Bodyguards to be commissioned by PDRM from 2017: Better late than never…

WHEN YOUR PERSONAL BODYGUARD SHOOTS YOU! #Lawless #Malaysia: 3 dead & 4 injured in shooting in Penang!

After the shooting of a datuk in Penang by his own bodyguard, Ministry of Home Affairs will introduce new and stringent rules.


The Personal Bodyguard Association has a membership of over 200 bodyguard companies.

10 Dec 2016

Bodyguards need to be commissioned by PDRM from 2017

Starting next year, all personal security guards or bodyguards are required to undergo special training and be commissioned by the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM).

Ministry of Home Affairs secretary-general Alwi Ibrahim said the training will be made mandatory for the renewal of licences to carry and handle firearms by private security guards annually.

“This measure is necessary to ensure that security companies do not arbitrarily rent firearms to any individual on the basis of being a private security guard,” he said when closing the Certified Security Guards (CSG) 38/2016 Series Training Programme, here today.

In addition, Alwi said the training aims to enhance supervision and the quality of private security guards to ensure all security guards are adequately trained in addition to being the eyes and ears of the police.

At the event, a total of 408 security guards completed their CSG training held for six days at Police Training Centre (Pulapol) which started on Monday.

Also present were deputy inspector-general of police Noor Rashid Ibrahim and Security Services Association of Malaysia (PPKKM) president Mustapa Ali.

Meanwhile, Personal Bodyguard Association president Basri Ali hailed the ministry’s decision to put the recruitment of bodyguards under PDRM.

“These changes set a new benchmark for personal bodyguard services and is logical and reasonable to put into practice,” said the defence minister’s bodyguard when contacted by Bernama.

Basri said the association which has a membership of over 200 bodyguard companies nationwide supported the government’s decision to enhance the safety level of individuals in need of such services.

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