Utusan: In financial trouble…

12 May 2019


A staff memo dated May 10 sighted by The Malaysian Insight revealed that the company is unable to pay the salaries on time due to the “critical state of its cash-flow.”

“The company understands that the delay in payment will disrupt the day to day activities of staff especially with Hari Raya being around the corner,” said Human Resource Manager, Mohd Nazlan Othman.

The May salary is expected to be paid when the balance of the April salary is settled.

On August 20, the company was put on Bursa Malaysia’s Practice Note 17 after defaulting on loan repayments to Maybank Islamic Bhd and Bank Muamalat Malaysia Bhd.

The principal and profit repayments due totalled RM1.18 million.

The group has one year from the day of its entry into the PN17 category to submit its financial regularisation plan to the stock exchange regulator or risk being delisted.

On October 26 last year, the group told Bursa Malaysia that it has submitted a proposal to Bank Negara Malaysia’s Corporate Debt Restructuring Committee (CDRC), to manage its debt exposure.

Utusan has also recently disposed some of its assets to rationalise its financial situation and raise  working capital.

It sold a piece of industrial land in Jalan Tiga, a corner shop office unit in Petaling Jaya  and two adjoining semi-detached factories in Taman Shamelin Perkasa.

For the financial year ended December 31,2018, the company widened its net loses to RM186.62 million from RM7.46 million in the previous financial year.

Its revenue fell to RM193.7million from RM245.0million a year ago.

The decline in earnings is partly attributable to higher cost incurred by a voluntary separation scheme last year.

The VSS packages which amounted to RM81million drove the group’s costs up by 50%.

Some 700 employees agreed to leave the Umno mouthpiece under the VSS introduced in September.

The Umno-linked media house also saw a change of shareholder earlier this year.

Utusan executive chairman Abd Aziz Sheikh Fadzir emerged as the controlling shareholder of the group after acquiring a bloc share of 31.6% from the political party.

After the shares changed hands, Umno’s equity interest was pared down to 18.17% from 49.77%.

The Malaysian Insight is awaiting the response of the National Union of Journalists to a request for comment.  THE MALAYSIAN INSIGHT


Utusan’s funding had largely come from government projects, including a controversial contract to supply more than 180,000 tablets to teachers nationwide.


4 August 2018


3 August 2018

PETALING JAYA: Education Minister Maszlee Malik has instructed all institutions and agencies under the ministry to cease their subscription to Malay daily Utusan Malaysia.

A memo on the matter by his special adviser Wan Saiful Wan Jan was submitted to the ministry’s secretary-general Mohd Ghazali Abas.

A letter dated July 18 sighted by FMT urges all schools, colleges, universities and agencies under the ministry to immediately terminate subscription to the Umno-linked paper.

Utusan has for decades served as Umno’s mouthpiece, but its future is said to be uncertain following Barisan Nasional’s defeat in the May 9 general election.


2 August 2018








1 August 2019


Maszlee: I am not aware of order to cease Utusan subscription

August 1, 2018

Education minister says he has been in Parliament the whole day and has no knowledge about a memo on the matter.

KUALA LUMPUR: Education Minister Maszlee Malik says he is not aware of a memo instructing all schools, universities, institutions and agencies under his ministry to cease their subscriptions of Malay daily Utusan Malaysia.

Instead, he asked reporters where they got the information on the said memo.

“I’m not sure, where did you get the information? I was here (Parliament) the entire day, so I’m not sure.

“I have to ask first, because we are taking steps to cut down on spending and newspapers today, you can read them online, no?” he said at the Parliament lobby.

Maszlee’s special adviser Wan Saiful Wan Jan was reported to have submitted the memo to the ministry’s secretary-general Mohd Ghazali Abas.

“I have to ask Wan Saiful because it (the memo) is written in his name, right?” he said.

The memo dated July 18 that was sighted by FMT urged all schools, colleges, universities and agencies under the ministry to immediately terminate subscription of the Umno-linked paper.

Utusan is known to have served as Umno’s mouthpiece for decades. Recently, there was speculation about its future following Barisan Nasional’s defeat in the May 9 general election.

Utusan’s funding had largely come from government projects, including a controversial contract to supply more than 180,000 tablets to teachers nationwide.



PETALING JAYA: All institutions of learning under the purview of the Education Ministry have been asked to cease their subscriptions of Utusan Malaysia.

The instruction came through a memo from Wan Saiful Wan Jan, the special adviser to Education Minister Maszlee Malik.

“For your information, the minister has requested that subscriptions for Utusan Malaysia by all divisions, agencies, schools, universities, colleges and institutions under the Education Ministry to cease immediately,” said the memo.

The July 18 memo was directed to the Education Ministry’s chief secretary Mohd Gazali Abas.



28 July 2018

Kulasegaran denies saying Malays are ‘pendatang’ in Malaysia.


Kulasegaran: Utusan wrong, I didn’t call Malays ‘pendatang’ of Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR, July 28 — Minister M. Kulasegaran rejected allegations that he called the ethnic Malay community “pendatang (immigrants)” here and said such claims by local daily Utusan Malaysia and on social media were defamatory.

Kulasegaran said his views on Malaysian history were allegedly twisted by those aiming to cause racial tension, and accused Utusan Malaysia on intentionally fanning the issue.

Utusan Malaysia’s report on July 27, 2018 and allegations on social media have accused me of making a statement purportedly that Malays are pendatang in Malaysia, while Indians are the original residents of this country.

“This is libel and untrue. I have never said that. It was twisted without the actual background or context,” the Ipoh Barat MP said in a statement today.

Kulasegaran explained he could not have made the offending remarks attributed to him as he did not even mention the Malays at the Hindu religious event in Nilai, Negri Sembilan last week where he is alleged to have made the statement.

“In that event in Tamil, I did not mention Malays at all. Certainly, the accusation that I purportedly said the Malays are pendatang is purely defamatory and a lie,” he said.

Kulasegaran explained he instead presented his view that Malaysians should not accuse each other of being immigrants, noting that citizens live together in this country.



13 June 2018

What an irony! Will Utusan Malaysia agree that it should be charged in court under the Sedition Act for inciting hatred by peddling the lie DAP wants to abolish the system of constitutional monarchy and turn Malaysia into a republic?


What an irony! Will Utusan Malaysia agree that it should be charged in court under the Sedition Act for inciting hatred by peddling the lie DAP wants to abolish the system of constitutional monarchy and turn Malaysia into a republic?

Today, the UMNO mouthpiece Utusan Malaysia carried the front-page headline “Akta Hasutan perlu dikekalkan – MASIH RELEVAN” quoting two former Inspector-Generals of Police, Tun Hanif Omar and Tan Sri Musa Hassan who want the Sedition Act to be continued, not to curb freedom of speech but to avoid tensions and feelings of ill will between races and religions.

Three days ago, in the Mingguan Malaysia weekend column, Awang Selamat, which is the name for Utusan Malaysia’s editorial voice, violated the Sedition Act and incited racial and religious sentiments with the dastardly lie that the DAP wants to do away with the system of constitutional monarchy by turning Malaysia into a republic!

This is a downright, malicious and seditious lie.

The massive, highly-funded and demonic UMNO campaign to paint the DAP as anti-Malay, anti-Islam and anti-Rulers failed miserably in the 14th General Election, for the DAP had proved for over five decades that DAP is a patriotic Malaysian party dedicated to the betterment of all Malaysians, regardless of race, religion or region and committed to the fundamental principles of the Constitution.

No one can be loyal and committed to the fundamental principles of the Malaysian Constitution if he is anti-Malay or any racial group in the country; anti-Islam or anti any religion in the country; or anti-Malay Rulers or the institution of constitutional monarchy.

Our greatest challenge in a New Malaysia is how to reach out to them, the Chinese living in a completely in the Chinese world, Malays living in a completely Malay world, Indians living in a completely Indian world, to share with them a larger Malaysian picture and perspective – to share our ideals that this beloved Malaysian nation belongs to all of us, that we have a shared destiny.

Can this spirit of oneness as Malaysians transcending race, religion, region or party politics prevail in our country so that we are not distracted from our Malaysian Dream to build a great Malaysia for all Malaysians?

How do we nurture the bond of oneness among Malaysians, regardless of race, religion, region or even party politics and stop the rise of intolerance, hatred, bigotry and extremism in our plural society through lies, fake news and false information?

This is our greatest challenge as Malaysians in a New Malaysia to reset nation-building policies and directions.

Utusan Malaysia and its ilk stand opposed to this Malaysian Dream, enunciated as far back as 61 years ago by Bapa Malaysia, Tunku Abdul Rahman, for the plural nation to be “a beacon of light in the disturbed and distracted world”.

I will like to end with a question – as Utusan Malaysia wants the Sedition Act to stay, quoting the two former IGPs, will Utusan Malaysia agree that it should be charged in court under the Sedition Act for violating the Sedition Act and inciting hatred by peddling the lie DAP wants to abolish the system of constitutional monarchy and turn Malaysia into a republic?

(Media Statement in Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday, 13th June 2018)


12 June 2018

Utusan is wrong, majority of Malays support Pakatan


MOST Malay-Muslims have given the thumbs-up to the new Pakatan Harapan government and the return of Dr Mahathir Mohamad as prime minister.

This was the finding of two think-tanks which refute the claims of pro-Umno daily Utusan Malaysia that Malay-Muslims have soured towards the new administration.

The regret, said political analyst Hisomuddin Bakar, is among Umno members who abandoned the party and the Barisan Nasional in GE14.

Hisommudin of Ilham Centre said these Umno members ditched the party in GE14 to teach its leaders a lesson but were shocked at the consequences of their actions.

“They are shocked that they lost federal power. They just wanted to protest against their arrogant leaders. They are the ones regretting it.

“Ordinary Malays are comfortable with PH since they no longer have to the pay for the goods and services tax (GST),” said Hisomuddin, who has interviewed both Malay voters and Umno supporters post-GE14.

His counterpart at the Merdeka Centre, Ibrahim Suffian, echoed this finding, saying the think-tank’s survey showed that a majority of Malay voters are satisfied with the new government.

“They have also accorded high approval ratings to Dr Mahathir,” said Ibrahim, of the 92-year-old who has started a historic second term as prime minister.

The smooth and peaceful of transfer of power between Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Harapan was also critical in debunking a popular myth spread by Umno while also strengthening Malay confidence in PH.

“They saw that there was no violence and no chaos. Things went on as usual but with the added plus of no GST. So Malay businessmen especially were very appreciative,” said Hisomuddin.


10 June 2018

Malays already regretting voting against Umno, says Malay daily


THE anger that the Malays feel for Umno is a passing emotion, and those who voted against the party in the general election are beginning to feel the loss of the party, said Utusan Malaysia, a Malay daily owned by Umno.

Awang Selamat in an editorial column in Mingguan Malaysia wrote that “recent issues” affecting Muslims and Malays have led many Malays to regret the lack of a strong party to defend their causes.

“With all the recent issues which have affected the Muslims and Malays, the need for Umno and PAS to be a source of support is increasing.

“The loss of power by Umno is now felt and regretted by many Malays,” wrote Awang.

The editorial did not state which issues it was referring to.


Utusan on the appointment of new Attorney-General Tommy Thomas.

Utusan had recently come under fire for carrying articles deemed to be inciting racial and religious discord in its coverage of the recent impasse over the appointment of new Attorney-General Tommy Thomas.

In response, the paper’s editor Zulkiflee Bakar had said Utusan will continue to voice out against issues perceived to be a threat to Malays and Muslims.

The paper had slammed the selection of Thomas, who is non-Malay and a Catholic, by prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad and had warned that the new A-G’s appointment would erode the rights of Malays and Muslims.


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