AirAsia sues Wee Choo Keong, Chairman, Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board

Wee Choo Keong was appointed Chairman of the Malaysian Tourism Promotion Board or Tourism Malaysia by Tourism and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz on 17 June 2015. 

In September 2016, he was replaced by Datuk Siew Ka Wei.

In July 2015, AirAsia filed a suit against Wee, the owner of blog, for knowingly and intentionally publishing false and malicious statements defamatory of the low-cost carrier.

The plaintiff said Wee had regularly published many false, misleading and disparaging statements on the blog, including an article entitled “Why Liow & MAHB encouraged AirAsia to owe RM50 million PSC (passenger service charge)/airport tax?” dated April 20, 2015.

AirAsia said Wee had earlier failed to respond to a letter of demand to retract his allegations.

“AirAsia has filed a suit because our reputation has been damaged by this conduct in addition to our efforts to correct the disinformation published about AirAsia,” the statement of claim said.

17 August 2017


Former Malaysia Tourism Promotion chairman loses appeal against AirAsia civil suit

PUTRAJAYA: Former chairman of Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board Wee Choo Keong lost his appeal for the discovery of documents in a civil suit filed by AirAsia Berhad against him for publishing allegedly defamatory statements in his blog.

The Court of Appeal panel of judges led by Datuk Lim Yee Lan dismissed the appeal with RM5,000 cost, today.

“This is a unanimous decision. We find no merit in this appeal, to warrant us to intervene,” said Lim in affirming the High Court decision on May 23, 2017, to dismiss Wee’s application.

The other judges were Datuk Harmindar Singh Dhaliwal and Datuk Yeoh Wee Siam.

In their statement of claim dated June 19, 2015, AirAsia filed the defamation suit stating that Wee had published an article titled Why Liow and MAHB encouraged AirAsia to owe RM50 million PSC/Airport Tax?, on April 20, 2015.

(The article alleged that AirAsia owed “Passengers Service Charge” (PSC), formerly known as “Airport Tax” of more than RM50 million to Malaysia Airport Holding Bhd (MAHB)).

The airline claimed that the article contained false and defamatory statements.

Wee’s lawyer Khoo Guan Huat said the High Court judicial commissioner had misdirected herself on the principle of law, in dismissing the application.

He said the documents sought in the application were necessary, relevant, and related to the amount owed by AirAsia.

AirAsia’s lawyer Leonard Yeoh contended that Wee, who had pleaded for “defence of justification” in his statement of defence should have the full knowledge, documents, and evidence to prove his defence of justification.

He said Wee had pleaded in his statement of defence that his “words are true in substance and fact”, “the statement is supported or based on true and substantially true fact” and published within his knowledge and “justified based on facts.”

“The court cannot allow for someone to publish or utter statements and rely on ‘defence of justification’ and go back to the respondent (AirAsia) and ask – ‘can you show all your documents?’,” said Yeoh.

He said the appellant (Wee) cannot make defamatory statements and then apply for the discovery of documents from the respondent (AirAsia).

“The appellant should have the sufficient evidence before uttering statements defaming someone and not after,” he said.


Ex-MP fails again to get documents in AirAsia defamation suit

August 17, 2017

Court of Appeal says the appeal lacks merit for appellate intervention, and orders Wee Choo Keong to pay RM5,000 in costs to AirAsia.

PUTRAJAYA: Former Wangsa Maju MP Wee Choo Keong again failed to get AirAsia Berhad to disclose certain documents in a defamation suit filed by the low-cost budget airline.

A three-man Court of Appeal bench chaired by Lim Yee Lan said the appeal did not warrant appellant intervention.

“After considering the submissions and records of appeal, we unanimously dismiss the appeal as it lacks merit. The High Court ruling is affirmed,” she said.

The bench ordered Wee, a former Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board chairman, to pay AirAsia RM5,000 in costs.

Following today’s ruling, the High Court is scheduled to begin trial on Sept 4.

The High Court last month dismissed Wee’s application and held that this was an attempt at a fishing expedition to scout for documents to justify his own defence of justification.

10 June 2016

Tens of Thousands FRUSTRATED in long ques daily in airports PM must push MAB to act



23 May 2016

Know you well, how did you became chairman

PETALING JAYA, May 23 — Tourism Malaysia chairman Wee Choo Keong said today he would never allow his personal sentiments to interfere with professional…



Former Malaysian Member of Parliament for Wangsa Maju & Chairman of Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board.

25 May 2016

7h7 hours ago

Gambar pesawat AirAsia ‘menjunam’, cukuplah Wee, kata Kamarudin – Read More

KUALA LUMPUR ― Pergeseran AirAsia dengan pengerusi Tourism Malaysia berlanjutan. Kali ini Datuk Kamarudin Meranun pula menyatakan terkejutnya dengan sikap Wee Choo Keong yang memuatkan foto pesawat AirAsia terjunam.

Dengan lafaz “astaghfirullah al-azim”, pengerusi AirAsia menggesa Wee bertenang walau bagaimana bekas ahli parlimen itu tidak senang dengan syarikat penerbangan tambang murah terkenal itu.

“Tetapi apa halnya yang menyebabkan anda memuatkan foto seumpama itu… Cukup cukuplah dan kami telah menyumbang banyak untuk negara ini,” kata Kamarudin dalam coretan Facebooknya petang semalam lapor The Malay Mail.

AirAsia yang mempunyai kakitangan 17,000 orang dan membawa 60 juta penumpang setahun “tidak wajar dipersalahkan”, tambahnya, menjawab tuduhan Wee yang syarikat itu belum membayar RM50 juta caj lapangan terbang.

Gambar pesawat AirAsia ‘menjunam’, cukuplah Wee, kata Kamarudin


“New Dog, Playing A Very Old Trick”

AirAsia Bhd’s (AAB) audit committee has issued a statement following the GMT Research report, pointing out that it cannot have legal control or legal power over its associate companies in Indonesia, Philippine, Thailand and India, HERE.

This was the best respond that AirAsia could come out with to rebut what had been published by GMT reseach, Hong Kong.

AIrAsia should have instructed its auditor, PriceWaterHouse to rebut what have been published by GMT research but it didn’t.

The AirAsia Audit Committee’s above statement was made in respond to the GMT research allegations of AirAsia involvment in questionable accounting practices, HERE.

Yesterday, CNBC, had published critical respond from GMT research. GMT research did not withdraw any of its allegations levelled against AirAsia’s questionable accounting practices. It went further to publish more details of the questionable accounting practice.

For full report and the CNBC interview in U-Tube, HERE.


The closing of price of AirAsia share on 25-6-2015 was RM1.60.  Please digest the above carefully before you put your good money into the stock market.

“New Dog, Playing A Very Old Trick”

It may be all over for Wee Choo Keong but don’t be surprised if he is praised. After all, he is UMNO-friendly to put it mildly.

Tourism Malaysia chief to know fate over ‘outburst’ on May 30

PARLIAMENT | Tourism Malaysia will decide if action will be taken against its chairperson Wee Choo Keong over an alleged outburst against budget carrier AirAsia at the Beijing International Tourism Expo in a meeting on May 30.

Tourism Malaysia has been instructed to investigate the matter before the meeting, Culture and Tourism Minister Nazri Abdul Aziz said.

He said this in a written parliamentary reply to Anthony Loke (DAP-Rasah)

Met at the Parliament lobby, Nazri said he has not spoken to Wee over the matter and would not do so to avoid jeopardising the investigations.

“Let them (Tourism Malaysia) decide,” he told reporters.


On 9 July 2015, it was reported that AirAsia Berhad had filed a suit against the newly appointed chairman of The Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board for publishing “false and malicious” statements against the budget airline on his blog in April.

23 May 2016

KUALA LUMPUR: Transport Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai has demanded an explanation from Tourism Malaysia chairman Wee Choo Keong for allegedly ordering the removal of an AirAsia bunting at the recent 4th China (Beijing) International Tourism Expo 2016.
“I think as a nation, we should promote tourism and we should promote airlines coming to Malaysia.

“It’s uncalled for and I would like an explanation from him,” said Liow at the opening of KLIA Metropolis at Grand Hyatt hotel, here.

Read More :

AirAsia refutes Tourism Malaysia chief’s debt claim

KUALA LUMPUR, May 23 — AirAsia asserted today that it does not have any outstanding debt to Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad (MAHB), contrary to the persistent allegations hurled by Tourism Malaysia chairman Wee Choo Keong.

CEO Aireen Omar said Asia’s largest budget airline has consistently paid its Passenger Service Charge (PSC) to MAHB.

“We deem these latest statements by Mr Wee Choo Keong as intended to further injure the reputation of AirAsia following his earlier statements which are now already a subject to a defamation litigation,” she said in a statement.

“Additionally, AirAsia would like to highlight that Mr Wee Choo Keong’s position as the Chairman of Tourism Malaysia comes with a higher degree of responsibility to the tourism industry.

“His focus should be on publicising Malaysia and attracting tourist arrivals, instead of attacking a public listed airline which has contributed to the success of Malaysian tourism,” she added.

Wee, who is facing a defamation suit raised by AirAsia, raised the allegation again today in response to claims he had scolded the airline’s staff and broken its buntings during the 4th China International Tourism Expo 2016 in Beijing last week.

The former MP had earlier told Malay Mail in his response on the incident that “AirAsia should ensure the airline settles its huge outstanding debts to Malaysian Airports Holdings Berhad so they have more funds to improve facilities and services for the public.”

Wee has in the past openly attacked AirAsia over its alleged airport debt of more than RM50 million.


– See more at:

Wee Choo Keong, “… I categorically deny that I broke the buntings with my bare hands as alleged by certain quarters. These wild allegations are most vicious.”


Tony Fernandes laments Tourism M’sia chief ‘tormenting’ AirAsia

AirAsia boss Tony Fernandes today hit back at Tourism Malaysia chairperson Wee Choo Keong over an alleged outburst by the latter in attacking the budget air carrier.

This follows reports that Wee allegedly lost his temper and destroyed an AirAsia bunting put up at the Malaysian booth at the Beijing International Tourism Expo (BITE) last Friday.

For many many years this man has tormented us. We have no idea why. Invited him many times to visit AirAsia Allstars.

“But this is over the top. AirAsia brings in the most Chinese tourists. You be the judge of what’s right and what’s wrong,” Fernandes wrote on his Facebook.

The posting accompanied a snapshot of an article about Wee’s alleged outburst.

Malaysiakini is trying to contact Wee for his response.

NST_Online: . AirAsia – weechookeong feud heats up over claims of temper tantrum at Expo …

19m19 minutes ago

malaysiakini: tonyfernandes laments TourismMalaysia chief weechookeong ‘tormenting’ AirAsia …

Free Malaysia Today

Wee: Certain quarters ‘blowing things out of proportion’

May 23, 2016

Tourism Malaysia chairman denies any “bizarre rampage” in Beijing, and says he merely instructed that AirAsia buntings be removed from government’s exhibition booth.


PETALING JAYA: Tourism Malaysia Chairman Wee Choo Keong has alleged that certain quarters are “blowing things out of proportion” as evidenced in what appears to be a news report posted by AirAsia boss Tony Fernandes on his Facebook page this morning about an incident in Beijing involving the former MP.fb

Fernandes had also posted a message saying he did not know why Wee had chosen to “torment” AirAsia for years.

In a statement he issued today, Wee addressed Fernandes’ accusation head-on, clarifying that the only issue he had with AirAsia was the airline’s huge outstanding debt with Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad that the company had failed to settle for years.

He also addressed the news report Fernandes posted alongside his Facebook message that carried the heading: “Tourism Malaysia Chairman Mr Wee Choo Keong’s bizarre rampage in Beijing” and stated that what took place at the Beijing International Tourism Expo (BITE) on May 20 was nothing like what was reported.

In the news report, it was said that Wee had shouted loudly at staff to remove the AirAsia buntings. It was also alleged that Wee “broke the bunting with his bare hands” and muttered how he hated AirAsia and wanted their buntings thrown away.

However in his statement, Wee related a vastly different version of events.

He said that upon arriving at the entrance of the Tourism Malaysian (TM) booth in Beijing, he noticed that AirAsia and Genting buntings had overshadowed that of TM’s.

“I merely requested our local staff to clear the two buntings belonging to AirAsia & Genting from the entrance to the back of the booth,” he said, defending his instruction as being necessary as the two buntings were also obstructing the area where the launching ceremony of the TM booth was supposed to take place later.

9m9 minutes ago

AREN’T YOU ASHAMED?? Mr the turncoat , what is your problem? Pls remember that you…

Tony Fernandez lambasts Wee Choo Keong on his IG. My take? Wee Choo Keong kinda childish for breaking AA’s bunting with his bare hands.

22 May 2016

Can you imagine this? AirAsia is there to promote tourism, to bring tourists to Malaysia. The Malay Mail reports that the Chairman of Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board is displeased.

The Beijing International Tourism Expo 2016


No sympathy but brick bats for Wee Choo Keong on Twitter!

Except for this Lone Ranger.

fit Retweeted The Edge Markets

I agree with . AirAsia sucks!

In reply to

Wee Choo Keong loses his ‘cool’ over AirAsia: Oopppsss! Our former MP friend Wee Choo Keong allegedly lost hi…

Tim Ang Retweeted Malay Mail Online

why so vindictive? Did refuse to give in to your extortion demands?

Tim Ang added,

WHAT HAS WEE CHOO KEONG GOT AGAINST TONY FERNANDES: Tourism Malaysia chief loses cool over AirAsia bunting at…..


Show to China our bad attitude

Wat experience has he to b Tourism M’sia Chief?Only good 4 ship jumping n now he’s in Umno camp!


Is Wee Choo Keong the right man for the job?

21 May 2016

Malay Mail Online

Tourism Malaysia chief loses cool over AirAsia bunting at Beijing expo

By Shazwan Mustafa Kamal


KUALA LUMPUR, May 21 ― Wee Choo Keong allegedly lashed out at his staff yesterday during the 4th China (Beijing) International Tourism Expo 2016 after seeing that an AirAsia bunting was put up alongside other promotional materials at Tourism Malaysia’s booth.

A source familiar with the matter claimed that Wee, who is Tourism Malaysia chairman, publicly berated the staff responsible and ordered the bunting removed.

After it was placed backstage, however, the former federal lawmaker allegedly broke the bunting before telling his staff to remove all items associated with AirAsia.

Malay Mail Online understands that the low-cost airline was invited to attend the exhibition and Wee was there for the opening ceremony.

“We confirm the incident that took place at the 4th China International Tourism Expo 2016 in Beijing (on Friday) and we are very disappointed with what happened,” a spokesperson from AirAsia told Malay Mail Online when contacted.

Malay Mail Online has made attempts to contact Wee over the matter and is currently awaiting his response.

– See more at:

Malaysian Insider

AirAsia sues new tourism board chief

AirAsia Berhad has filed a suit against the newly appointed chairman of The Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board for publishing “false and malicious” statements against the budget airline on his blog in April.

It said today Wee Choo Keong, who took over from Tan Sri Ng Yen Yen, failed to respond to the letter it sent demanding a retraction of the posting.

“Wee has regularly published many false, misleading and disparaging statements on the blog, including an article entitled ‘Why Liow & MAHB encouraged AirAsia to owe RM50 million PSC/Airport Tax?’ on April 20, 2015,” AirAsia said in a statement.

It said Wee knowingly and intentionally published these statements that were defamatory and damaging.

“AirAsia has always operated our business professionally including in our dealings with the Regulators. The many misleading and defamatory statements published by Wee are intended to mislead the public and damage our reputation,” said the airline’s regional legal head Amir Faezal Zakaria.

“AirAsia has filed a suit because our reputation has been damaged by this conduct in addition to our efforts to correct the disinformation published about AirAsia.”
– See more at:

Free Malaysia Today

AirAsia and Wee Choo Keong set to do battle in Court

July 9, 2015

Airline launches defamation suit, Wee welcome it.


KUALA LUMPUR: AirAsia Berhad today announced that it has commenced legal action against Wee Cho Keong for allegedly publishing false and malicious statements which were defamatory of it so as to damage its reputation.

In particular, the airline took offence with statements contained in an article published on April 20 on Wee’s blog entitled “Why Liow & MAHB encouraged AirAsia to owe RM50 million PSC/Airport Tax?”

“These are defamatory statements,” AirAsia said, adding that the suit was commenced after Wee, Chairman of The Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board, failed to respond to its solicitors’ letter demanding a retraction.

Responding to the statement, Wee told FMT that he “welcomed” the suit against him, adding that it was a “golden opportunity” for him “to ventilate the standing of AirAsia in the court of law.”

He explained that he had posted on his blog a statement to the effect that AirAsia owed a “substantial sum of money to MAHB.”

Referring to the letter of retraction, Wee said, “It was only in April 2015 when I called upon MAHB to take action to recover the debt owed by AirAsia that it sent a letter of demand asking for retraction.”

He said that he responded through his solicitors to ask which parts of the posting AirAsia had found defamatory. He also claimed that he had offered to publish AirAsia’s reply on his blog.

“It took them about a month to reject and sue,” Wee said. “Any way I will never retract what I have stated in my blog and am looking forward to the day of the trial. The truth will finally prevail.”


Wee Choo Keong

Chairman of The Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board & Former Member of Parliament, Malaysia

Why Liow & MAHB encouraged AirAsia to owe RM50 million PSC/Airport Tax?

Reliable sources have confirmed that AirAsia owed Passengers Service Charge (PSC) (formerly known as ‘Airport Tax’) of more than RM50 million to Malaysia Airport Holding Bhd (MAHB).

This is not the first time that AirAsia owed PSC/Airport Tax. In 2010 AirAsia owed MAHB of about RM120 million in Airport Tax for more than 5 years. After the matter was brought to the attention of the 4th Floor Government in Parliament, AirAsia was compelled to pay the said outstanding airport tax.  Instead of imposing an interest for the outstanding airport tax debt,  AirAsia was granted by the 4th Floor Government a huge discount of about 25%.  By right the 25% discount should have been passed on to the passengers who have paid for the Airport Tax.  In this case, AirAsia benefitted from the said Airport Tax debt!

In November 2011 the Ministry of Transport had confirmed that AirAsia had collected from no-show passengers totalling RM6.5 million and AirAsia X RM498,000 and both companies have not handed over the said sum to MAHB and/or returned to no-show passengers, HERE.

In March 2014 AirAsia saw it fit to arbitrarily imposed RM3 KLIA2 Fees on top of the PSC. For all the hidden charges imposed upon the passengers by AirAsia please read HERE.

Picture taken from

Why MAHB and the Ministers of Transport, Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai, are condoning and/or encouraging AirAsia to chalk up such huge outstanding PSC debt of more than RM50 million when AirAsia is supposed to pay to MAHB all PSC collected upon passengers departing from our airports?

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