CNY and white envelopes (white “red packets”). Again…




19h19 hours ago

PETRONAS is being dragged on FB for this angpow design (now have been replaced with a red one). This is why research is important guys, even for colour pallette. Peringatan untuk diri sendiri jugak. Jangan syok sendiri.



Feb 8

Petronasangpow 2018 in white telling you to Go-die. Cant even use for funeral cause got the word “prosperity” in BLACK. Wow.





From Hot Chicks to White Angpows, Nothing Works

Jan 31 2012
Going by the rate on how MCA (Malaysian Chinese Association) tries to make itself relevant to the Chinese voters but with failure on each attempt, it seems its president Chua Soi Lek may never recover his investment for the presidency he won in Mar 2010. In fact, one can be forgiven to say MCA may die a slow death, judging by how it constantly making a fool out of itself. With an exception of a handful of old, outdated and expired die-hard fans, the Chinese community in large have nothing but laugh at how silly the party is being driven.


It paid some hot chicks (or rather models) to attend its Youth AGM, hoping that the sex stunt sells but it backfired when it lied about the beauties’ attendance, turning the episode into laughing stock especially on the social networks. It tried to play Hudud laws but nobody listen to the expired scare-tactic. And just when it thought it was a freaking good idea to boot-lick Perkasa’s Ibrahim Ali by ferrying senior citizens to his Chinese New Year gathering at Kampung Baru, it backfires again.

Ibrahim Ali, leader of the right wing Malay pressure group which often raises racism statements, handed RM10 angpows – in white envelopes – a taboo to the Chinese because white envelopes only used during funerals. Instantly, social netizens blasted Ibrahim Ali with some even accused him of sending death wishes to the Chinese senior recipients. Ibrahim Ali may think it was not a big deal (or did it deliberately?) but giving money in white envelopes is like giving Chinese “Pak-Kam” (white gold or funeral money). Surely it was sad to see all those old Chinese folks being insulted by Ibrahim Ali with white envelopes instead of red packets during such auspicious day.


At first, Perkasa’s Ibrahim Ali played dumb and beat around the bush by insisting white signifies clean, holy and sincere. MCA’s newspaper, Star, initially tried to cover its “brother” Perkasa by highlighting that the response to the open house was so great that Perkasa ran out of red packet hence ended up with white envelopes. Sensing the cheap trick didn’t work, what more with the involvement of it’s own Seputeh MCA leader Collin Thiew in not only transporting the senior citizens to the event but also was seen tagging along with Ibrahim Ali during the white envelope give-away, the newspaper is now singing a different tune.

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2 Responses to CNY and white envelopes (white “red packets”). Again…

  1. Doris Looi says:

    Putih..baju…. Hati..Hitam When,siasat..ter,per,inci….especially…peguam, glf,…lsf…lari..hkg….

  2. Doris Looi says:

    Peguam, guna,nama,palsy Semua,saudara,sama, Kopi,o,peguam, Dari,UK, Kambing,u

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