Utusan goes after Malaysiakini…

28 August 2017

Zam: Utusan can’t stand its readers fleeing to Malaysiakini

Malaysiakini has found itself an unlikely defender from Utusan Malaysia – the Malay daily’s own former chief editor Zainuddin Maidin.

Zainuddin took to Twitter this morning to say that Utusan Malaysia was pushing for action to be taken against Malaysiakini because its readers are increasingly flocking to the news portal.

Utusan is again pushing for action against Malaysiakini. This is because they can’t stand that many of their readers are turning to Malaysiakini to get balanced information,” the former information minister wrote.

Zainuddin was responding to an article in Utusan Malaysia today, that again saw demands for action to be taken against Malaysiakini.

Malaysian Youth Council president Mua’ammar Ghadafi Jamaludin was quoted in the article as saying there should be stern action taken against the portal for “disrupting national harmony.”

Mua’ammar also wanted to know who the owners of Malaysiakini are, saying the portal was “immune” from action over the comments of its readers.

In response to today’s article, Zainuddin asked in turn who owns Utusan.

Utusan is immune with (sic) news that is twisted, biased, fabricated and against civilised journalism ethics. Who is their owner?” he tweeted, following up from a similar attack yesterday.

Zainuddin served as deputy information minister when Malaysiakini was first founded, when the portal sustained attacks from the then Mahathir-administration for being anti-government.

This was not lost on some who disagreed with Zainuddin’s tweets.

“In the past, it was you who called Malaysiakini ‘agen penghasut’ (inciter). Have you forgotten?” tweeted Pertubuhan Minda dan Sosial Prihatin Malaysia chairperson Ramesh Rao in response.


27 August 2017

Utusan ‘praises’ Malaysiakini for being immune to action


Malay daily Utusan Malaysia has attacked news portal Malaysiakini again over the latter’s readers’ comments.

“Despite many protests and warnings from the authorities, the pro-DAP portal Malaysiakini continues to play up dangerous sentiments.

“The portal selectively publishes many readers’ comments that are wild, including those that challenge court decisions,” wrote Awang Selamat, Utusan‘s pseudonym for what is believed to be its senior editors.

The scathing commentary in the daily’s weekend edition Mingguan Malaysia today complained about the portal’s audacity, asking if it was “immune” to action.

“It is clear Malaysiakini enjoys special treatment, and many see it as immune because action still hasn’t been taken against them.

“Awang does not want to comment further, it’s enough just to congratulate Malaysiakini for being able to tame our authorities,” wrote the columnist in the brief commentary.
It said the portal’s act of placing a disclaimer on the readers’ comments was “tactic” to wash its hands of taking responsibility.

The short commentary was accompanied by an article carrying the opinions of several academics, who similarly urged for action to be taken against the news portal over its readers’ comments.



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