Chinese expert’s prediction for Malaysian Covid-17 numbers came true: Zhong Nanshan also predicts approx 600,000 by March 24!


On December 6, 2020, Ong Boon Teck, Deputy Editor of Sinar Harian News wrote in his newspaper about a Sin Chew Daily report. [1]

The Sin Chew Daily report quoted a Covid-19 expert from China, Zhong Nanshan, who predicted that on January 25, 2021, Covid-19 cases in Malaysia would reach up to 187,997 cases.

Know how many cases as of yesterday, January 25, 2021? 186,849 cases.

Experts from China had missed a bit, but only 0.7% difference for something that involves a large number. In other words, his predictions are indeed accurate.

I am not sure when the news broke, whether or not our government took note and took appropriate action based on the expert’s prediction.

But what I remember is that after the news came out, the next day on December 7 the cross-border movement without restrictions was allowed by the government. The total number of cases at that time was 74,294. This is what I wrote in the article ‘A Year of Covid-19 In Malaysia’. [2]

I think, in making predictions experts often put their expectations based on the situation at the time the prediction was made, provided that no change occurred after that. Ceteris paribus said people. All the same, nothing has changed.

So it is safe for me to say that after the news broke, no appropriate action was taken by the government to deny the Chinese expert’s prediction. If anything, it is possible since January 13, 2021 when PKP 2.0 and Emergency are enforced. That is why we see that PKP is not like PKP and Emergency is more to save the PN government.

Then today we are shocked.

If you remember this thing is over here, sorry to tell you, there is more.

Yesterday, Sin Chew Daily broke the news again by quoting predictions from the same expert, Zhong Nanshan. [3]

This time he expects that two months from now, the Covid-19 figure in Malaysia will reach a cumulative 600,000 cases.

He said that on the first day of Chinese New Year, the number of cases is expected to reach 269,123. Chinese New Year is February 12th.

By Chap Goh Meh, or February 26, the number of cases will reach 356,030.

It will next reach 598,735 cases on March 24. Approximately 600,000 figures as predicted.

Zhong Nanshan also advised that after March 16, it is possible that the new daily number of Covid-19 cases will be 10,000 cases a day.

As I said earlier, the forecast when made by an expert is based on the current situation provided that no drastic changes occur until the date of the forecast. Ceteris paribus.

Zhong Nanshan has proven to be accurate with the December forecast of the day period. Will he be proven right again with this second prediction?

Also another thing I learned from then until now is that Chinese newspapers, like Sin Chew Daily often report what is authentic. He is not like the Utusan newspaper of the BN era or far from Harakah now. Lots of lying je.

So when Zhong Nanshan made the prediction, and Sin Chew Daily broke the news, it feels like we need to pay special attention.

If the PN government and we the people still want to be stupid and do not take drastic measures, then be prepared for us to see the prediction come true again.

May God protect us all. Amen.






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