantine at home on the same day until May 7.

He further explained that the state government has taken precautionary measures by complying with the SOPs set by the NSC to enable early detection measures to be made by the MOH before it spreads and becomes contagious.

“The state government regrets and will take heed of the incident by ensuring that the SOPs that have been set are fully complied with for any program organized by the State Government,” he said.



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