Denmark: Anti lock down protests turn riotous…





  • Posted by Amy Mek
  • On January 13, 2021

On Sunday, in Denmark, citizens protested in several cities against the harsh lockdowns imposed by the left-wing government. The Danish are demanding their freedoms and rights be restored. Demonstrators shouted: “Freedom for Denmark, we have had enough” as police used weapons such as clubs against the demonstrators.

Violence broke out in the country’s Capital of Copenhagen and in the city of Aalborg, after the government announced even tighter measures on top of the partial lockdown in place since December 25. Initially, the lockdown was supposed to last until January 3, but it has now been provisionally extended to January 17.

Citizens voiced their frustrations at Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, and claimed the restrictions have nothing to do with coronavirus but for control and power over the people.

Denmark’s pharmacies, supermarkets and food stores are allowed to stay open. Citizens must do all work from home and all schools, bars, restaurants and most shops are forced to stay closed. The state has also announced gatherings of more than five people are banned, down from 10. People are required to stay two metres (six feet) apart, rather than one meter.      

On Friday, the country also banned entry for foreigners without a negative virus test from the previous 24 hours.  It also advised against all travel abroad and announced that airlines flying to Denmark would need to make sure that all passengers had tested coronavirus negative to be able to land.






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