The Election Commission (2019): And now there are 5…


15 February 2019

.. @malaysiakini

.. @malaysiakini

| Ex-Bersih activist refutes perception of partisanship in EC role


Ex-Bersih activist refutes perception of partisanship in EC role

2019-02-15 17:48:42

Former Bersih member Zoe Randhawa has refuted allegations of partisanship and promised to “listen to all sides”, in her new role as an Election Commission (EC) commissioner.She said this when asked if she was concerned that perceptions about her former NGO would taint her new role.“In response to the allegations that Bersih might be partisan, maybe you can ask the current chairperson (Thomas Fann) about that.“But I can say that during my time in Bersih, I always put the issues of democracy and free and fair elections first and foremost,” she told a press conference after clocking in at the EC headquarters in Putrajaya this morning.

14 February 2019



Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya Malaysia
Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya Malaysia @sprgovmy




.. @malaysiakini

King appoints new EC members, including Bersih activist

Malaysiakini  |  Published:


Yang di-Pertuan Agong Al-Sultan Abdullah Ri’ayatuddin Al-Mustafa Billah Shah has appointed five new members to the Election Commission.

The five are Universiti Malaya law lecturer Azmi Sharom, former Foreign Ministry chief secretary Ramlan Ibrahim, former Human Resource Ministry director-general Chin Paik Yoong, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia senior fellow Faisal S Hazis and Bersih 2.0 resource person Zoe Randhawa.

Chief secretary to the government Ismail Bakar said their term would begin on the day they report for duty and will expire when they reach 66 years of age.

These appointments have broken several conventions. Commission members are usually chosen from amongst retired senior civil servants.

One seat is conventionally reserved for a former top-ranking police personnel. The current line-up has none.

The current crop of commissioners will also likely be the youngest, on average, in Malaysian history.

Azmi has been appointed deputy chairperson of the EC. The outspoken academic was once arrested and charged for making allegedly seditious remarks in 2014. Prosecutors dropped the case in 2016.

The last crop of EC members resigned ahead of their mandatory retirement after the general election last year.

Six former EC members – Othman Mahmood, Mohd Yusop Mansor, Abdul Aziz Khalidin, Sulaiman Narawi, K Bala Singam, and Leo Chong Cheong – are currently facing a tribunal over alleged misconduct in relation to the last general election.



Sumisha Naidu

Sumisha Naidu @sumishanaidu
If @art_harun wasn’t already an unexpected choice, some of these new additions to Malaysia’s Election Commission are even more “against the grain”.
Expect changes?
• outspoken law lecturer Azmi Sharom (deputy chair)

• Zoe Randhawa from



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