What a motivational camp! Naked they were, all 23, and then the police came!


17 May 2017


Youths plead guilty to indecency charges in ‘nude games’ fiasco

BENTONG: Twenty three youths pleaded guilty at the magistrate’s court here today to indecency during a field sporting activity at a resort near here in January.

They pleaded guilty before Magistrate Khairuddin Anhar Mahmud, who delivered his sentence this afternoon.

The youths, aged between 19 and 23, admitted to indecency in their participation of a ‘stripping’ game as part of their motivational camp, which was organised by a private company.

Ten people, five of whom were the participants pleaded guilty to abetting the crime.

The youth participants and five of the staff were fined RM1,500 each in lieu of one month’s jail.

The five other staff from the private company, including the organiser and trainer, were fined RM3,000 in lieu of two months jail and a mandatory one month jail term.


24 Jan 2017


Contrary to the claims that “this was not the first time”:

The management said the company had previously organised two motivational camps at the resort before this incident. It was claimed that this was the first time the module involving nudity had been carried out.

Read More : http://www.nst.com.my/news/2017/01/206771/organisers-motivation-camp-module-conceded-they-went-overboard-says-police

6h6 hours ago

Nudity case: “It’s not the first time…” says resident, claims almost 1,600 participated

BENTONG: It is not the first time visitors to a resort in Bentong have stripped naked and acted indecently, as similar incidents have occurred before.
Chairman of the residents’ committee there, Rozzana Chung Abdullah, 59, claimed she had seen hundreds of participants bathing in the open, including some who stripped bare during sports event organised there.
“Nearly 1,600 people participated in the event. They set up tents and temporary toilets. My bedroom faces the playing field, so I could clearly see them wearing only underwear, and some naked while showering in the open,” she said when met at her house here, today.
Rozzana claimed that another company had previously organised a motivational camp at the same location, and in one of the activities, the male participants took advantage by hugging their female counterparts.
On last Saturday’s incident where a company was alleged to have organised a motivational programme including nude activities at the resort, she said the residents were not informed of the event as it was handled by the management of the resort.
She said sports and motivational camps were often held there, and residents were used to them.
“I only found out about the camp being held there when I heard some loud music at around 3 or 4 pm, but I didn’t pay attention to it.

“I immediately went up to my house and took pictures using my mobile phone before lodging a police report,” she said.

Read More : http://www.nst.com.my/news/2017/01/206782/nudity-case-its-not-first-time-says-resident-claims-almost-1600-participated

23 Jan 2017

3h3 hours ago

39 Youths who stripped for game at motivational camp to be charged

BENTONG: A group of youths took “going back to nature” literally at an eco-resort here when they stripped it all off for a game called “All Out” at a motivational camp.

For playing “naturists”, 39 male participants aged between 19 and 23 were arrested by the police following a tip off.

Photos of the team members in the buff went viral online, with many seen covering their manhood with leaves of various sizes.

Bentong OCPD Supt Mohamad Mansor Mohamad Nor said the group was asked to “make a long line using only materials on their bodies”.

“Some of the participants started undressing and using their clothing to make their line longer. And it got so competitive that most of them ended up totally naked,” he said of the 5.30pm incident on Saturday.

The 39 men were attending a three-day-two-night motiva-tional prog­ramme conducted by nine facilitators.

22 Jan 2017

2h2 hours ago


BENTONG: Police arrested 48 participants for going naked during a supposedly sporting event held at a resort near here on Saturday.

The participants, aged between 19 and 23, were allegedly taking part in a game at a motivational camp, organised by a private company.

The game was conducted at the playground within the resort’s compound.

Bentong district police chief Supt Mohamad Mansor Mohd Nor said the department received a complaint around 6pm on Saturday informing them of the naked male participants at the Selesa Hill Homes and Golf Resort.

He said investigations found that 39 youths comprising 23 students and 16 non-students were involved in the naked romp.

The other nine arrested, including two women, were facilitators from the company tasked to conduct the event.

“The participants were involved in a game known as ‘All Out’, where they were required to form a long line using materials pasted on their bodies.

“It was during the game that the participants began removing their clothes to form the line, and this continued until they were completely naked,” he said.

Mansor said the resort manager claimed they only prepared food, equipment and accommodation, and were informed on the tentative outline of the programme, but were not briefed on the events.

He said investigators sent to the resort nabbed the participants when they were involved in another activity at the resort hall at 12.30am today morning.

The individuals arrested are being investigated under Section 294 (a) of the Penal Code for indecent exposure, which carries a three months jail term, fine or both upon conviction.

They were released on bail just at 2pm today.


4h4 hours ago

39 men ‘motivated to strip’ nabbed at Bentong resort


4h4 hours ago


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