RPK’s Tale of Indian and White women; and other things…

8 November 2017

Excerpts from:

Fook you, Malaysiakini, this is war –

Remember when Lim Guan Eng announced that Penang is a not a Taliban state and that is why they allow beer festivals? Is that not an insult to Islam? All Muslims who do not fook prostitutes, drink and gamble are bad people as far as Guan Eng is concerned while Muslims who fook prostitutes, drink and gamble are good people.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Malaysiakini’s editorial (SEE BELOW) written by those Indian and Chinese who are running that pro-Pakatan Harapan portal reeks of hypocrisy. It stinks to high heavens just like a finger that has been stuck up their lubang taik the whole day.

Suddenly Malaysiakini is moralising about the decent thing to do and the indecent thing one must not do. They are just like prostitutes preaching that there should be no extramarital sex or sex before marriage.

If the fire is too hot then get out of the kitchen. It is okay for them to slander and vilify others but when they receive what they dish out to others they suddenly talk about upbringing and all that sort of nonsense. This is war and all is fair in love and war, in case they have never heard that saying before.


It is okay to attack a woman if she is Malay-Muslim but not if she is Indian-Hindu

The last people who should be moralising would be that Indian and Chinese boss of Malaysiakini. They have been slandering and vilifying others for 18 years and suddenly they scream about the rules of the game. What fooking rules? Those who live by the sword must die by the sword. Why suddenly there are sacred cows just because the person happens to be a Hindu, Indian woman. Are you saying if the person is a Hindu, Indian woman like Ambiga we must talk to her nicely but if she is a Muslim, Malay woman like Rosmah we can attack her kaw-kaw?

Pakatan Harapan and people like Ambiga, Guan Eng, Lim Kit Siang, and many more oppose RUU355. Who the fook are you to interfere in Islamic affairs? The Sharia has been around since 1,400 years, long before you Indians and Chinese came to Malaya. Then we Malays allowed you citizenship in 1957 and suddenly, 60 years later, you decide you have the power and authority to dictate to Muslims how Islam should be practiced and whether the Sharia should be allowed or not.


Abdul Hadi Awang has been my Tok Guru for 40 years since 1977 so you slander and vilify him at your own peril

That and many more are what a Secular State is all about. Is this what is happening in Malaysia? So does that make Malaysia a Secular State? Pakatan Harapan is lying to the people by telling them that Malaysia is a Secular State and that is why Malaysians must oppose RUU355 when that is not true. In Islam a jihad can be declared against Pakatan Harapan, and all those who smear Islam can be put to death.

The babble of bullies


It is universal knowledge that a person of impeccable upbringing will guard his tongue; his lips will not utter filth. The contrary is true of a person who has had undisciplined upbringing, however erudite that person may be.

A person who knows how to guard the tongue is really wise, but that cannot be said of a person who has not the ability to control the tongue.

An insane person knows not what he is talking. No one should bother about an insane’s person sheer babbling as the innate ability to think no longer dwells in him or her.

Blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin who hides in London is in this category, having insulted former Bar Council chairperson Ambiga Sreenevasan and Indian women in a most degrading manner. His gutter language reveals his guttersnipe attitude.

On the other hand if he is indeed sane and is driven by other motives to insult Ambiga, it is not strange either that those who resort to such foul language are bankrupt with ideas to debate or reason, hence they rely on their habitual lowly vulgarity.


Excerpts from:

Malaysia Today

The tale of Indian and White women – Malaysia Today

This story is a work of fiction and any resemblance or similarity to people already dead, still alive, or about to die, is purely coincidental and we would like to apologise in advance if anyone makan cili rasa pedas



Raja Petra Kamarudin

This is a tale of an Indian woman and a White woman colluding to oust the Prime Minister of a country that they say is going bankrupt. Hence the country needs to be saved, the Indian woman and the White woman say. To save the country they will oust the Prime Minister and replace him with an Indian Prime Minister who used to be the Prime Minister for 22 years and who was the reason the country is going bankrupt in the first place.

The Indian woman and the White woman then came out with a plan. They will accuse the Prime Minister of stealing RM42 billion of the country’s money and will spread this story far and wide. The Indian woman and the White woman were brought up to believe if you keep repeating the same lie over and over again and if you can get many other people to repeat it as well, especially other White people from White countries such as the United States, then even black can become white and white can become black.

The problem, though, while it may have been a good plan, this Indian woman and White woman got distracted. Before the Prime Minister can be ousted, and before the old Indian Prime Minister who ran the country for 22 years and practically bankrupted the country can take over, the Indian woman and the White woman allowed their anti-Islam prejudices to get the better of them. They also tried to oust the President of the Islamic Party.

So they plotted to plant a story that the Prime Minister has bought off the President of the Islamic Party for RM90 million. Then they said another Islamic Party leader was bought off for RM200 million. And that was why, the Indian woman and the White woman said, these people decided to bring the Islamic Party out of the opposition coalition.

The fact that they did not bring the Islamic Party out of the coalition and instead the coalition was closed down is a small detail. The fact that the State Assemblymen in the opposition-run state refuse to resign even when told to do so because they still want to be part of the state government is another small detail. They say the Islamic Party left the coalition because of the bribe, which they said is RM90 million and now say is RM200 million.

Some say she is being paid a large sum of money to attack the Prime Minister and help the old Indian Prime Minister who bankrupted the country to take back power. I doubt it, though, because White people are noble and honest and surely they cannot be bribed. We seldom hear about White people doing bad things like non-White people. The fact that Hitler was White is coincidental and cannot be used as the measurement for all White people.

It is equally puzzling as to why the Indian woman talks so bad about her adopted country when she became very rich because of her adopted country. In her own country about 100 million Indians are involved in the prostitution industry. That is more than three times the population of her adopted country. Children are kidnapped from villages and teenage boys and girls are sold into prostitution. If they try to escape they are murdered and one person admitted on TV that he has personally murdered 500 people who tried to escape.

If this Indian woman were back in India she would probably be working in a brothel pimping children for a living. Yet she condemns her adopted country and does not say a word about the appalling conditions in her own mother country. The English call this looking a gift horse in the mouth. Muslims call it kufur nikmat — kufur coming from the word kafir.

Anyway, the White woman was told to show proof to support her allegation that the Prime Minister bribed the President of the Islamic Party for RM90 million. But she could not. Instead she told the court the Indian woman was the one who told her the story. When the media asked the Indian woman she replied ‘no comment’.

So it looks like either the White woman got the Indian woman into deep shit or the Indian woman got the White woman into deep shit. Anyway, whatever it may be both are now in deep shit. Nevertheless, the White woman has fingered the Indian woman as the person who started the story.

Anyway, that is the tale of the Indian woman and the White woman who spread false stories in the hope of bringing down the Prime Minister and replace him with an Indian Prime Minister who ran the country for 22 years and practically bankrupted the country. Whether they are prostituting themselves for a lot of money or whether they get sexually aroused by doing this is not known at this stage. What is known, however, is that the White woman has shifted the blame to the Indian woman while the Indian woman refuses to say anything.

But then this is what the Indian woman is so fond of doing. She throws stones while hiding her black hands and lets others take the fall for it. And then she tells the Prime Minister that whoever wants to form the government will need the Indian votes or else, without the Indian votes, they cannot win the elections. And then they talk to both sides and offer their votes to the highest bidder like in a auction.


Act against RPK for sexist, racist remarks, police urged


PETALING JAYA: Civil society groups and political parties have urged the authorities to take action against controversial blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin over sexist and racist remarks made in a recent blog post.

The groups, led by PKR Wanita vice chief G Sivamalar, lodged a police report at the Petaling Jaya police headquarters today against the United Kingdom-based blogger who is commonly known as RPK.

Sivamalar said RPK’s blog posting, titled “The Tale of White and Indian Women” published on Nov 2, could affect race relations in the country and strain ties between Malaysia and India, given that RPK is considered a pro-Najib Razak blogger.

Sivamalar said that RPK, in his blog post which attacked civil society leader Ambiga Sreenevasan, had insinuated that Malaysian Indian women who voiced their grievances in the country were prostitutes.

She added that he also made a sweeping statement about prostitution in India.

In his blog post, RPK had said, “In her (Ambiga) own country about 100 million Indians are involved in the prostitution industry. That is more than three times the population of her adopted country.”

He also said, “If this Indian woman were back in India she would probably be working in a brothel pimping children for a living.”

Sivamalar said that RPK’s remarks were disgusting and amounted to criminal intimidation against Ambiga.

“Malaysian women and civil society at large will not tolerate this kind of harassment against another woman,” she said.

Others present at the police station today included representatives from Tenaganita, Sisters In Islam, Women’s Aid Organisation, Suara Rakyat Malaysia and New Gen Party.

RPK had attacked Ambiga after she was named as Sarawak Report’s source in its article which alleged PAS leaders had accepted RM90 million from Prime Minister Najib Razak.

PAS is suing Sarawak Report editor Clare Rewcastle-Brown for defamation in London.


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