Lee Chong Wei, “No, I’m not the man in the sex video!”

13 February 2018


That is not me in sex clip, says Chong Wei

NATIONAL shuttler Lee Chong Wei has denied that he is the man in a sex video being circulated in chat groups, and will lodge a police report over the matter.

“That is totally not me,” Lee told The Malaysian Insight when asked about the clip that went viral on Chinese-language chat groups this morning.

The national badminton hero said he had no idea why he was linked to the video, adding that he would seek the police’s help to identify those behind it.

Lee did not discount the possibility of sabotage, saying that someone could be envious of his accomplishments and was seeking to undermine him ahead of the release of a biographical film about him.

The film premieres on March 9 at the Bukit Jalil National Stadium.



KUALA LUMPUR: “It is not me.”

This was Datuk Lee Chong Wei’s short but simple response to allegations of being caught on camera in a viral sex video with an unknown woman.

The national men’s singles star when contacted said this could be the modus operandi of certain quarters who want to see him fail, especially when the shuttler is on the brink of premiering his biopic “Lee Chong Wei: Rise of the Legend” next month.

“This is ridiculous, take one look at the video and you know it’s not me,” said Lee, who first saw the video on Monday.

“So many people have been calling to confirm if it was me, and I had to laugh it off. Initially I had no plans of acting on it, because really it’s just a waste of time.

“However, it is getting out of hand, and I will be lodging a police report at (Federal police headquarters in) Bukit Aman today.”

Lee added that he is so used to being the subject of such accusations, that it is sometimes not funny.

“There will always be people who are not happy with your success, and this is how they try to bring you down. I am not bothered, but sometimes it does get to you.”



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