Serious unemployment in China: Chinese Premier; US Secretary of State to meet with Chinese diplomats…



It’s the one-year-anniversary of when the World Health Organization labeled the virus outbreak a pandemic.

We look back how Beijing’s response impacted the outbreak’s timeline.

The Chinese Communist Party describes its definition of ‘patriotism.’ The meaning in a communist system marks a departure from what it conveys in the West. We look back to China’s history, for a lesson on what to do when faced with tyranny.

And a top Chinese official admits China has a serious unemployment problem. He says one in every seven have no stable income.

00:00​ Intro

01:02​ China’s pandemic timeline marks 1 year anniversary

04:49​ Fmr politician: HK is one step closer to communism

07:33​ UK condemns Hong Kong electoral overhaul

08:33​ Beijing patriotism: love the CCP, not the country

09:31​ Facebook stops HK-Calif. cable construction

10:20​ The right to resist tyranny in ancient China

14:21​ Serious unemployment in China: Chinese premier

15:21​ Xi Jinping: China can look at world on same level

16:47​ Blinken to meet with Chinese diplomats

19:30​ Poll: 52% of Canadians see china as biggest threat

20:40​ Taiwan says currency manipulator label likely

21:30​ Taiwanese recruiting chip experts for China


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