Girl of 16 was raped in police lock-up in Miri: How did a girl get taken out of her cell and raped in a police station toilet??


Miri rape – 11 policemen to be demoted or dismissed

FMT Reporters -February 15, 2021 8:06 PM

PETALING JAYA: Eleven police officers will be demoted or fired over the rape of a 16-year-old detainee by a fellow detainee at the Miri central police station lock-up on Jan 9.

“The Department of Integrity and Compliance Standards (JIPS) has conducted an investigation into the carelessness and misconduct in this incident,” said JIPS director Zamri Yahya in a statement.

“Apart from the criminal action taken on the two police personnel, action (demoted or fired) will be taken on the 11 other senior and junior officers who were found to have failed, and were careless, in carrying out their duties.”

On Feb 9, two policemen pleaded not guilty after they were charged under the Child Act 2001 in connection with the rape of a minor by a detainee in the Miri central police station lock-up, according to a report in the Borneo Post.

The daily also reported that a 19-year-old man claimed trial last Tuesday after being charged for raping an underage girl at a toilet in the Miri Central police station lock-up on Jan 9.

Sarawak police commissioner Aidi Ismail previously said that the CCTV camera at the police station did not have a recording function.

The girl was reportedly taken out of her cell by the inmate and then raped in the station’s toilet.

The case, highlighted by DAP senator Alan Ling, allegedly took place between 4am and 5am, a day after the teenager was picked up in a gambling raid.

Bukit Assek assemblyman Irene Chang has questioned how the incident could have happened under the supervision of police officers and how the inmate got the key to the girl’s lock-up.





Top cop assures investigation on alleged rape at Miri police lock up


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