Mum said it’s not good but KFC is still my No. 1 fast food…

Video: Monkey see, monkey attack!

I wish they had kept the original french fries….

Published on Apr 28, 2015

A female KFC (Taman Putra ) employee can be seen showing the middle finger towards its customers, reported to be a group of school students.

According to portal The Hype Media, around 15 to 20 school students had entered the KFC outlet in Taman Putra for lunch.

Because of the large number of people in the group, they had wanted to join the tables in the outlet together so they can all sit in one group.

However the female employee serving them disallowed this as she claimed it will interfere with people moving around in the outlet.

The students ignored her and still joined the tables together, to which the female employee responded by saying, “It’s better that you guys eat outside.”

The employee then started to take a video of the students with her mobile phone, in which the students reacted by doing the same thing in return.

Realising she was being recorded, the employee then showed the middle finger towards the students.

Free Malaysia Today

Irritated KFC worker gives students the finger

April 30, 2015

The employee flashes the obscene gesture after a group of students ignore her warning not to join the tables at the outlet.


KUALA LUMPUR: A female employee of a KFC outlet became angry and showed her middle finger at a group of obstinate students after they refused to heed her warning against joining tables so they could sit together.

The incident at the KFC outlet in Ampang, was captured on video and believed to have been uploaded by one of the students, accompanied by a brief note, the Sin Chew daily reported.

According to the note, about 20 students had visited the outlet after their extra co-curricular activities in school.

Wishing to sit together, some of them started joining the tables but were advised against doing this by the female employee on duty.

However seeing as no one budged, the employee picked up her mobile phone and began recording the group, who in retaliation, whipped out a mobile phone of their own and began recording her instead.

It is understood that in her frustration of being recorded by them, the employee showed them her middle finger.

Meanwhile KFC Malaysia’s senior vice-president Ling Mee Jiuan posted in the restaurant’s Facebook page that the employee had been suspended and that an internal investigation was being carried out.


Sunday January 18, 2015 MYT 1:40:06 PM

KFC staff brawl goes viral

A still capture from the 36-second video

The 36 second-long video, which appears to have been shot by a customer waiting in line, shows a female staff first fighting with a delivery boy.

As the fight heated up, another male staff is seen striking a flying kick at the same delivery boy, while another male staff tries to pacify the entire situation.

The video ends with the scuffle moving to the back of the kitchen, probably to avoid getting any more attention from the public.

PETALING JAYA: A video involving Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) staff is going viral on social media.

This time, the video is of two employees at KFC’s Jalan Raja Laut outlet fighting over a private matter, according to a post on the fast food chain’s official Facebook page.

In the post, it was explained that the incident took place between two siblings, with KFC senior vice president MJ Ling saying an internal investigation was ongoing.

Ling wrote that the company has initiated an extensive internal investigation to fully understand the cause of the incident.

“KFC conducts extensive training on what is expected of our staff when working at our restaurants, but obviously this has failed on this occasion.

“Rest assured that we will improve on our existing programs, so as to avoid incidents of this nature from happening again,” said Ling.


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