She wanted to burn a Bible but set her own house, and the neighbour’s, on fire!


Woman Allegedly Trying to Burn Bible Sets Own Home and Neighbor’s on Fire


Texas officers arrested a woman after she allegedly set fire to a Bible in her backyard, which caused flames to spread to her house as well as her neighbor’s home.

San Antonio firefighters raced to Midcrown Drive at around 7:30 a.m. on Sunday, after being called out to reports of a duplex being on fire. When they arrived, firefighters found two homes were on fire.

Witnesses told Fox 29 News it was caused by a woman who had set fire to a Bible in her backyard before the blaze spread to her home and a neighbor’s house.

Bailey also continued to tell the network that he and his sister lost all their medication in the fire and that their five dogs had been taken to an animal shelter until they could find a new place for them to stay.

“Hopefully we can go and stay with relatives,” Bailey told the network.NEWSWEEK SUBSCRIPTION OFFERS >

Photos taken in the aftermath of the fire showed the roofs of two homes had been severely damaged and collapsed. Others appeared to show both ends of the street being blocked off by police cars and fire trucks.

Another image showed a woman in handcuffs being led away from the homes by a police officer. Her identity has not been disclosed by police.

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