In Singapore: Don’t leave your luggage unattended at the MRT station or you’ll be sorry! Very sorry.

The Singapore police consider all security threats seriously and will not hesitate to take action against anyone who intentionally causes public alarm.

They reminded the public not to leave personal belongings unattended and to report any suspicious items or behaviour to the MRT staff or the police immediately.

9 June 2017

Maximum S$1,000 fine for man who caused security scare at Hougang MRT Station


Published: 11:00 AM, June 9, 2017
Updated: 12:08 PM, June 9, 2017

SINGAPORE – A district court imposed the maximum S$1,000 fine on a 39-year-old construction worker on Friday (June 9) after he left a blue suitcase unattended on the platform of Hougang MRT Station, triggering a security scare.

Wang Jianpo, a China national, was charged with causing public nuisance six weeks after the incident on April 2, where the station was closed for more than an hour as the authorities investigated the suitcase.

The court heard that Wang had collected the suitcase from a friend at Buangkok Crescent earlier that day before making his way to Hougang MRT station to take the train to Chinatown to run a few errands.

He decided to place the suitcase unattended against the wall of the train platform before taking the train down to Chinatown MRT station at about 2.10pm.

About 15 minutes later, a Chinese couple spotted the suitcase and alerted the station staff, who in turn, reported the matter to the operations control centre of the North-East Line.

The line’s operator SBS Transit subsequently made the call to evacuate and shut the station for security reasons. Trains continued to run on the line but bypassed Hougang station.

Commuters were told to avoid the station while the authorities investigated the security incident. The station only re-opened some 85 minutes later at 4.03pm.

Wang was arrested at about 4.40pm after officers spotted him at the train platform. He had returned to Hougang MRT station to retrieve his suitcase, which contained household items, after completing his errands.

By then, 36 trains had bypassed Hougang MRT station and 29 free passing bus services were deployed. About 663 commuters were evacuated from the station and some 3,521 commuters were affected by the incident.


7 June 2017

Jun 7

Man arrested after leaving luggage bag unattended at Admiralty MRT Station

June 7, 2017

SINGAPORE — A 34-year-old man was arrested on Wednesday (June 7) after he left a luggage bag unattended at Admiralty MRT Station, at least the fourth such incident in the last two months.

The police were alerted at 8.45am to the unattended bag at the bicycle bay beside Admiralty MRT Station.

With help from SMRT staff, the police managed to quickly track down the owner of the luggage bag at the train station. He was arrested on the spot, the police said in a statement.

Preliminary investigations revealed that he decided to leave the bag unattended while he made a purchase at a convenience store. TODAY understands the owner of the bag is a Bangladeshi national.

Personal effects such as clothing, toiletries and medication were found in his bag. Police investigations are still ongoing.

Two men arrested for causing public alarm after leaving bags unattended at MRT station

Published: 11:08 PM, May 26, 2017
Updated: 12:09 AM, May 27, 2017

SINGAPORE – Two men aged 25 and 27 were arrested for an offence of Public Nuisance after they left three bags unattended at Aljunied MRT station on Friday (May 26) morning.

TODAY understands that the two men are from Bangladesh.

The police said that officers were alerted to the three unattended bags at the concourse of Aljunied MRT station at 9.52am.

In a statement, SMRT said the unattended bags were found during a regular security check. “Our station staff observed three unattended bags at Exit B of Aljunied MRT station around 9.45am this (Friday) morning. Our staff immediately alerted TransComm officers to the incident,” said Mr Patrick Nathan, Vice President for Corporate Information and Communications.

Officers from the Bedok Police Division and Public Transport Security Command, with the assistance of SMRT staff, traced and detained the owners of the bags at Aljunied MRT station at about 10.15 am.

The three bags were later established to contain only food and household items.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the two men had intentionally left their bags at the concourse area while they went to the toilet at the station. Investigations are still ongoing.

Running group that wanted to mark path with flour behind Woodleigh MRT scare

Published: 5:06 PM, April 18, 2017
Updated: 6:51 AM, April 19, 2017

SINGAPORE — For causing public alarm, a 69-year-old man was nabbed on Tuesday (April 18) after he allegedly used baking flour to mark a running route at several spots in Woodleigh MRT Station, causing a three-hour closure.

This is the second security scare at an MRT station here in less than three weeks.

Two other men, aged 53 and 70, were with the man at the time, and are helping the police with investigations.

It was a 58-year-old cleaner at the station who discovered what looked like suspicious white substance. Several police and Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) vehicles were deployed to the station to investigate, and after several hours, Hazardous Materials (HazMat) officers from the SCDF established the substance to be baking flour.

TODAY understands that the men, who are all Singaporeans, belong to a running group called the Seletar Hash House Harriers, and the flour was found at four locations in the station’s concourse.

On April 2, Hougang MRT Station — also on the North-East Line — was closed for more than an hour after a suitcase was left unattended there. A 39-year-old man, who had left the bag there intentionally and went off to run an errand, was arrested for causing public alarm and later released on police bail while investigations continue. The police found household items in the suitcase.

It was unclear if the latest incident yesterday was an act of mischief or an accident.

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