How China’s propaganda MISLEAD you into believing that John Shine, President of the Australia Academy of Science, endorses Sinovac rather than the Pfizer vaccine…


Did you get this message via WhatsApp? And you think that John Shine, President, Australia Academy of Science, prefers Sinovac to the Pfizer vaccine? No, he didn’t say that.


This is what you read.


Then you read the article…


It says nothing about Sinovac. John Shine mentions AstraZeneca and Pfizer.

Let me reiterate the fact. He says nothing about Sinovac.


The creator of this piece of propaganda is cunning and sly. He makes it look like John Shine chose Sinovac over Pfizer.

However, you should realise by now that the propagandist put SINOVAC OR PFIZER and everything else after that in that place to mislead.

He could have fooled me…

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