Yes, Kamala Harris swore on the Bible. In fact, she swore on two. She’s no Satanist, as conspiracists would have us believe.


You can see her with her hand on 2 Bibles.




Former senator sworn by Justice Sonia Sotomayor using Bibles from the late Thurgood Marshall and family friend Regina Shelton

Daniel Strauss in Washington
Wed 20 Jan 2021 19.20 GMT

Kamala Harris has been sworn in as vice-president, becoming the first woman in American history – as well as the first woman of African American and south Asian descent – to hold the post.

The former California senator was sworn in by Justice Sonia Sotomayor, the first Latina on the supreme court. Harris chose to be sworn in using two Bibles, one from the late Thurgood Marshall, the first Black supreme court justice, and one from Regina Shelton, a close family friend who was something like a surrogate mother for Harris and her sister when they were growing up.

“Ready to serve,” Harris tweeted from her new vice-presidential Twitter account shortly after being sworn in.




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