Woman Security Guard gets beaten up by shirtless Apek and 2 others: Case ‘settled’ for RM200 compensation!


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Bashed-up female guard gets RM200 compensation, issue settled

February 17, 2018

Police say the matter has been resolved amicably, with both parties coming to a settlement after the guard admitted she provoked the visitor to the condominium.

GEORGE TOWN: Police today said the case of a female security guard being bashed up after she barred a visitor from entering a condominium here on Thursday has been resolved amicably, with the guard admitting to having “provoked” the assailants.

Northeast district police chief ACP Anuar Omar said the guard withdrew the police report she had lodged after she and the assailants came to an agreement to settle the matter.

He said the guard had gotten angry and scolded a car driver for refusing to back out from an entrance to the Tanjung Court condominium in Air Itam that was reserved for residents.

“The complainant (guard) admitted to having provoked the suspects when one of them had wanted to enter the condominium,” he said.

“The guard told the driver that he could not enter without an access card. After the driver refused to back out, she got angry and started scolding him.

“Then a few men came over to shove, beat, kick and slap the complainant. She has bruises on her face and arms,” he told reporters today.

Anuar said two suspected assailants were questioned by police and had their statements taken on the night of the incident.

“One of the suspects is a son of the resident of the condominium. He was there to visit his father,” Anuar said.

“After discussions with the guard’s employer, the case was settled in a good way,” he said.

He added that the guard withdrew her report at 1.25am yesterday and was satisfied with receiving a compensation of RM200 from the suspects.





Female security guard gets beaten up by three men (Video)

Posted on 16 February 2018 – 09:35pm
Last updated on 17 February 2018 – 09:49am


GEORGE TOWN: A video of a female security guard being beaten up by three disgruntled men on the eve of Chinese New Year has gone viral.

It is learnt the victim had refused entry to the assailants because they did not have the access card to enter the apartment she guards, in Bandar Baru Air Itam.

In the 8.30pm incident three visitors were in a car at the guard post trying to gain entry.

A friend of the assailants who came down to help diffuse the situation was then embroiled in an argument with the victim.

Netizen, Jeffrey Chua, who posted the video on Facebook said the visitors vented their frustration on being denied entry and became unruly, showing obscene gestures and shouting profanities at the victim.

Jeffrey who is also believed to be a resident at the apartment said the men then proceeded to assault the victim.

The female guard was pushed to the ground and then slapped by two men.

Residents who witnessed the incident intervened and managed to diffuse the row.


3 men beat up female guard over access to condo


GEORGE TOWN: A female security guard in her late 40s was assaulted by three men after she refused to allow a visitor to enter an apartment building without an access card here last night.

In the 8.30pm incident at the Tanjung Court Condominium, Bandar Baru Air Itam, guard Helen Chew’s assault was caught on camera.

The video footage of the incident has since been posted on Facebook by a resident, Jeffrey Chua.

According to Chua, the guard had refused to allow a visitor’s car to enter the condo without an access card.

“A resident who was expecting the visitor then came down to the guard post, and scolded the guard for not allowing his friend to drive into the compound.

“The guard was beaten up by the old man and another man. She was also pushed to the ground and slapped,” Chua said in a comment accompanying the video.

A police report was believed to have been lodged over the incident at the Bandar Baru Air Itam police station at 10pm last night.

However, a police source at the same station claimed today that the report was withdrawn this afternoon.


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