Jumbo Jets Don’t Just Vanish – At Last Some Answers To The World’s Biggest Aviation Mystery | Sarawak Report


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Sarawak Report has obtained a preview of the latest, ground-breaking book on the world’s greatest airline mystery, the alleged vanishing of MH370,
The Disappearing Act, which hits the shelves on the eve of the 7th anniversary of the plane’s extraordinary disappearance between KL and Beijing in the early hours of 8th March 2014, provides shocking but compelling new conclusions about what happened.

Jumbo Jets don’t just disappear explains the author Florence de Changy, who was one of the journalists on the spot at the time (for the French paper Le Monde) and has doggedly followed up all the leads and the evidence over the ensuing years. The result is a comprehensive and detailed account that reads like a thriller and destroys all the conventional explanations and official statements by the Malaysian authorities.

What emerges from the fog of confusion that prevailed throughout the extended drama surrounding the so-called ‘missing’ plane is one clear evidential thread, which is that authorities across the world consistently united to withhold basic information about what really happened while allowing the public to be deceived by misinformation that should have been discredited immediately.

Her shocking analysis, therefore, is that Malaysia engaged in what became a massive global cover-up to hide the true circumstances of a catastrophic mishap that threatened world peace and stability. That was the backdrop and explanation for the bumbling, secretive, inconsistent behaviour and storylines put out by Malaysian ministers and authorities at the time and the almost total clampdown that then took place to hide the actual available evidence.

In particular, all the open source information, such as satellite records, cockpit recordings and numerous official records and reports as well as civilian and military radar data have been put under lock and key for this particular event and also this particular area of the planet during the relevant period, says the journalist.

Furthermore, contemporary images and news reports from the immediate aftermath of the disappearance were shortly after pulled from the internet as in the days, weeks and months following the plane’s disappearance relevant authorities across the world appear to have collaborated to deceive the public with information that pointed elsewhere.

Unravelling the story day by day and hour by hour with dispassionate detail, De Changy demonstrates how governments, particularly Malaysia, defied the experts by endorsing a series of complete red herring theories about the supposed changed flight path of the plane. They even on occasion planted and promoted evidence later demonstrated to be plainly false.

Meanwhile, solid reports and evidence can be seen to have been deliberately ignored and suppressed of a crash scene, debris and even bodies (according to two separate MHists, a term coined by the author) being collected from the very position the plane was last recorded flying – over the South Chine Sea, a highly sensitive and militarised zone in which a major three country military exercise (US-Singapore-Thailand) was just about to get underway as the catastrophe unfolded.

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2 Responses to Jumbo Jets Don’t Just Vanish – At Last Some Answers To The World’s Biggest Aviation Mystery | Sarawak Report

  1. E Lye says:

    I am not surprised. Any time evidence is destroyed{TWA800, Sandy Hook{not destroyed but no open casket funerals and I doubt anyone can get hold of the autopsy reports} and the shipped-to-China WTC steel} there is bound to be a cover-up. Can you believe our SPM grading system is OSA? Ask any teacher.

  2. E Lye says:

    If Florence de Changy is right then America has committed an act of War and war criminal Obama must be brought to justice. A question should be asked in Parliament demanding the release of the cargo manifest. Any refusal greatly magnifies this conclusion.

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