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The SINKING KD Perantau at Lumut.


Remember the Scorpene submarine that wouldn’t submerge at first, and the Altantuya scandal?



On 3 September 2009,the first Scorpène submarine of Malaysia KD Tunku Abdul Rahman, arrived at a Port Klang naval base on peninsular Malaysia’s west coast after a 54-day voyage from France.

Defects and problems were found in the submarines such as the inability to submerge and faults in the coolant system of the first submarine, causing delays in the delivery of the second submarine.

In October 2012, the Malaysian Navy chief Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Jaafar said that the submarines “[were] in good condition and […] operational…”


Now, the Navy ship KD Perantau is sinking at the Lumut base.

Navy ship KD Perantau sinking at Lumut base

KD Perantau slowly going down.

KD Perantau slowly going down.

LUMUT: A Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) vessel has taken in a lot of water and is listing heavily to port in the Boustead Naval Shipyard (BNS) docks at the naval base here.

A navy spokesperson said KD Perantau, a hydrographic vessel, was undergoing refitting maintenance at dock when it became flooded on Tuesday at about 11.15pm.

KD Perantau listing heavily to port.

The KD Perantau was built at Limbungan Hong Leong-Lursen in Penang, which was commissioned on Oct 12 in 1998.

The vessel was handed over to Limbungan Boustead for the maintenance works on Nov 10 and was expected to be handed back over to the Navy on Aug 10 next year.


KD Perantau: earlier, better days.


KD Perantau – Kenangan Terakhir | Ini Cerita PUAN KUTU…


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