Damage control in KL: BN will give free petrol to kapcai riders whom Tengku Adnan had proposed to ban from K.L.

The man who loves mat rempit doesn’t love other motorcycle riders!

The local slang ‘kap chai’ is believed to have originated as a portmanteau from Honda Cub, one such motorcycle, and the Cantonese word for “little”.

‘Kap chai’ bikes usually use small capacity engines between 50 and 150 cc, and are popular with Malaysians, especially the lower-income group due to its considerably cheaper price, and convenience in bustling traffic and rural trails alike.

The minister was also quoted saying that the government had mooted the idea because motorcycles have been used by snatch thieves in the city.

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23 Feb 2017

38m38 minutes ago

Free petrol for motorcyclists in Federal Territories from April


KUALA LUMPUR: From April onwards, the Federal Territories (FT) Barisan Nasional (BN) Youth wing will be giving free petrol to motorcyclists at every parliamentary constituency in the FT every month.

Its chief, Datuk Mohd Razlan Mohammad Rafii said the assistance was to ease the burden of the people especially the motorcyclists.

He said the wing had targeted 117,000 motorcyclists at 13 constituencies to enjoy the free petrol programme for a year.

“We will give to all regardless of their background and political standing. We understand that quite a number of motorcyclists are underprivileged and the government is concerned over its people,” he said.

Mohd Razlan told this to reporters at the ‘Free Petrol Top Up for Motorcycle’ programme organised by FT MyPPP Youth Movement here tonight.


20 Jan 2017

2h2 hours ago

Program Isi Petrol Percuma anjuran Pakatan Harapan Segambut petang tadi!


54m54 minutes ago

KL is not your father’s, Segambut MP tells Ku Nan

KUALA LUMPUR: Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng today held a protest against a proposal to ban kapchai (small-capacity engine motorcycles) from the city by giving out free petrol to motorcyclists.

“Ku Nan, KL is not your father’s. Don’t stop the kapchai from entering the city,” he said.

Lim said it was absurd for Federal Territories Minister Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor, better known as Ku Nan, to propose banning kapchai from entering the city.

“Ku Nan tried to stop kapchai from entering the city and then he aborted the plan.

“If refugees can be accepted into the country, why can’t motorcyclists be allowed into the city?” he told reporters at the Petron petrol station in Jalan Segambut here.

Lim said he aimed to distribute RM5,000 worth of petrol to 1,000 motorcyclists.


19 Jan 2017

DAP MP offers free petrol for 1,000 ‘kapcai’, denies it is bribery


Yap Jia Hee

Amid the ongoing debate on whether underbone motorcycles, often referred to locally as “kapcai”, should be banned from the heart of Kuala Lumpur, a DAP lawmaker has decided to provide free petrol for 1,000 motorcyclists.

Speaking to Malaysiakini, Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng said the event would take place between 4pm and 6pm at the Petron station in Segambut Luar.

“It is limited to motorcycles with an engine capacity of 150cc and below. The allocation is RM5 of petrol for each motorcycle,” he told Malaysiakini.

Lim explained that in previous years, he would hold a Chinese New Year open house in his constituency where residents would also be given hampers.

“This year, I planned to do something different. Therefore, I decided on providing free petrol,” he added.

However, there is also a political twist.

Lim said it is also to show motorcyclists that the opposition is concerned about them unlike “ministers and senior government officials who sit in big cars and are not concerned about the motorcyclists”.

He was responding to Federal Territories Minister Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor, who first raised the proposal that underbone motorcycles be banned from the city centre.

18 Jan 2017

Street poll: ‘Kapcai’ ban will violate PM’s promise

Shakira Buang

Most motorists polled by Malaysiakini do not agree with the proposed plan to ban ‘kapcai’ motorcycles from entering downtown Kuala Lumpur, especially motorcycle users from the lower-income group who commute to the capital city daily.

One of those who questioned the ban proposed by Federal Territories Minister Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor is Ahmad Fadli Nazari, 34, from Damansara, who works with a government-linked company.

“First of all, the ban, even if it is at a proposal stage, actually goes against Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s pledge to always listen to the pulse of the people.

“For example, if it (the ban) is imposed, should despatch workers who deliver documents from an office here (in KL) to another one outside the city centre, use the LRT to deliver the documents entrusted to them?” asked Ahmad Fadli.

This, he stressed, will cause hardships to the lower income groups, far be it from the government listening to their needs.

“This proposal will make it difficult for the bottom 40 percent (B40) and middle 40 percent (M40) to do their jobs,” he told Malaysiakini.


Jaring Bahasa Retweeted

, originally as in Honda Cub (Kap) and Cantonese, “仔” pinyin: zai (Cai) means “little”. The sin of being small. Don’t ban my kapcai

Larang Kapcai Masuk KL Bukti Dasar BN Membebankan Rakyat – – cc



: No more ‘kap chai’ bikes in KL?


KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 16 — The government is considering banning underbone motorcycles, known locally as the “kap chai”, from entering Kuala Lumpur as part of its effort to reduce carbon emission.

Federal Territories Minister Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Mansor was quoted by The Star as saying that the government may prohibit these motorcycles and other commuters from driving into the capital city once public transportation reaches a more reasonable price.

“During the day, the population [in the city] increases to between five and seven million because workers commute to work,” he said at the launch of the Kibar Bendera Wilayah Persekutuan campaign yesterday.

“Many cities do not allow ‘kap chai’ to come in. But studies have shown that a lot of people still need them because they are poor and can’t afford [other modes of transport] as their salaries are low.

“Once cheaper public transport is available, we will be looking at the possibility of not allowing ‘kap chai’ motorcycles into the city,” he added.

– See more at: http://www.themalaymailonline.com/malaysia/article/no-more-kap-chai-bikes-in-kl?utm_content=buffer49ae7&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer#sthash.tyutO48o.dpuf

Lepas ni siapa yang tk mampu beli motor selain “kapcai” tu. Pandai pandai lah kalau nak masuk kl



malaysiakini: KL PAS: Improve public transport before banning kapcai


Banning ‘kapcai’ entering KL makes no sense


malaysiakini: ‘Kapcai rule hurts the low-income, cripples small businesses’



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I sense class discrimination. : Motosikal Kapcai Mungkin Dihalang Masuk KL – Tengku Adnan

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