“Satu Teh Tarik, kurang manis! Er, make it Kopi-0, don’t want dementia…”

Roti canai and Teh Tarik. That’s my favourite combo at a mamak stall.
Kopi-0 at a mamak stall? It’s like drinking plain water with black color. But if it’s true that Teh Tarik causes dementia…

Malaysia has one of the highest rates of diabetes, smoking and obesity and a study such as this could provide answers as to how these conditions could be related to cognitive impairment especially when age is factored into the equation.


3 August 2017

University to study if ‘teh tarik’ is linked to dementia

August 3, 2017

Newcastle University includes Malaysia, Tanzania and India to get a more ‘global picture’, says Prof Roger Barton.


PETALING JAYA: Students of Newcastle University are studying whether drinking too much of Malaysia’s most loved beverage could lead to dementia later in life.

According to Study International News, the university’s teams in the UK and Malaysia are embarking on a project that will investigate social, policy and service set-ups in Malaysia, Tanzania and India for people with dementia, a general term for a decline in mental ability severe enough to interfere with daily life.

Little is known of dementia, but memory loss is a common symptom. Alzheimer’s disease meanwhile is the most common type of dementia, accounting for 60-70% of cases, according to World Health Organisation’s (WHO) data. It affects 47 million people worldwide.

Speaking about the three countries picked for the study, Prof Roger Barton, CEO and provost of Newcastle’s Malaysian outpost, Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed) told the portal, “The group really wanted to get a global picture.”

The study, led by Prof Louise Robinson from Newcastle’s National Innovation Centre for Ageing, will also be a collaboration with government officials and other universities such as King’s College London, Monash University Malaysia and Universiti Malaya. Civil society groups from each country will also be consulted.

Although the results of the project won’t be seen until years, possibly decades later, it is much needed for several reasons, the portal said.


Jul 31

Lipton Wants To Officially Name 15 September As Teh Tarik Day But They Need Your Help


Teh Tarik at 36,000 feet with AirAsia!


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1 Response to “Satu Teh Tarik, kurang manis! Er, make it Kopi-0, don’t want dementia…”

  1. Edward Lye says:

    I hope they take into account that while they used condensed milk ans evaporated milk in the past, all you get now is condensed creamer and evaporated creamer made from palm oil. Whatever I order now is either O or O-kosong and whenever possible, I bring fresh or full cream milk along.

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