Malaysia has her own Ghost Busters!


When spooks don’t have a ghost of a chance

A client of Ja’afar from Kampung Penambang, Kelantan standing next to his car. The woman employed Ja’afar to get rid of mysterious fires at her house.


JOHOR BARU: If there are spooky apparitions in your neighbourhood, who do you call? You call ghostbuster Sa’ad Ja’afar apparently.

The 44-year-old self-proclaimed hantu hunter will end the hauntings … and from afar.

All it takes is a phone call and no matter the distance, he will work on it.

Sa’ad said he can reach anywhere in the world from his centre here, to get rid of ghosts or end hauntings but the furthest he has done so thus far is Sabah – “I caught a jinn (an evil spirit) there”.

“I don’t need to be physically present to help those who need my services to rid their premises of the supernatural,” said the ghostbuster who hails from Melaka.

He claims his centre – Rawatan iLahana – is the “first in the world” to offer long-range ghostbusting services.

Assisted by Mohd Azim Adam, 46, Sa’ad started the centre in 2015 and claims to have cleansed some 300 locations nationwide to date. Among his satisfied clients, he counts 70 of different faiths.


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