Singaporean Amos Yee, 17, creator of the video celebrating the death of Lee Kwan Yew.

Judge: Amos Yee showed no remorse but contemptuous defiance.

6 July 2015 No need to protest. Amos Yee is free.

The Straits Times

Amos Yee jailed four weeks for wounding religious feelings, uploading obscene image

SINGAPORE – Teenage blogger Amos Yee was sentenced to four weeks in prison on Monday afternoon. The 16-year-old has spent more than 50 days in remand to date and his sentence was backdated to June 2, meaning that he can walk free from court. Yee was found guilty on May 12 of making remarks intending to hurt the feelings of Christians in an expletive-laden video and of uploading an obscene image.

Amos Yee back in prison for 3 weeks; to be assessed for reformative training

Published on Jun 2, 2015 10:15 AM

JUST IN: to be remanded three weeks, next hearing scheduled for June 23 at 9.30am

SINGAPORE – Teenage blogger Amos Yee is back in prison for three weeks, after the judge who heard his case on Tuesday morning called for a reformative training report.

District Judge Jasvender Kaur called for a report to assess if Yee is physically and mentally suitable for reformative training. She said: “Rehabilitation is the fundamental tenet of our justice system.”

She had initially asked for a probation suitability report after Yee’s conviction on May 12. This would have left the teenager without a criminal record.

During Tuesday’s hearing, the prosecution again called for Yee to be sent for reformative training, as he has not cooperated with his assigned probation officer. They also highlighted how Yee has once more made public the image and video that got him into trouble in the first place.

Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Hay Hung Chun said: “His conduct, and the latest developments, amplify the need for rehabilitation and appropriate counselling.”

He pointed out a jail term or a fine would have no rehabilitative effect on Yee and would therefore not be “tenable, because we cannot be popping back into court every other day.”

Yee’s lawyer Alfred Dodwell said his client was “quite ready to go in” to remand. “We have advised him as to the law and the consequences of not obeying the law, but it is the absolute right of the client to do as he pleases. If he doesn’t take (the video and the post) down I can’t force him to. He feels very strongly about this.”

Amos Yee remanded for three weeks

Blogger remanded for three weeks

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Amos Yee shows middle finger as he arrives at court to be sentenced

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Reformative training at the RTC is an option for young offenders aged between 16 and 18 years old who are assessed to be unsuitable for probation. Offenders will be detained for a minimum of 18 months in the RTC.

trial: Prosecution asks for teen to be sent to Reformative Training Centre

Amos Yee should be sent to Reformative Training Centre: Prosecution

This was after the teenager told his probation officer that he did not want to be placed on probation for his charges.

SINGAPORE: The prosecution in the Amos Yee trial on Wednesday (May 27) called for the teen to be sent to the Reformative Training Centre (RTC) instead of probation.

He was back in the State Courts on Wednesday for an urgent hearing after his probation officer filed a report to the State Court, indicating what had transpired between Yee and the officer after the accused was found guilty on May 12.

The teen refused to attend any interviews with the probation officer and has informed her that he does not want probation, since the Court made the order for a probation report on May 12.

Yee’s defence lawyers have asked for time to convene and come to a decision on the RTC request that the prosecution has surfaced.

The trial will reconvene on Jun 2. If the judge makes a decision in favour of RTC, Yee will have to be remanded for up to four weeks for a report to be conducted on his suitability for an RTC sentence.

Yee remains out on bail at the S$10,000 pledge.

17 MAY 2015

Amos Yee makes fun of former bailor despite promising to apologise, prompts Vincent Law’s son to defend his father

Published on May 17, 20

Former bailor Vincent Law’s youngest son defends his father against ‘s accusations

SINGAPORE – A day after claiming that he was “extremely remorseful” for the false claim that his former bailor Vincent Law had molested him and that he would offer a “detailed” public apology, teenage blogger Amos Yee has again admitted to lying.

On Saturday, he wrote: “I should issue a sincere apology to Vincent Law? Hahahahaha.” Instead he claimed that the 51-year-old youth counsellor threatened to discharge himself nine times as his bailor if Yee refused to have regular meetings with him. Yee also described several instances in which he claimed Mr Law was being unreasonable in the way he treated him.

When asked about Yee’s latest about-turn, Mr Law told The Straits Times: “I think it’s best to leave Amos alone and not write about him.” He added he was not considering legal action

But on Saturday night, Mr Law’s youngest son Francis posted a lengthy account on Facebook to defend his father’s actions, explaining the reason behind Mr Law’s decision to bail out Yee.

“In many ways, my dad treated Amos almost like a son. While he may have seemed hard on Amos in front of him, my dad stood up for Amos in more ways than one,” wrote the 19-year-old student.

Francis also described his own interaction with Yee when the latter visited his house on occasion, and ended his post by reiterating his belief that his father had not made a mistake in helping Yee.

“What everyone has been reading about so far is just from Amos’ point of view, so my main intention is to provide another side to the story,” he explained to The Straits Times on Sunday morning.

“Everything that my father has done so far was for Amos, never for his own personal gain.”

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16 MAY 2015

Did you think he had apologized to his ex-bailor? He retracts that apology. “Yeah, I lied, again… I wasn’t really going to tender an apology to Vincent. Seriously… ‘praise Jesus’? ‘Our holy christ’? Haha, got you guys again, we aren’t getting smarter as a species aren’t we?”

Yeah I lied, again… I wasn’t really going to tender an apology to Vincent. Seriously… ‘praise Jesus’? ‘Our holy christ’? Haha, got you guys again, we aren’t getting smarter as a species aren’t we?

So now you see why I needed about 3 days? The context of this post works better if he hasn’t started suing me yet, and you do need some time to write more than 6000 words about Vincent, an allegation of molest is pretty challenging to validate. Though I did finish a little faster than expected.

So here you go my friends, the wonderful tale, of the molestation of Vincent Law. Enjoy!…/the-molestation-of-vincent…/

I should issue a sincere apology to Vincent Law? Hahahahaha. It once again is alarmingly indicative of the inherent stupidity of our species to immediately formulate a stance, with a complete lack …

This is an excerpt from

The Molestation Of Vincent Law

I should issue a sincere apology to Vincent Law? Hahahahaha.

And although Vincent didn’t sodomize me physically, he did violate me emotionally, and I am going to reveal how he did that, right now.…

So right now Vincent is hogging my mother , demanding that I issue a public apology to him and his family, otherwise he would get a lawyer to sue me.

And I think that’s pretty clear enough evidence that Vincent Law, is a charlatan, Vincent Law is huckster, he is a hypocrite and he is a fraud.

He’s standing up for me, he’s fighting for freedom of speech, he’s fighting against the laws that claims that even if somebody lies, mocks or offends a person or large amounts of people, it should not be deemed as a criminal offence.

But now, when the cause that he so boldly advocated, is used unfavorably towards him, he is now threatening to use those exact same laws that he went against, to sue me, and yet you all claim that his intentions were genuine.

But let me tell you Vincent, if you do indeed sue me for defamation,then I’ll sue you for emotional abuse of a child. And seeing how I’m already baselessly deemed as a mentally disturbed teenager, I think the judge will look very favorably to my case.

So there you go. Ah hah! How about that bitch!

Oh and also, unbeknownst to me initially, my mother revealed that there is in fact a 2nd definition of the word ‘molest’. With reference to

tr.v. mo·lest·ed, mo·lest·ing, mo·lests
1. To disturb, interfere with, or annoy

And after you’ve read this tale you would know that Vincent did in fact disturb and annoy me.

So technically, Vincent didn’t molest me, but yet he did. The beauty of contrarieties in life.

15 MAY 2015

Does the boy who cried “Wolf!” (he molested me”) now shed ‘crocodile tears’ (“I am extremely remorseful”)?

He had hinted of molest against his ex-bailor, an upright Christian counsellor, to manipulate the Press. Now he says ‘sorry’.

Blogger apologises to ex-bailor Vincent Law for molest allegations. Mr Law says…

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Blogger Amos Yee Pang Sang replied to his former bailor, Mr Vincent Law’s demand that he apologise for the molest allegations.

He posted on Facebook this morning (May 15) that he was “extremely remorseful for the turmoil” that he caused Mr Law and the latter’s family.

The 16-year-old said he was in the process of writing a more detailed apology to Mr Law and his family, which he will complete in about three days.

Mr Law posted on the teenager’s wall that he appreciated Yee’s apology.

– See more at:

Read Amos Yee in his own words, and you will realize how manipulative he is: “I understand that Vincent is a Christian and preaches the tenant of forgiveness. So praise Jesus, our holy Christ, please offer me, a 2nd chance.”

Read also some of the comments posted on his FB page.

  • Irene Lang It will be stupid that Vincent forgive you. You are now just scared to face the penalry, not wat to loose money and to jail, After you Miss Amos apology letter send to Vincent, Very sure few days later, turn around your words again.
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  • Gerald Koh Amos. If your sincere about the apologies, why take 3 days ? I applause your stand . But , to wrongly accuse Vincent , the person who bail you and believe in you . And to make the apologies sounded like a light matter is unacceptable .
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  • Linda Goh @Joe Sera, who in their right minds want to “shine” by publicly insulting one’s parents and slandering others.
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  • Linda Goh Can Amos be trusted? Can one trust what be says??????
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Irene Lang You ask Vincent for 2nd chance? Can be trusted? Singapore Court give you 3 chances, what have you do ? your Parents give you countless chances, Why you still not satisfy them?

I am extremely remorseful for the turmoil that I have caused to Vincent and his family, for the allegations towards him that he molested me.

I am currently tendering a long, and detailed public apology to Vincent and his family, for my horrid actions. And I implore him to give me about 3 days to finish preparing it, I am a slow writer…

I understand that Vincent is a Christian and preaches the tenant of forgiveness. So praise Jesus, our holy Christ, please offer me, a 2nd chance.

14 May 2015

Counsellor demands ‘unreserved apology’ from Amos Yee

SINGAPORE – The counsellor who previously acted as bailor for Amos Yee is demanding an ‘unreserved apology’ from the teen for a molest allegation made on Wednesday afternoon, The Online Citizen (TOC) reported.

Family and youth counsellor Vincent Law also demanded for a full retraction of the statement Yee made on Facebook.

Yee, 16, had accused Law of molesting him via a post on Facebook, only to clarify hours later that he made the accusation up, and that he was ‘trolling’ mainstream media reporters.

TOC said in its report that Mr Law felt Yee’s clarification was ‘insincere and does not absolve him fully from the molest allegation’.

“It is not me who Amos hurt with his allegation, but it is my whole family who was deeply hurt,” TOC reported Law as saying.

According to TOC, the counsellor also said that he might take legal action if a full retraction and apology was not made.

Yee’s father Alphonsus Yee told Chinese daily Shin Min that he had apologised to Law on behalf of his son. The elder Yee also said that had spoken to his son about the incident, Shin Min reported.

– See more at:

14 May 2015

Amos Yee ‘can be sued for molest claim’

Lawyers say Amos Yee could be in trouble for making up molest claim; ex-bailor declines to say if he will sue


In a expletive-filled Facebook post on Wednesday afternoon, convicted blogger Amos Yee Pang Sang, 16, stated that his former bailor, youth and family counsellor Vincent Law, 51, had molested him. Several media reported on it and Mr Law vehemently denied the allegation. Hours later, Yee came clean and he had made up the claim just to troll the media. But lawyers told The New Paper that Mr Law could still sue him for defamation as “damage has been done”.

– See more at:

13 May 2015 Amos Yee on Facebook: heading for the perfect storm. It reminds us of the saying, “Sow the wind and reap the whirlwind.” His acts will have consequences; they will come back to him multiplied many times. 1. Amos Yee makes fools of the Press. He seems to have enjoyed his success at the way he had manipulated the reporters. 2. After saying that he would “reveal that little tidbit of information on how my ex-bailor, Vincent Law, molested me”, he says later, “Vincent Law didn’t really molest me, haha. Though he is immensely creepy. I’ll save the specific details for another time.”Amos Yee, principled or manipulative? RAVI PHILEMON, AN OPPOSITION POLITICIAN, on a facebook posting on 7 May 2015, had expressed his opinion that Amos Yee “now comes across as being principled”. On 13 May, he merely says that he is disappointed with Amos Yee.

Vincent Law is a youth and family counsellor. Besides the stigma that comes with allegations of sexual misconduct, any such allegation could potentially end his career, and the loss of income as a result of that may adversely affect his family and children. But all these are beyond some inconsiderate 16-year-olds, who think allegations like that are just pranks – never mind the potential harm it may cause the person who tried to help you. ‪#‎Disappointed‬! ‪#‎AmosYee‬
‪#‎AmosYee‬ – My opinion of him is changing. When I first saw his video I thought, “what a crappy video and made by a squeaky-voiced punk!” I wished that someone would set him straight, but never that the law would throw the book at him. My opinion of this boy is now changing. I still do not agree with what he said in his video. But when a stranger slapped him, he did not react. He rubbed his hurting cheek and calmly walked on. That’s like turning the other cheek. As he felt that the conditions attached to his bail (which include not posting any content online on any subject until his trial is completed) are unreasonable, he rejected bail and chose jail. Because of that, at least to me, he now comes across as being principled. The longer this 16-year-old is incarcerated, the more the people feel that unreasonable demands are placed on this boy to keep him behind bars, the faster will public opinion turn. And that doesn’t bode well for the Government.

Yeah… I think some people found out by now… I did, in fact, make use of the voracious desire of the reporters, to fuck with the mainstream media. I think it’s pretty obvious when I have arranged a meeting with a person named ‘Dick Ow’, and there is no video game store in Red Hill, at least one that I’m aware of. I manipulated the press to indulge in the thoroughly exhausting experience of waiting in Pasir Panjang fruitlessly for several hours, which they did with their quote unquote ‘diligence’. They are all quite obscure and hard places to reach in Singapore aren’t they?

And Vincent Law didn’t really molest me, haha. Though he is immensely creepy. I’ll save the specific details for another time. Yeah it was all a troll, a troll that can only be possible by the inherent stupidity of the media. Have fun! —

Last night, and even today morning at around 11am, reportors gathered at my doorstep, wanting some exclusive interviews and some photos. I told them to fuck off. But then after awhile, I started to contemplate, is this really…. The right approach in dealing with the mass media? And then I realized… no… it isn’t. It really isn’t.

And I have to admit, though you all might be tabloid creating cunts….. you are diligent, and I have to say… I admire that. So you know what… Fine.. Fuck it! I concede to your requests, fuck what Roy Ngerng says, you are the mainstream media, you have the responsibility towards the general public to provide news, you deserve information, and regardless of the risk that you guys will misquote me, you deserve the truth. Therefore, today I have arranged a little meeting with a fellow visual artist I managed to converse with on Facebook, a humble fellow by the name of Dick Ow. And am to meet him at his residence in Pasir Panjang, at 7pm. I am heading to his house to collaborate with him on a few videos, would possibly have a sleepover. I currently just finished my lunch at Brownice and am heading to Red Hill to run a few video game errands, so I’ll reach Pasir Panjang Mrt at around say… 3-4pm? And if all you catch me as I go out of the Pasir Panjang MRT station, we’ll collaborate and find a little miscellaneous area, where we can all gather together, and I’ll clear the air and answer everyone of your queries: What happened in Prison, what my future plans are to fuck with the Government, I’ll even reveal that little tidbit of information on how my ex-bailor, Vincent Law, molested me. I am reeling in excitement for our meeting, my fellow mass-media friends, I hope to see you there.

“Vincent Law didn’t really molest me, haha”:

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bailor is denying allegations from the teen blogger that he had molested him

Bailor denies molesting Amos Yee

SINGAPORE – Barely a day after he was convicted and released on bail, teenage blogger Amos Yee is once more making waves online, this time by alleging that he had been molested by Mr Vincent Law, the family and youth counsellor who had stepped forward to bail him out. Mr Law called the allegation “false”.

Amos Yee takes to Facebook to make allegations about ex-bailor

Published on May 13, 2015
SINGAPORE – Barely a day after he was convicted and released on bail, teenage blogger Amos Yee is once more making waves online, this time by alleging that he had been molested by Mr Vincent Law, the family and youth counsellor who had stepped forward to bail him out. … When contacted, Mr Law told the Straits Times: “I deny this very serious and false allegation that he has made. I have no idea why he would say that.”
Yee’s lawyer Alfred Dodwell said that the post took him by surprise. “He’s never communicated this to me or my team.” He added that he was not in a position to comment on the allegation, saying: “My job is with relation to his two charges and these other issues are his personal issues.” – See more at:


Amos Yee ‘antisocial after getting addicted to internet’: Grandmother

SINGAPORE: Teen blogger Amos Yee was a “normal” child who became antisocial after getting hooked to the internet, his paternal grandmother said on Tuesday (May 12). “He is a very smart boy, learns taekwondo,” Madam Chung Nyet Min, 76, said in Mandarin. She said Amos started to devote much time to his computer when he entered his teens. “He rarely goes out with his friends … When I asked why he spends so much time on the computer, he told me that there are a lot of things to learn on the computer,” she said at the family’s flat in Shunfu Road in Bishan. Mdm Chung spoke to TODAY before she was made aware of the court’s verdict. The court on Tuesday found Amos guilty of two charges, one for making offensive or wounding remarks against Christianity, and another for circulating obscene images. … Mdm Chung, who has been living with Amos and his parents since he was in Primary 1, said: “I am very sad. I hope he will change for the better.” Yee convicted of 2 charges. 1.Teenage blogger AmoYee found guilty of second charge for comments on Christianity. 2. Teenage blogger Amos Yee found guilty of uploading obscene image.

Teenage blogger Amos Yee’s sentencing adjourned to June 2.

After bail was posted by his father, Yee emerged from Court in civilian clothes. He said to the media: “I’m convicted. I don’t know if I should celebrate my release or mourn my sentence”. Yee also told reporters that he would be taking down the offensive social media posts. 

VIDEO: confirms he is taking 2 offensive social media posts down

SENTENCING ADJOURNED, BUT PROBATION AGREED UPON Yee’s defence lawyers later said following a meeting between the judge, Mr Dodwell, DPP Hay and Amos’ parents that they agreed that the teen should be under probation. The judge will call for a pre-sentence report that will be presented on June 2 at 9.30am. Yee, his parents and schools will be interviewed as part of the report. … His bail amount has been reduced to S$10,000 from S$30,000 and the prohibition for him to post online has been lifted. However, he has to remove his YouTube video and an image deemed offensive. As of 5.30pm, the teen’s parents were in the process of posting bail for him. … Asked how he plans to keep his son in check, Mr Alphonsus Yee said “we will try our best”. He added that they will consult Yee’s lawyers before deciding whether to appeal. “Initially we were seeking for him to just have a jail term or perhaps a fine, but we are mindful that probation provides no criminal record for him,” Mr Dodwell told the media, after leaving Court. He said the judge gave Yee’s lawyers time to talk to the teen and his parents. “He has now agreed to the calling of the probation report, which is good. We’ll see what the conditions are and Amos will decide whether to accept the probation.”

Blogger Amos Yee walking out of Court on May 12. (Photo: Elizabeth Goh)

Click on this for two videos:

‘s father posted S$10,000 bail for him. His lawyer says he spent 18 days in remand

Singaporean teenager Amos Yee convicted. More here ->

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Amos Yee Pang Sang, 16, has been convicted of the two charges against him. District Judge Jasvender Kaur found the teenager guilty of transmitting an obscene image electronically. She also found him guilty of uploading content online which contained remarks against Christianity.

– See more at:

Teenage blogger found guilty of second charge for comments on Christianity. (developing story)

Teenage blogger found guilty of uploading obscene image. (developing story)

One slap = 3 weeks in prison! He wanted to teach Amos Yee a lesson, so he slapped him. The court’s lesson for him? 3 weeks of freedom!

The 49-year-old man was sentenced to 3 weeks’ jail for slapping blogger Amos Yee

slapping incident: Neo Gim Huah’s 3-week jail term for hitting the teen starts today

JUST IN: Neo Gim Huah, 49, sentenced to 3 weeks’ jail over slapping incident

Man pleads guilty to slapping blogger Amos Yee, says he wanted to teach him a lesson

On the afternoon of April 30, he waited at the State Courts for Yee to arrive. He knew the media was present when he slapped the blogger, and deliberately committed the offence as he wanted the assault to be publicised “so that the world at large would know that the victim was being taught a lesson”.

Published on May 11, 2015 10:20 AM

Man who slapped Amos Yee said he wanted to instil fear in the teenager and teach him a lesson

SINGAPORE – A self-employed man has pleaded guilty to slapping teenage blogger Amos Yee outside the State Courts last month, saying he did it to teach him a lesson. Neo Gim Huah, 49, was charged in court on Monday. He was not represented and gave a long mitigation plea in Chinese, explaining why he did it. Neo, who runs his own air-conditioning and electrical engineering business, said he had taken offence at portions of the video posted online by Yee which he found disrespectful to Singapore’s founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew. He closely monitored the case and intended to confront and slap Yee before his first two court appearances as he felt that the teenager’s actions had portrayed Singapore in a negative light.

Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Winston Man said Neo initially restrained himself and did not confront Yee until his third court appearance on April 30 when he realised the teenager had flouted his bail conditions. Neo also believed that it would be difficult for the criminal justice system to deal effectively with Yee because of his age. … He will be sentenced on Monday afternoon. – See more at:

Man who slapped pleads guilty to one charge of voluntarily causing hurt

AMOS YEE: THE TRIAL BEGINS Thursday, 7 May 2015.Even before he uploaded his rant-filled video on the Internet, blogger Amos Yee Pang Sang, 16, said he knew its contents were offensive…but he went ahead.

Amos Yee: I knew what I did was offensive but…

The New Paper


Even before he uploaded his rant-filled video on the Internet, blogger Amos Yee Pang Sang, 16, said he knew its contents were offensive. In his statement to the police, which was admitted to the court on the first day of his trial yesterday, he said he was also aware that the contents “would promote feelings of disharmony or feelings of ill-will within the Christian community”. But he went ahead because “promoting ill-will is a prerogative for positive change to happen in society, especially if the issue at hand were initially controversial,” the teenager said in the statement, which had been written on March 30. …

Yesterday in court, Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Hay Hung Chun told District Judge Jasvender Kaur that the prosecution will be proceeding on two of the three charges against Yee. They are the charges of transmitting an obscene picture electronically, and uploading content online which contained remarks against Christianity. The third charge under the Protection from Harassment Act, accusing him of posting an insulting video clip online containing remarks about former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, was stood down. The two proceeded charges were read to Yee and he pleaded not guilty to both of them. He also told Judge Kaur that he would not be giving evidence in court. …
He added in the statement that he is currently in the process of writing a script for a new Lee Kuan Yew video. He said the unfinished script is saved on his computer’s hard drive, which was seized by police for investigations. He said: “I have not decided on whether I wish to continue work on that script idea, especially since I am unaware of the exact legal consequences of releasing a new video about Lee Kuan Yew.” – See more at:

The prosecution says the image Amos Yee posted is “plainly obscene”. Yee’s defence says


On the second day of blogger Amos Yee Pang Sang’s trial, the prosecution told the court on Friday (May 8) that the image the 16-year-old posted online was “plainly obscene”. It had no redeeming scientific, education and medical value, Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Hay Hung Chun told the court. The image in question involved the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew and former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher. Amos’ legal team had a different view. One of his lawyers, Mr Ervin Tan, said that the image was not obscene. He said: “The sting in the image is the mockery of a leader, highly respected by many… It is not a pornographic image.”

– See more at:

Court adjourned till 2.30pm tomorrow as ‘s lawyers request time to look through prosecution’s evidence

Judge tells that silence would normally have an “adverse inference” on case of the accused. But not so here.

has opted not to give evidence for the witness stand. Defence says need time to study exhibits tendered

He has opted not to give evidence for the witness stand. The trial has been adjourned to 2.30pm tomorow, as the defence says they need time to study exhibits tendered. …

on being asked whether he would give evidence or not: “We’ll go with the latter option.”

JUST IN: pleads not guilty to both charges

HAPPENING NOW: has entered the courtroom; he was in remand since Apr 30

HAPPENING NOW: Courtroom for trial packed, Roy Ngerng, Vincent Law stuck outside

HAPPENING NOW: ‘s father has arrived at court for his son’s trial

HAPPENING NOW: ‘s 2-day trial starts today. There is a queue to get into the courtroom. Amos is not in the courtroom yet.

Court is full at Amos Yee trial, Vincent Law and Roy Ngerng queueing outside for seats

— The Straits Times

Teen blogger Amos Yee’s two-day trial begins

Published on May 7, 2015 9:54 AM
SINGAPORE – The two-day trial of teenage blogger Amos Yee is set to begin on Thursday morning. Yee’s former bailor, family and youth counseller Vincent Law, was the first to arrive at the State Court at 9.15am. He was followed by fellow blogger Roy Ngerng and Yee’s mother, Mary Toh, 48. His father came shortly after. Mr Law, who was at the head of a short queue to enter the packed courtroom, said he came to support the teenager: “I hope Amos gets a good trial. I never changed my mind about bailing him out. It was his decision and I respect it.

– See more at: STUBBORN TEENAGER MEETS IMMOVABLE HIGH COURT, IT’S BACK TO CHANGI PRISON. Justice Tay questioned why it was so difficult for Amos to stop blogging temporarily and said the teenager would just have to learn to curb himself. In simple English, “No self-control ah?

ICYMI: refuses to back down; bail terms to stay

SINGAPORE — After having been held in Changi Prison for one full week, teenage blogger Amos Yee’s bid to vary the conditions of his bail was thrown out today (May 6), after he held out on his terms. Prosecutors offered to lower his bail amount by one-third to S$10,000 and not require him to report daily to Bedok Police Divisional Headquarters, provided the 16-year-old continues to go for psychiatric counselling. The ban on making postings on social media before his trial concludes, however, must still stand, while those that he had posted in breach of bail conditions have to be taken down. Amos, however, refused to budge on all three fronts.

JUST IN: High Court dismisses bid to vary ‘s bail conditions

May 6, 2015
SINGAPORE — The High Court has refused to vary the bail conditions of blogger Amos Yee Pang Sang, 16, after he refused the prosecution’s offer to relax certain conditions if he goes for psychiatric counselling. Deputy Public Prosecutor Hay Hung Chun told Justice Tay Yong Kwang that the prosecution learnt only yesterday that Amos’ mother had taken her son to the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) on April 2, after he was charged for uploading an obscene image online and content with the intention to wound the religious feelings of Christians. The court heard that Amos had agreed to see a psychiatrist to prove to the public that he did not have any mental illness, but refused to continue after two sessions at IMH because he felt they were a waste of time. … Justice Tay questioned why it was so difficult for Amos to stop blogging temporarily and said the teenager would just have to learn to curb himself. The judge saw no reason to vary bail conditions after Amos refused to agree to go for psychiatric counselling.

Amos Yee wants bail conditions reviewed as he claims they amount to a gag order

Published on May 5, 2015 7:08 PM

Amos Yee is challenging the conditions of his bail, saying it amounts to a gag order.

SINGAPORE – A bail review for teenage blogger Amos Yee will be heard on Wednesday morning at the High Court. Yee’s lawyer Alfred Dodwell told The Straits Times that his 16-year-old client will be challenging the conditions of his bail, which do not allow him to post anything online. Mr Dodwell said that at present, the bail conditions amount to a gag order and infringes on his client’s constitutional right to freedom of speech. “The reason why he is sitting in prison today is because he has a fundamental problem with the bail conditions. He feels that they are just wrong,” said Mr Dodwell. Yee was sent back to remand at Changi Prison last Thursday, and has stayed there since, after his bailor discharged himself and the court raised the bail amount to $30,000 from $20,000. – See more at:

Amos watched the hearing via video link from Changi Prison, where he is currently in remand.

Amos Yee’s trial to start on Thursday

’s trial will begin on Thursday morning

Published: 6:41 PM, May 4, 2015
SINGAPORE — The trial for Amos Yee, who has been charged with making offensive remarks about Christians and circulating obscene images, will begin on Thursday (May 7) morning. This was revealed by one of the three lawyers representing the 16-year-old after a pre-trial conference at the State Courts this afternoon (May 4). Speaking to reporters after the closed-door hearing, Mr Ervin Tan, one of the lawyers representing Amos, said the trial will run for two days. “We don’t wish to see him spend more time in remand than necessary,” he said. WHAT AMOS YEE WROTE

I’d always wonder, why in the world of all the police stations that were nearby, Serangoon, Ang Mo Kio, it was Bedok police station that had to detain me. And the reason that I’m leaning towards is because it was fucking far, because it would take me time and money to go there. The bail condition of meeting IO Jason Chua was specifically designed to piss me off So now everyday I have to take 6 stops on the circle line to Paya Lebar, 3 stops to Bedok, and wait 5 minutes for the bus ride, 5 minutes for the bus journey, 3 minutes to walk there and wait an additional 15 minutes because the OC (Officer-In-Charge, this is in line with our nation’s fetish for abbreviations) is always fucking late (Such a great role model). Just to circle and sign a paper that says ‘Have I posted anything online Yes/No’ and then take the 40 minute ride back home.

The judge and the prosecutor, feels that that this is an effective way to mitigate the situation, and prevent me from posting online, by wasting around 2 hours every day, meeting IO Jason Chua. Wow… Well… with all due respect, fuck you prosecutor, fuck you judge, and fuck you, IO Jason Chua.

Here is insight to my abusive father, the little aspect of my life that I had mostly concealed, until now:
Now some fellow Mediacorp Actors attributed my actions on the Lee Kuan Yew video solely on the fault of my parents. Now of course being Mediacorp actors, they have the brain size of that of a peanu…

Could I request that the police return my confiscated items, when they detained me at my own home. Because firstly, I put myself in their shoes, and in the context of my case, I don’t see how any of those items will assist in their investigation. And secondly, there were a plethora of items that were confiscated, that are completely non-related to the case, and is quite akin to stealing.

Some of those items include: – My copy of Lee Kuan Yew’s One Man’s View Of The World – The New Testament (Which my dear Catholic uncle kindly, and perhaps regrettably gave me) – The Glasses I wore in my videos – My handwritten notes on how to beat Super Mario Galaxy 2 – 2 empty Sandisk thumbdrives These are the policemen serving our nation people, cower in fear…

Another one of the conditions of my bail is: 2. Meet IO (Investigative officer) Jason Chua at Bedok Police Station, at 9am every morning Now just to illuminate, how fucking annoying meeting IO Jason Chua is.

I usually sleep at 6am, and wake up at around 2pm. Now that body clock, was probably subconsciously designed to rebel against the 10 years of sleep turmoil that I was faced while being in school. So now when students are going to school, I’m at home sleeping. So now that I have to meet IO Jason Chua at 9am every day, I have to wake up at 8. So with only 2 hours of sleep, I go all the way from Bishan to Bedok, scraggled hair, shivering body, bloodshot eyes, to meet IO Jason Chua at Bedok Police station, and then taking the long journey back before I am finally able to continue my sleep. You’re fucking my body clock Jason, just like how Lee Kuan Yew buttfucks Margaret Thatcher. …

One of the conditions of the terms of my bail is: 1. Not to post, upload, or otherwise distribute any comment or content, whether directly or indirectly, to any social media or online service or website, while the current case is ongoing Ahh I see…. So is liking a facebook post a breach of the terms of the bail? Because that means I’m sort of posting my acknowledgement of adoration right? But I remembered I liked Roy Ngerng’s banana pic but I wasn’t reported for that. Maybe it’s just because nobody saw it and I got away?

What about interviews? If I willingly do an interview and it is posted online, does that mean that I breached the terms of the bail? Will that not count because I’m technically not the one posting it? Though it probably still means I’m posting something indirectly as they say because I’m providing content, right? How about if I privately message someone, and then they rat me out and post my words online? That would be considered indirect posting wouldn’t it? Does that mean at the risk of breaching the bail conditions, I can’t even privately SMS someone until the trial is over? Fuck! Then why did the lawyers urge me to get a temporary handphone so I can be ‘easily contactable’, if I don’t want to breach the terms of the bail, I shouldn’t be able to talk to anyone shouldn’t I? Does video footage or pictures posted by a 3rd party constitute as posting? I’m kind of indirectly posting my acknowledgement of my presence aren’t I? So when there were reporters taking video footage and pictures of me walking to court, I indirectly posted something didn’t I? Hi, that’s not my fault! Why were they even allowed there when they could have potentially made me break the terms of my bail?! I think the prosecutor’s gonna be floored with all the pictures I took with other people. In that regard, I had broken the terms of the bail several times, though I wasn’t reported for it. Why wasn’t I? I shit you not, my lawyers are confused about the conditions of the bail too. How in the world is a condition made by the law so vague? How in the world is a judge able to condone this kind of thing?! I am so confused. Eh.. fuck it, I’m breaking the terms of the bail anyways so… …

Why the fuck, do I have to privatize my videos and posts when the trial is still ongoing? It would make sense if I am found guilty, then I privatize the content, but we’re not even completely sure if I’ll be sentenced, so why the fuck do the posts and videos have to be privatized? Especially since the posts that have been privatized would have been re-posted by a 3rd party anyways. The only reason that I can think of on why the prosecutor is doing this, is because the sign that I removed attribution of the videos to my account, makes it seem like I’m guilty for my actions, and submitting to the law, like ‘haha the person who has been so rebellious is now in our mercy’.

Well I’m not the least bit remorseful for my actions, and I am not going to submit to you dear judge and prosecutor, so now all the videos, blog and Facebook posts have been un-privatized. I am going to be in chains because of this. Is it worth it? Probably.


zs (新加坡訊)放棄擔保16歲少年余澎杉的輔導員劉作明指出,余澎杉并不認為自己有問題,因此清楚表態,自己不願遵守保釋條件,選擇留在拘留所。 … 輔導員劉作明告訴記者,經過一連10天的輔導面談,他發現余澎杉不認為自己有問題,因此不願遵守保釋條件,選擇承擔後果,留在拘留所內,為自己的清白抗議。 … “很多人在觀看他的視頻和部落格后,就迅速蓋棺定論,認為他是囂張、目無尊長及滿口粗話的孩子,否定了他的創意和獨特的個性。其實大家都忘了,他現在還是16歲的害羞孩子,還無法適應這個墨守成規的社會。” (光明日報)

Both & man who slapped him entitled to defence in court: Shanmugam

7:25 AM, May 3, 2015
SINGAPORE — Law Minister K Shanmugam said the rule of law is fundamental for any civilised society, and both the man arrested for slapping Amos Yee, as well as Amos Yee himself are entitled to their defence in court. Speaking at the sidelines of a community event yesterday (May 2), Mr Shanmugam said questions have also been raised as to why someone as young as Amos Yee was charged. But he said Yee’s age is a factor for the Court to consider. “Whether one is guilty, not guilty; what are the defences available, whether the fact of background or youth – these are all factors for the courts to consider. People have said to me: ‘Amos is young, why was he charged?’ I have refrained from commenting because those matters can be brought up in court and we have amended the law quite substantially now, to let the Court take into account these factors,” Mr Shanmugam said. WAS THE TWEET BY POPULAR BOOKSTORE THAT GOT CRITICIZED


Popular bookstore apologises for tweet on Amos Yee assault

1 May 2015

SINGAPORE: Popular bookstore has apologised for a post on Twitter, in which it poked fun at an attack on local blogger Amos Yee, who was allegedly struck outside the State Courts. The tweet that was posted on Thursday (Apr 30) had been heavily criticised by netizens. Referring to the picture of Famous Amos cookies and the accompanying tweet “Sorry you got slapped. Here, have some cookies on us!”, the bookstore wrote: “It was a mistake that we accept and sincerely apologize for. We promise that we won’t do it again. #saynotoviolence”., the Singapore Police have arrested the assailant. It is said that they arrested him at 2.00am.

49-year-old man arrested in connection with Amos Yee assault

A 49-year-old man has been arrested over the attack on teen blogger on Thursday.

May 1, 2015
SINGAPORE – A 49-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly assaulting teen blogger Amos Yee on Thursday.

“Taking the law into one’s own hands cannot be condoned”: Law Minister on attack

Amos Yee back in jail after no one posts bail for him 5.30pm UPDATE: Amos Yee is back in remand following his pre-trial conference which took place this afternoon. His lawyer, Mr Alfred Dodwell, said the judge provided for bail again but Amos’ bailor has decided not to post bail again. The 16-year-old teenager breached his bail conditions when he made two blog posts yesterday (April 29). Amos’ bail conditions remain. But he has refused to comply with them, Mr Dodwell said. … TODAY

Amos Yee back in jail after no one posts bail for him

Published: 6:41 PM, April 30, 2015
SINGAPORE – Youtuber Amos Yee is back in jail, after his bailor applied to discharge himself,  following a breach of bail conditions by the 16-year-old. District Judge Kessler Soh today (April 30) also raised the bail amount from S$20,000 to S$30,000. However, as no one, including Amos’ parents, has come forward to post bail for him, Amos will remain in remand until the trial begins. Amos had violated his bail conditions after he put up two blog posts yesterday (April 29) titled ‘The Ridiculous Terms of my Bail’, and ‘My Abusive Father’. His bail conditions require him not to upload or distribute any content online before his case is concluded.

back in jail after breach of bail conditions; no one posts bail for him. Full story:

in remand for refusing to comply w bail conditions; next trial could start next week


was slapped by a stranger on the way to court today. “Sue me, come and sue me!” the man shouted as he fled.

UPDATE: Man hits on the way to court

SINGAPORE: There was drama at the courtroom as blogger Amos Yee was apparently struck in the face as he walked to the State Courts for a pre-trial conference on Thursday (Apr 30). As Yee walked to the court house, a middle-aged man in a red shirt, wearing a cap, ran up to him and appeared to hit him, while shouting. The man then ran off. Yee’s father had accompanied him to court, but walked in a few minutes before Yee. PEOPLE NEVER LEARN… Amos’ bail conditions require him not to upload or distribute any content online before his case is concluded.

posts on blog, breaches bail terms

April 30, 2015
SINGAPORE — YouTuber Amos Yee has posted on his blog while out on bail — a breach of his bail conditions. Amos made two blog posts yesterday (April 29), one titled ‘The Ridiculous Terms of my Bail’ and the other ‘My Abusive Father’. His posts came just a day before his pre-trial conference scheduled for this afternoon (April 30). The 16-year-old questioned the purpose of bail conditions. He said his bail conditions were “uncanny” and “has absolutely nothing to do with my presence in court”. In another blog post yesterday, Amos accused his father of being abusive and violent. … Amos’ bail conditions require him not to upload or distribute any content online before his case is concluded. He had violated it previously by asking for public donations for his legal case via social media. He later removed the post, but it has since reappeared on his blog, and so has the profanity-laced video of himself making offensive remarks about the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew and Christians. — Amos Yee

The Ridiculous Terms Of My Bail

What is the purpose of the terms of a bail? It is to ensure that one attends court. Which so far, I have quite obediently complied to. But how I am going to be punished in lieu of the terms of the bail, has absolutely nothing to do with my presence in court, but the added uncanny conditions that were placed. In addition to showing up to court, the conditions of my bail are:

  1.       Not to post, upload, or otherwise distribute any comment or content, whether directly or indirectly, to any social media or online service or website, while the current case is ongoing.
  2.       To meet IO Jason Chua every morning at 9am in Bedok Police Station.

And if I breach, anyone of those bail conditions. My bailor loses $20000, and I have to be sent to remand until after the trial has ended. I heard that in the case of a simple theft, when one has pleaded guilty, it takes 3 months for them to attain their sentence. In my case, since I am going to trial, and also the fact that how I’ve attained my charges is quite unique, especially the charge concerning obscene imagery, which I found out, I am the first person ever in Singapore to be charged for that. Everything is probably going to take much longer…Let’s estimate say… about 8 months. So technically, they are saying that if I do not meet Jason Chua for 1 morning, I deserve to be sentenced for 8 months in prison and be fined $20000. So not meeting Jason Chua can have a punishment more serious than that of a robbery. Every morning during weekdays, at around 7:30am, hundreds of thousands of Singaporeans stand up and recite the national pledge, and say the 2 lines ‘to build a democratic society, based on justice and equality’ And now. Wow… god fucking damn, I’m really feelin that ‘Justice and equality’… — Amos Yee

My Abusive Father

Now some fellow Mediacorp Actors attributed my actions on the Lee Kuan Yew video solely on the fault of my parents. Now of course being Mediacorp actors, they have the brain size of that of a peanut, with their views having as much insight as the quality of their shows. Unless you are enslaved, parents are not the primary influence to their children, especially in our technologically advanced world where influences are much more eclectic. And to claim that the fault of a child, lies mostly in the fault of the parents, is absolutely fucking dumb. However, I do acknowledge that though parents are not the primary influence on a child, like your friends, the books you read or the movies you watch, they do have an effect in your life. And the abusiveness of my father, probably affected me in some ways. During my childhood, my father would viciously berate me whenever he was upset with me (For cases such as when I had rubbed my eyes too much), and though I never saw it, I heard that my mother was slapped by him several times. And he did violently pin me down onto a bed when he admonished me for my Chinese New Year video a few years ago (The implications of that image is stunning). But, the exact moment that I would I want to talk about that I feel is most indicative of his abusiveness, is the incident that happened just a few hours before my first time in court. Read the whole Post here: SOME 4 DAYS IN JAIL, AMOS YEE IS BAILED OUT. Not by his parents but by a youth counsellor.

VIDEO: leaving the State Courts with his mother after youth counsellor Vincent Law posted bail for him

Amos Yee seen leaving the State Courts on April 21

UPDATE: has been bailed out by family and youth counsellor Vincent Law

Published on Apr 21, 2015 7:00 PM

Amos Yee waving at photographer after he was bailed out on April 21, 2015. — ST PHOTO: AZIZ HUSSIN

SINGAPORE – Amos Yee, the 16-year-old whose online rants against Christianity have landed him in trouble with the law, is out on bail after spending four nights in remand. Yee was brought from the court lockup to the bail centre at 6pm in handcuffs and leg shackles, escorted by five auxiliary police officers and three police officers. His bailor is Mr Vincent Law, 51, a family and youth counsellor.

His bailor is Mr Vincent Law, 51, a family and youth counsellor. Said Mr Law: “I’m a Christian and it seems that the charge said that he made disparaging remarks against Christianity. I’m a Christian and I’m stepping up to say that I’m not offended.” “I’m also a parent and I feel for his parents.” He added that he hopes Yee is willing to be counselled by him, and reckons the youth may “respond better to a third party”, especially since he is a counsellor. – See more at:

If your own parents won’t bail you out, who would? What did he do that even his parents wouldn’t do it? Other parents would have mortgaged the house, pawned the jewellery or borrowed from along!

Correction: Amos Yee has not been bailed out yet. He is currently at the State Courts, pending bail review

: 5:37 PM, April 21, 2015
SINGAPORE — Amos Yee, the teenager facing three criminal charges for content he posted online, has arrived in court today (April 21) for a bail review. A bailor also arrived at the bail centre shortly after, but it is unknown at the moment how he is related to Amos. Amos is being represented by Mr Alfred Dodwell and Mr Chong Jia Hao from Dodwell & Co LLC, and Mr Ervin Tan from Michael Hwang Chambers LLC. The team is working on a pro bono basis. Amos will appear before the court again on April 30 for a pre-trial conference, where his bail conditions will be reviewed, among other things. Mr Jolovan Wham from HOME and lawyer Teo Soh Lung were among those present in court to show their support. His parents were also in court. Mr Dodwell told the court he hopes the bail conditions can be “whittled down, it seems quite wide its ambit”. He later told reporters that he got in touch with Amos’ parents two days ago. The lawyers also said they have assisted Amos to take down his post dated April 14, where he had sought public donations. His posts had flouted his initial bail conditions, which disallowed him to post materials online.

Teen blogger Amos Yee has team of 3 lawyers representing him pro bono.

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Top news story

RT : has 3 lawyers representing him, waiting for someone to bail him out

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Amos Yee continues to be remanded after no one bails him out over the weekend and on Monday.

Amos Yee, the teen in trouble for his online rants, continues his stay behind bars

Published on Apr 20, 2015 5:10 PM
SINGAPORE – Amos Yee, the 16-year-old whose online rants against Christianity have landed him in trouble with the law, continued his stay in remand after no one turned up to bail him out over the weekend and on Monday. During a pre-trial conference last Friday, District Judge Kessler Soh had converted the $20,000 police bail that Amos had been on to court bail, requiring bail to be reposted. But his parents decided against posting bail, which meant the teenager had to be put in remand.

– See more at:

Amos Yee likely to spend weekend in remand after no one bails him out

Amos Yee likely to spend weekend in remand after no one bails him out

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Published on Apr 18, 2015 1:41 PM
SINGAPORE – Amos Yee is likely to spend the weekend in jail after no one turned up to bail out the 16-year-old on Saturday. The last registration for bail on Saturdays is 12pm. During a pre-trial conference on Friday, District Judge Kessler Soh converted the $20,000 police bail Amos had been on to court bail, requiring bail to be reposted. But his parents decided against posting bail, which meant that the teenager was led away in handcuffs to be put in remand.

– See more at:

Bail not posted for Amos Yee, so he spends night in jail

Amos Yee in jail after parents decide not to post bail. Full story:

Published: 6:57 PM, April 17, 2015
SINGAPORE — Teenager Amos Yee Pang Sang, who is facing three criminal charges arising from online content he posted, will spend tonight (April 17) in jail after his parents did not post his bail following a court mention today. Bail for the 16-year-old was converted from a police bail to a court bail — an administrative procedure where the property pledged is transferred from the police to the courts — yesterday afternoon, with the bail amount remaining at S$20,000. However, new bail conditions were imposed on him at the pre-trial conference in the State Courts. He must take down a blog post and two Facebook posts on Tuesday sourcing funds from the public, which are a violation of his earlier undertaking not to post content related to his case. He must also report every morning at Bedok Police Division while out on bail. ….

UPDATE: to spend at least one night in remand; seen leaving court in handcuffs

The Straits Times

Amos Yee to spend at least one night in remand; seen leaving court in handcuffs

Published on Apr 17, 2015 5:10 PM
SINGAPORE – Amos Yee, the 16-year-old who posted an online rant about Christianity and made an offensive video about Mr Lee Kuan Yew, was seen being led away in handcuffs following a pre-trial conference on Friday. Apparently his parents decided against posting bail, which means Amos will have to spend at least one night in remand. This was after District Judge Kessler Soh changed the $20,000 police bail Amos was on to a court bail during a late afternoon pre-trial conference (PTC), and ordered that only his parents be allowed to act as his bailors because of his age. The prosecution later asked the judge to not restrict the bailors to only his parents, and he agreed. The judge also set several conditions as part of the bail during the PTC.
Amos was told to take down two Facebook posts made on April 14 along with a blogpost headlined “Donate To Help Amos Yee”, through which he hoped to to raise $30,000 for legal fees. He was also required to make private his YouTube video on the late Mr Lee posted on March 27, and his blogpost showing obscene figures on March 28. Meanwhile, he also has to undertake that while his case is ongoing, he will not post, upload, distribute or by an other means cause to be made visible or available any comment or content, whether directly or indirectly, to any social media or online service or website. He also has to report daily to the investigation officer or designated police officer at Bedok Police Division at 9am should he be out on bail. – See more at:

The Straits Times

Amos Yee offered court bail, undertakes not to post, upload, distribute any content

Published on Apr 17, 2015 5:10 PM
SINGAPORE – The 16-year-old who posted an online rant about Christianity and made an offensive video about Mr Lee Kuan Yew had his police bail converted to court bail on Friday. At a pre-trial conference, District Judge Kessler Soh set three new conditions under the court bail. Amos has to make private his YouTube video on the late Mr Lee posted on March 27, and his blogpost showing obscene figures on March 28. His blogpost headlined “Donate To Help Amos Yee” to raise $30,000 for legal fees and two Facebook posts on April 14 are to be taken down.

– See more at:

New bail conds are removal of s-media posts appealing for legal funds, Making private of offending vid, daily reporting to cops.

JUST IN: Amos Yee faces new bail conditions, such as to report daily to Investigation Officer

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MT : Amos Yee, who faces sedition charge, handcuffed after closed door meeting

, who faces 3 charges, arrives at court for pre-trial conference

Fresh police report lodged against Amos Yee

Published on Apr 17, 2015 5:56 A

A POLICE report has been filed against teenager Amos Yee for allegedly infringing a court order by reproducing contents of his online rant about Christianity and an offensive video about the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew. Amos, 16, was charged on March 31 with attacking Christianity, transmitting an obscene image, and making an online video that insulted Mr Lee. …

When he was charged, prosecutors asked that additional conditions be imposed. These were that Amos undertake not to post, upload or otherwise distribute any comment or content online while his case was ongoing. He agreed. In the police report, Mr de Souza said Amos could be in contempt of court because on Tuesday, he posted “what the court prohibited him to do”. This was when he went online in a blogpost headlined “Donate To Help Amos Yee” to raise $30,000 for legal fees. The blogpost included links to the offensive videos and postings. – See more at:

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Police report filed against again, this time by ex-cop Lionel de Souza:

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A fresh police report has been filed against 16-year-old Amos Yee for allegedly infringing a court order after he was charged late last month with multiple offences, including wounding the feelings of Christians. Yee wrote a blog post on 14 April to raise money for his legal fees and included links to the original offensive material. “I’ve already saved up a considerable amount of money by insisting that I’d only have lawyers who are able to represent me, pro bono. But unfortunately, there is still the inevitable cost of court fees, bail money all the nitty-gritties that makes a trial notoriously expensive, lawyers excessively rich and something that the common folk would never wish to touch with a 8-foot pole,” he wrote. The post also included an appeal to the public to donate in order to support his content creation efforts. The complaint against Yee was filed by Lionel de Souza, 72, an assistant secretary of the People’s Action Party’s Hougang branch, reported The Straits Times. … The court ordered that he should not make any comments or postings online while the case was ongoing. — Stomp Amos Yee appeals for donations from public to help fund court case

Posted on 15 April 2015

Amos Yee is now seeking donations from the public to pay for the legal costs incurred after getting charged for his offensive comments made in a video that was uploaded on YouTube. He is appealing for funds via his blog.

Donate to help Amos Yee

Well, as many of you know, I (Amos Yee), after uploading my video ‘Lee Kuan Yew Is Finally Dead!’ on Youtube: I have been charged for intending to promote ill-will amongst religious groups (Which has the highest sentence of up to 3 years in prison) and intending to create material that distresses the community. And I attained a 3rd charge for circulating obscene imagery with my picture of Lee Kuan Yew buttfucking Margaret Thatcher, which was uploaded just 3 hours before my arrest: I had been arrested and put in a cell for 2 days, but am now currently out on a bail of $20000. News about my case has had a large following, both locally and internationally: And the public outcry continues: hate mail, discourse on the nature of freedom of speech in Singapore, petitions for me to be acquitted, etcetera, and would probably escalate even further when the trial happens. It has all been, thoroughly stimulating. But of course, as with every legal battle, one requires money. Read the rest here: — Local actors Gurmit Singh and Quan Yi Fong both have teenage children, and they say that the responsibility of a child’s behaviour falls squarely on the shoulder of the parents. They share their thoughts on the Amos Yee incident.

Gurmit Singh and Quan Yifeng give their take on the Amos Yee saga

APOLOGIZING FOR THE SIN OF HIS SON. Amos Yee may wave and smile at the Press, acting like a celebrity, but his parents are not smiling. The father has to come up with the bail of $20,000. The parents have to face the hostility of unsympathetic Singaporeans including neighbours. Speaking to reporters outside the court, Amos’ father said: “I would like to take this opportunity to say very sorry to PM Lee.”

a christian netizen has made a petition asking the government to release Amos Yee as he believes christians…

Petitioning To The Government of SINGAPORE

Release Amos Yee

As Singaporeans, we are thankful for the laws of our land and trust in our courts. Our peace and freedoms in Singapore attest to that. In regard to Amos Yee: We are not offended by Amos Yee’s statements. His opinions about our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ neither threaten our faith nor diminish our love for Him. Please release Amos Yee. We forgive him and desire he have a full life of contribution to his community ahead of him. A reminder to my Christian brothers and sisters: Those in our faith have a keen understanding for what it means to be on the wrong side of righteousness, we know we receive God’s love through no merit of our own. As ugly as Amos Yee’s words were, we forgive because Jesus loved us despite our own fallen spiritual state. To be forgiven is an extraordinary gift & we extend this gift to Amos Yee.

“For if, while we were God’s enemies, we were reconciled to him through the death of his Son, how much more, having been reconciled, shall we be saved through his life!” Romans 5:10
Letter to
To The Government of SINGAPORE
Release Amos Yee

WATCH: Amos Yee, who made an insensitive YouTube video on Christianity and late Mr #LeeKuanYew, in court with his parents today.

WATCH: Amos Yee, who made an insensitive YouTube video, in court with his parents today

JUST IN: YouTuber Amos Yee charged, bail set at S$20,000

SINGAPORE: Amos Yee Pang Sang was on Tuesday (Mar 31) charged in the State Courts with multiple charges. The 16-year-old, who was arrested on Sunday, had his charges read out to him in Court, and asked for a lawyer to represent him. The three charges were under Section 298 and Section 292(1)(a) of the Penal Code, as well as Section 4(1)(b) of the Protection from Harassment Act. For the first charge under Section 298, the charge sheet stated that the YouTube video created by Yee “contained remarks against Christianity, with the deliberate intention of wounding the religious feelings of Christians in general”. As for the Protection from Harassment Act charge, Yee’s video “contained remarks about Mr Lee Kuan Yew which was intended to be heard and seen by persons likely to be distressed” by the clip, according to the charge sheet.

charged in court over offences against Christianity, Mr

Akhirnya Lee Kuan Yew Mati – Amos Yee

HAPPENING TODAY: Amos Yee to be charged

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Published: 4:20 AM, March 31, 2015
Teen behind video insulting Christians to be charged 16-year-old Amos Yee will be charged today for disparaging Christians in a YouTube video of him in a tirade against the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew. Some 20 reports were lodged with the police over the video, and Yee was arrested on Sunday. Among the charges he faces is the offence of deliberately intending to wounding the religious or racial feelings of a person, under Section 298 of the Penal Code. Upon conviction, the offence can be punished with jail of up to three years, or with a fine, or with both.

17-year-old to face charges for offensive video: Where Amos Yee went wrong

By Mar 31, 2015 5:00AM UTC

“Lee Kuan Yew is dead! Finally!” blared the 17-year-old teenager, Amos Yee, in his nasal voice. Dressed in a faded yellow T-shirt, the pubescent teen continues in his pseudo-American accent:

“Why hasn’t anyone said f**k yeah, the guy is dead. Lee Kuan Yew was a horrible person.”

I ask myself the same question. Why aren’t we celebrating? Thankfully, the all-knowing sage explains:

“Because everyone is scared, everyone is afraid that if they say something like that, they might get into trouble, which give Lee Kuan Yew credit, that was primarily the impact of his legacy.”

I see. If you don’t criticise LKY for 7 days, it must be because you fear him. This explains the hypocrisy of Barack Obama, Henry Kissinger and all the other sycophantic world leaders. I could do without the jarring voice and the distracting hand gestures though, Amos. … Counterproductive rant What Amos did do, however, is undermine the causes that he supposedly stood for in the video. Getting the Government to relax restrictions on the media, work towards greater income equality and grant Singaporeans greater political freedom, is not just a rhetorical battle, it is a strategic one. Because of his poor timing and arrogant approach, Amos achieved nothing. Instead, he has become an excellent example of why we need to keep the Sedition Act. Within days, he attracted at least 1 violent threat, became the subject of over 20 police reports, and was eventually arrested by the police on Monday (Mar 30). He will most likely be charged under the Sedition Act for “promoting feelings of ill-will and hostility between races or classes of the population of Singapore.” And he may receive a fine of up to $5,000 or imprisonment for a term up to three years, or both. As he is not a juvenile, Amos can expect to face the full brunt of the law. … Responses to Amos are indicative of our maturity as a society. Singaporeans were quick to condemn his video, and with the exception of one foolish grassroots leader who made a violent threat, no one has been incensed enough to take real action. Some Christians even said they have forgiven him. In fact, professors in philosophy classes say far worse things about the Jesus of Christianity. He is called a liar, a lunatic, and so on, but no one files police reports against these academics. All this shows that we have a society that is mature enough to tolerate criticism and weed out extremist ideas. Singapore really isn’t the same fragile nation-state it was 50 years ago. It’s been decades since we last had a racial riot and two generations since we were unable to communicate with another race because we didn’t share a common language (English). During this time, we’ve made real progress as a society. We are now able to rebuff extremist ideas fairly quickly and prevent them from becoming mainstream. Do we still need Therefore, we shouldn’t be afraid that one arrogant punk, with just a video camera and an internet connection, might undermine decades of hard work. And we don’t need to throw him in jail or use the Sedition Act against him. He can’t hurt us and we don’t need to hurt him. We’re better than that.

— asiaone

Police arrest Amos Yee, the teen behind anti-Lee Kuan Yew video

Police arrest Amos Yee, the teen behind anti-Lee Kuan Yew video
Former child actor Amos Yee, 17, has been arrested after numerous police reports were lodged against a video that he had allegedly uploaded on YouTube. The eight-minute video celebrated Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s death, challenged Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to sue him, and made insensitive remarks about Christianity. – See more at:


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