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Woman runs booming business that helps scorned wives beat up their husbands’ mistresses


Suspect that your husband might be cheating on you? Just give the “mistress killer” a call.

The Global Times has recently published a disturbing profile on Zhang Yufeng, whose chosen profession for over a decade has been helping Chinese wives enact their violent revenge on their cheating husbands’ mistresses. Over the years, Zhang has helped thousands of women get through their husbands’ infidelity by helping them collect evidence for court cases and sometimes by guiding them in how to beat up and humiliate the women they hold responsible.

Zhang, popularly known as the “mistress killer,” was inspired to go into this line of work after her own husband cheated on her in the 1990s and asked for a divorce. “I curled up on the couch for a week. When I finally went out, my hair had become gray and people said I looked as if I’d lost more than 10 kilograms,” she remembered.

20 Oct 2016

Women pay him to touch their breast. In public.

To get their fortune read.

Fortune teller fondles woman’s breast to determine her future


From palm reading to tarot cards to magic eight balls, there are countless methods that fortune tellers will claim to be able to use to determine your future. But there’s only one way that really works — breast fondling.

An eight-second video clip uploaded to Chinese social media appears to show one bespectacled master of the lost art in the process of telling one impatient-looking woman her destiny. Perhaps he has been at it for some time.

The short clip was uploaded to Weibo by Xiao Yuwen, a travel photographer based in Yunnan, back in early September, but only recently came to our attention thanks to NextShark.

15 August 2016

The Mother of All Swimming Pool Jams?

Over 6,000 tourists rush into a swimming pool in Daying, Sichuan, as temperature there hovers around 40℃ on Sunday


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Wanna share a swimming pool with over 6000 people? Come to China‘s populous province Sichuan in 40℃ temperature

4 June 2016

Students in Shandong tore their books & threw them away Jun 2, 4 days before college entrance exam, as stress relief

Canines destined for restaurants rescued ahead of ‘dog meat festival’ in China

Duckweed turn 3.5-km-long river in E. China’s Shandong Province into grassland

3-yr-old unattended boy who fell out & had head stuck in security window bars in E China was saved by neighbors, Fri

12 May 2016

Chinese policewoman fired for taking selfies in uniform top and shorts


Policewoman fired for taking ‘vulgar’ selfies in uniform

The Chinese internet is in a bit of tizzy over a few viral selfies that have cost one policewoman her job.

Earlier this week, Weibo user “@小天屎和老天翔的故事” uploaded a couple of pictures of herself posing in uniform. Somehow or another, the pics spread online, with netizens criticizing the woman for her lack of proper pants and stately demeanor that is normally associated with China’s finest.

“You can’t wear a police uniform and put these kind of pictures online,” raged one netizen.

The woman attended the Dandong Police Academy and it too has taken to Weibo to apologize for its student supervision not being up to standard. “We will draw a lesson from this incident and strengthen our student management going forward to maintain strict discipline, so that something like this will never occur again to besmirch the good image of our school,” the post read.

Following the incident, the woman took down all her posts on Weibo, but of course that hasn’t stopped the pics from spreading all around Chinese social media. However, after taking a look at the pictures many netizens fail to see what the big deal is.

“Where is the vulgarity?” one netizen wondered.

“This is completely normal nowadays, if you are going to start firing young people for taking these kinds of selfies, then there won’t be any workers left,” another netizen responded.

6 March 2016

Mar 4

Man takes dump in bucket to avoid leaving his keyboard at Chinese internet cafe

A rather grim video depicting a devoted gamer defecating into a bucket in the middle of an internet cafe has begun circulating on Weibo, leading netizens to collectively wretch in disgust.

In the video posted to Weibo by the Tucao Brothers (Tucao meaning to ridicule or mock in Chinese), a gamer is seen playing at a computer in an internet cafe while perched on a bucket. Rather than pausing the game, he decides to use the bucket as a toilet.



Video: Oh no! There go her two front teeth

27 January 2017

Visitors surrounded by tigers and stuck in bus after vehicle breaks down in Wuhan zoo

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Ten tourists were taking a bus tour around the tiger area in Wuhan Jiufeng Forest Zoo at noon on Sunday when the vehicle they were in broke down.

The visitors were then left stranded inside the bus for 30 minutes while staff tried to figure out how to lure five tigers away from the crowd.

They were successful in getting three tigers back into their cages but two other beasts refused to go back. Staff then had to call in the big guns, driving in a truck with a cage and luring the final two inside.

With the five wild animals safely locked away, the driver told the ten tourists that they could leave the bus and proceed to the main doors.

But the visitors were still shaken by what they had experienced and refused to get down.

So officials were forced to bring in another sightseeing bus for extraction.

30 December 2015

Bee hoon you won’t want to eat and a girl you don’t want to be your daughter or girlfriend…

Photos showing how bee hoon is made will make your stomach churn

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Tuesday, Dec 29, 2015

Bee hoon, or rice vermicelli, is a common food staple found in Asia, but after viewing these photos reportedly taken in a factory in Dongguan, China, you may change your mind about eating them.

According to, the stomach-churning images have left netizens outraged at how the noodles are manufactured.

Photos show the thin white noodles in heaping mounds on the floor, as bare-foot workers step on and around them.

One image shows a worker resting against a pile of bee hoon, appearing to be sound asleep, while another shows a man resting his foot on a stack of the noodles.

Strewn around the dirty floor, the noodles are left out in the open overnight, risking exposure to vermin and insects.

Teen barges into Zhejiang police station, screams at officers and removes top

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Dec 29, 2015

Imagine the shock police officers had when a teenage girl barged into a police station, screaming at them, trashing things and at one point, even removed her top.

The 19-year-old girl, who was under the influence of drugs, was arrested on Dec 22 for creating a scene at a police station in the Zhejiang province of China.

Footage from Apple Daily showed the teen barging into the police station’s command room, before launching a tirade of abuse at the officers when her bizarre requests to inspect the CCTV recordings and smoke in the premises were turned down.

“Why are you bullying me? Do you think I’m scared of you? If you are so capable, go and be my master,” she yelled.

The police, who were clearly unimpressed by her antics, attempted to force the teen out. In the heat of the moment, she managed to grab a desktop computer before being dragged out of the police station.

Outnumbered and defeated, the girl removed her shirt in a fit of anger and pounced on a man filming the scene.


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China cabin crew ‘industry ritual’ sparks online outrage

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Bullied cabin crew stuffed into overhead compartments

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A Chinese airline has promised to stop bullying by members of its staff.

The action comes after images showed new cabin crew being forced to lie in aircraft overhead luggage lockers.

The pictures were published on a WeChat social media account called Civil Aviation Tabloid over the weekend.

The post alleged that almost all cabin crew were forced into lockers by security staff after completing 30 to 50 hours service at the airline, South China Morning Post reported.

The bullying allegedly took place after cabin crew completed their work. PHOTO: WEIBO/ XUANLEBA88

These incidents have allegedly been going on for the past four or five years, The Shanghaiist added.

They would take place after cabin crew completed their work.



Kunming Airlines issued a statement on Monday (Oct 12) saying it was “extremely concerned” about the incidents.

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He wouldn’t buy her an iPhone 6S, so she showed the whole world her assets but he didn’t seem bothered!

Or click on this link and watch the video:

Nanjing woman goes berserk and strips nude in public — because BF won’t buy her iPhone 6S

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A woman in Nanjing, China, did the unthinkable after her boyfriend refused to buy her an iPhone 6S.

Instead of shielding her from the onlookers however, the man continued to argue with his naked girlfriend.

Street hawkers in the vicinity also continued selling their wares as if nothing was happening.

In the end, the several passersby managed to put an end to the arguement.


Minions selling bananas get pulled over by cops in Beijing

Posted on 13 September 2015

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Images of two Minions riding through the streets of Beijing selling bananas has gone viral on Weibo, a popular microblogging site in China, due to the sheer cuteness and ridiculousness of it all.

The Minions, rotund yellow creatures that were made famous in the US computer-animated film Despicable Me, were seen at one point getting pulled over by urban management officers, creating a hilarious scene in the process, reports Shanghaiist.

Sinkhole in China Swallows 5 People Waiting At Bus Stop

Click on this for the video:

Auntie sandwiches herself between fighting women on Shanghai Metro, becomes star


A middle-aged women who plopped herself down between two female passengers aggressively fighting over a seat on the Shanghai Metro has become something of a celebrity on the Chinese web.

Video footage that was filmed during rush hour on Wednesday and made the rounds online soon after shows the two young women pushing and shoving each other over a seat near the door on a crowded subway compartment.

Apparently, the woman with the bandaged-up arm decided she deserved the priority seat because she was injured, and before the other passenger could get up, she sat on top of her and pushed her aside.

That’s when auntie entered the scene.

..Noticing the conflict, she got between the two women and confronted the bandaged-up seat stealer (who, it should be noted, was using her “injured” arm to slap the other passenger).

“I will definitely stand up for this girl today,” she said as the other woman broke out in tears. “Do you dare try to hit her again?”

The woman told reporters that she was an ordinary customer service employee at an electronics store.


Harbin dog owner bites off 19-year-old girl’s ear after she kicks her dog

Harbin dog owner bites off 19-year-old girl’s ear after she kicks her dog

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Her attacker is still at large, and local police and Shuang’s family are trying to track her down. The report has shocked the online community in China, and a number of people are calling on dog owners to ensure that their pets are on a leash when they take them out for a walk.

Angry woman bites off girl’s ear for kicking her dog

A woman from Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, bit off a girl’s ear after the two got into an argument because the girl had kicked her dog.

According to a report on Heilongjiang TV, Shuang, 19, had just returned to her residential complex in the evening when a small dog suddenly rushed at her barking loudly.

The charging animal terrified Shuang, who says that she had been bit by a dog as a child. Fearful, she reacted by kicking the dog.

The dog’s owner, a woman in her 40s, saw the entire incident and ended up quarrelling with Shuang. During the argument, Shuang reacted by hitting the woman with her purse. That resulted in enraging the lady, who suddenly attacked Shuang and bit off her ear.

It was not until the crowds shouted “Blood!” that the woman stopped her fierce assault. She then left with her dog, leaving Shuang bleeding at the scene.

After being rushed to the hospital, Shuang found out that nearly a third of her ear had been bitten off.

“I’m still very young,” Shuang told reporters from Heilongjiang TV, “if my ear can’t recover well, I’m going to live the rest of my life with an incomplete ear.”

Her attacker is still at large, and local police and Shuang’s family are trying to track her down.

The report has shocked the online community in China, and a number of people are calling on dog owners to ensure that their pets are on a leash when they take them out for a walk.

“I’m confused. Who is the actual dog here?” posted @Guanrenguan

“The girl was wrong for harming the dog, but the cost she paid was just too much,” wrote @Yinzhenshirui

“As someone who was bit by dogs twice before, I have to say I understand the girl’s over-reaction…” argued @Rumplestilskin_cats

“It would be better for everyone if dog owners fasten their dogs while walking them, because it’s a fact that not everyone loves dogs,” suggested @_Gaoxiaoshan

“Where’s Grandma, Dad?”
“In jail.”

‘Ruthless grandma’ who beat up and reduced bus driver to tears given fine and jail sentence

Shanghaiist shared a link.
13 hrs ·
The belligerent elderly woman who last week attacked a bus driver with her cane after she boarded the wrong bus finally received her comeuppance

The belligerent elderly woman who last week attacked a bus driver with her cane after she boarded the wrong bus finally received her comeuppance. A court in Quanzhou city, Fujian province yesterday found the woman, who we now know to be called Xin Yuzhen, guilty of causing a public disturbance.

After getting on the wrong bus, Xin asked the driver to pull over and let her off. After refusing her request, stating that she couldn’t just command a bus driver to pull over, she began hitting the bus doors with her cane before turning on the driver.

Xin struck the driver several times with her cane, telling other passengers that it would be no use them calling the police. We can only assume that she must now be eating those words.

According to The Paper, after the video of Xin assaulting the bus driver went viral, rumours began to circulate that the scathing condemnation of her behaviour had driven her to suicide. These rumours turned out to be false after journalists caught up with her.

“Hitting people is wrong, but at the time I felt I had been wronged,” said Xin. “Everyone is criticising me for attacking the driver. I know hitting him was wrong, but I thought that the driver was intentionally bullying me.”

Women must get pregnant “on schedule,” Chinese company tells staff.

Women must get pregnant “on schedule,” Chinese company tells staff

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How much say should an employer have over when — and whether — an employee gets pregnant?

That’s the question Chinese Internet users were debating Friday after a controversial notice from a company in central Henan province to employees went viral on China’s social networks.

According to the notice, a copy of which was published online by the Dahe Daily provincial newspaper, married women working at the Jiaozuo city credit cooperative must be on the job for one year before they are allowed to apply to have a child. They must also schedule their pregnancy in advance so as not to “unduly influence” the company’s operations.

“An employee birth plan has been established and will be strictly enforced,” the notice says. “Employees who do not give birth according to the plan and whose work is impacted will face a one-time fine of 1,000 yuan and will not be considered for promotion.”

Women giving birth outside of schedule may also face the withholding of their year-end bonuses, the notice says.

An employee who answered the phone at the credit union Friday afternoon said that he didn’t know anything about the policy and that the person in charge was unavailable. According to the Dahe Daily, a company official said the notice was only a draft and that it would be reworked if employees objected.

For decades, Mao-era policies required that Chinese citizens receive approval from their employers for a wide range of life events, including pregnancy, marriage and divorce, as China’s leaders sought to cement the Communist Party’s control over all aspects of public and private life.

Those regulations have all but been abolished, but Chinese citizens must still register with local family-planning authorities before they plan to have a child; those having a child out of wedlock often face fines…

Yet the strong reaction from Chinese Internet users to the Jiaozuo notice suggests a growing awareness among citizens of the country’s labor law — and an increasing willingness to speak out against employers seen as overstepping.

“How idiotic are these leaders are to come up with such a policy?” one user wrote on Weibo. “Where is our right to give birth?”

CHINESE NEW YEAR TRAVELS AND TRAVAILS The government estimates about 2.8 billion trips will be made by train, bus, plane and car during the 40-day travel rush that began in early February and ends around March 15.

China orders heightened travel safety after deadly stampede

2:09 PM, February 14, 2015
BEIJING — China has ordered stepped-up safety measures over the Lunar New Year travel rush in the wake of terrorist threats and a December stampede in Shanghai that killed 36 people. … While the travel peak is always hectic, special measures have been put in place this year, including the posting of more armed security guards, restricted access to crowded areas such as train platforms and the stationing of watchmen on elevated posts to keep an eye out for trouble. A circular from China’s Cabinet posted today (Feb 14) demanded greater attention to safety and threatened punishment for officials found lacking in their duties. LOOKED LIKE A BANK AND ACTED LIKE A BANK. The fake Chinese bank even had an office in Nanjing, and was equipped with counters, ATMs and other things. HOWEVER, IT WASN’T A BANK. It definitely had no licence to be a bank. Still, it fooled 200 people for a year and cheated them of 200,000,000 yuan (approximately RM100 million)!

Chinese bank in Nanjing fools everyone — and makes away with over S$43 million

Fake Bank Swindles 200mln Yuan in Deposits
   2015-01-26 04:40:31      Web Editor: Zhang

Police in the eastern city of Nanjing have cracked down on a fake bank last week that allegedly cheated 200 million yuan, or about 32 mln U.S. dollars, from unwitting depositors. The “rural cooperative,” without a banking license, ensnared more than 200 customers over the past year with the promise of higher interest rates, including this man. “It is decorated exactly the same as a bank. The shop-front, counters and the queue machine, everything makes customers believe it’s a real bank. And the manager kept trying to assure me that they were reliable. I had no doubt at the time.” The scheme was unraveled after a victim of the scam attempted to withdraw money, but was denied. A legal representative and four “managers” of the bank have been detained on suspicion of illegally taking public money. Police say most victims are from neighboring Zhejiang province and the number of victims is expected to rise. QUARREL IN WHICH ONE LOST HIS HEAD. Literally. There was a quarrel, and then, an attack. It left one person without his head.

Quarrel between China shop owners leaves 1 beheaded, 1 dead and another injured

Two dead with one beheaded, another injured in knife attack in NW China mall

2015-01-21 07:36:25 GMT2015-01-21 15:36:25(Beijing Time)  SINA English
zc za zb
Three people were attacked in a shopping mall at Yan’an city, Shaanxi province during a quarrel. One man is said to have had his head cut off!

It is estimated that anything from 20,000 to 40,000 children are abducted in China every year. KIDNAPPED WHEN HE WAS 4 AND SOLD TO A COUPLE, HE SEARCHED FOR HIS REAL PARENTS AND FOUND HIS FATHER 24 YEARS LATER! Unfortunately, his mother had died in 2012.

Moment man who was abducted as a four-year-old is reunited with his father 24 years on

Top pick on : China man reunites with abducted son after 24 years ZR

Father and son, in September 1991, a few days before his abduction in a Chengdu market in Sichuan province. — PHOTOS: CHINA FOTO PRESS ZS Mr Sun Bin with his father Sun Youhong and sister at their first meeting in two decades. (Above) With his father in September 1991, a few days before his abduction in a Chengdu market in Sichuan province. — PHOTOS: CHINA FOTO PRESS BEIJING – Many Chinese have been touched by this week’s reunion of a father and son who were apart for 24 years after the latter’s abduction, calling for the government to step up its crackdown on child trafficking. “Dad, I am back,” Mr Sun Bin, 28, cried out and knelt down before his 60-year-old father, Mr Sun Youhong, when they met on Tuesday, the Chinese media reported. “You’re a man,” the elder Mr Sun said, holding back his tears while hugging his son on the ground. “Don’t cry.” The reunion in their home town in Chengdu, Sichuan province, was arranged by the police, who reconnected the duo after matching their DNA samples from a national database last December, reported Sichuan Daily. … On Sept 26, 1991, the boy was playing at a market where his parents sold vegetables when he got lost. Two men in their 30s who promised to take the crying boy home took him to Jiangsu province instead, more than 1,600km away. The abductors sold the boy to a couple for 2,000 yuan (S$430), according to the New Culture Daily. … Mr Sun Bin knew that he has no blood relation with his adoptive parents. He secretly embarked on a journey to search for his biological parents in 2010. With the help of Baby Come Home, a website for separated relatives, he had his DNA samples taken in a police station in Jiangsu last year. OF THE WRATH OF A CHEATED WIFE! She chopped off his one-eyed monster but when the doctors re-attached it, she chopped it off again. This time, there is no re-attachment: it can’t be found. They say that a stray dog might have carried away.

Jilted Wife Feng Chops Off Husband Fan Lung’s Penis …

Woman cuts off husband’s penis twice after catching him cheating

Mail Online


Fan Lung (right) turned on his wife (left) after she cut off his penis for a second time and he was spotted naked and bloody attacking her outside the hospital

A woman in Henan province has been arrested for reportedly chopping off her husband’s penis after discovering that he was having an affair—then going to the hospital and cutting it off again. The husband and father of five, 32-year-old Fan Lung, had used his wife’s phone to send a steamy email to his mistress, 21-year-old Zhang Hung, from his home in the city of Shangqiu, The Mirror reports. Fan had forgotten to log out of his account, and when his wife Feng, 30, looked through her phone, she found the message among several others that he’d sent to to his xiao san. In a fit of rage, Feng grabbed a pair of scissors and chopped off her husband’s penis while he was sleeping in their bedroom. Fan was taken to a hospital, where doctors were able to reattach his precious manhood. Feng, however, managed to sneak into his hospital room and cut his penis off again before tossing it out of a window, The Mirror said. … Doctors and police searched outside for the man’s severed penis, but to no avail. They believe it was carried off by a stray animal. FROM CHINA, THE LAND OF MY ANCESTORS, USED TO BE CALLED TONG SAN AH SOOK (唐山阿叔), WHICH MEANS UNCLE FROM SUGAR MOUNTAIN. It meant someone from the rural areas, a village bumpkin. In reality, many Chinese from China are educated and sophisticated. I am privileged to have taught many of them, and to have become friends with them. However, the Chinaman seems to represent China to many of us!WHEN A CHINAMAN (唐山阿叔) TRAVELS BY PLANE, YOU CAN EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED! *One man opens the emergency exit and uses the slide to get off the plane faster. *Another opens it to get some fresh air.

Man daringly opens plane’s emergency exit door to ‘get some fresh air’

China national’s first plane journey almost turned into a disaster. Guess why?

A passenger attempts to “get some fresh air” after opening the plane’s emergency exit door. PHOTO: Twitter / @AviationSafety

A man on board a Chinese domestic flight left passengers in shock when he opened the plane’s emergency exit door before take off. Airport staff quickly informed the pilot of the man’s “adventure” and promptly attempted to fix the plane’s safety doors. The man, who is a first-time flier, claimed that he wanted to get some fresh air so he decided to open the Xiamen Air plane’s door. … A spokesman for Xiamen Air told Southern Metropolis Daily: “It was his first travel by air – he did not cause delay or any other direct loss to the airline.” Source: Shanghaiist, Mirror Online — Stomp Passenger opens emergency exit and uses slide ‘to get off plane faster’ in Hainan airport

Posted on 16 December 2014
Only days after a Chinese couple threw boiling water at a flight attendant and threatened to blow up the plane, another case has emerged involving a Chinese passenger who has a hard time following the rules.

When China Eastern flight MU2331 from Xi’an arrived at Sanya Fenghaung International Airport in Hainan, a particularly impatient passenger decided to open an emergency exit, and in the process, deploy an emergency slide. When questioned by authorities about why he opened the door, he responded: “to get off the plane quicker.” … Aviation experts say the cost to repair and replace the opened cabin door and emergency slide is approximately RMB 100,000. —- Fire! It’s a 20-in-1. Actually, 19 SUVs and 1 trailer. Shanghaiist

The horror! Trailer carrying 19 brand-new cars burns to a crisp in Heilongjiang

car-trailer-flames.jpg This is hard to look at. A trailer carrying 19 brand-new SUVs caught fire on a highway in Heilongjiang province yesterday afternoon and completely destroyed all of the vehicles on board. The trailer was bound for Jiamusi from Harbin when it caught on fire around 3:30 p.m. The cause of the fire is still under investigation. car-trailer-flames2.jpg the ball pit: Grand mother helps grand daughter beat up boy!

granny-ballpit.jpg YOU NEXT VISIT CHINA, BRING ALONG CONDOMS FROM MALAYSIA JUST IN CASE. You don’t want to have to buy a China-made one! WE KNOW THAT THERE ARE LOTS OF FAKE THINGS IN CHINA BUT FAKE CONDOMS!!!??? 35,000,00 of them! But what’s the problem? They tend to break when in use! china-changsha-fake-condoms-bust-02 35 Million Counterfeit Condoms Seized by Chinese Authorities Boxes of illegal condoms stored in a warehouse in Changsha. ..

Changsha Investigation Seizes 34.69 Million Illegal Condoms in a Case Worth 230 Million

2014 November 5, Changsha city’s Food and Drug Administration reported the details of the exceptionally large “4.23″ illegal manufacture and sale of fake condoms case. This case has been classified by the National Food and Drug Administration as the top case in the 2014 national “Five Rectifications” of medical devices, in a case invovling 230 million [RMB]. (Within the brands were included other expired products) In a secret building within Changsha county Guoyuan town, condoms worth at least 230 million yuan were illegally manufactured and sold, destined for all provinces throughout the country excepting Tibet, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan, with most going to Jiangshu and Shandong. china-changsha-fake-condoms-bust-05 SHIT! China’s urban infrastructure has often been hastily built with little regard for safety as hundreds of millions of people have moved from the countryside to cities in recent decades. A modern sewage system as we know it in Malaysia is often not found. Instead, all the human waste flows through the pipes into cess pools, that is, open pools of shit! These stink to high hell and of course, the gas builds up. One spark and BOOM!!!

Exploding excrement topples building in China

Exploding cesspool injures 15 and topples buildingThe aftermath of a blast sparked by a local man burning waste close (Picture: Getty Images)

This photo taken on November 22, 2014 shows people investigating in the debris of a blast sparked by a local man burning waste close to a cesspool, igniting methane gas which was emanating from the pit, in Zhangjiajie, central China's Hunan province. A cesspool filled with excrement has exploded in central China, injuring 15 people and knocking down a building, state-run media reported. CHINA OUT AFP PHOTOSTR/AFP/Getty Images

Officials investigate the scene (Picture: Getty Images)

BEIJING – A cesspool filled with excrement has exploded in central China, injuring 15 people and knocking down a building, state-run media reported. The blast was apparently sparked by a local man burning waste close to the cesspool, igniting methane gas which was emanating from the pit, the Xinhua news agency said late on Sunday. The incident in Zhangjiajie city, in the central province of Hunan, caused a residential building to collapse and three of the injured had to be hospitalised, Xinhua said. China’s urban infrastructure has often been hastily built with little regard for safety as hundreds of millions of people have moved from the countryside to cities in recent decades.

Watch: Naked man wreaks havoc in Hunan


A young man, completely naked, was spotted wreaking havoc along the streets of Changsha, Hunan province this Tuesday before he was finally escorted away by the police. He first attempted to snatch a woman’s handbag in the middle of gawking crowds, but didn’t manage to pull it off as she immediately fled upon his approach. Subsequently, he entered two stores along the street, threatening to beat people up. Police are currently investigating the identity of the man and whether or not he has a history of mental problems. Click on the link for a video:

Guangdong man tries to set own car on fire after receiving 30RMB parking fine

A Guangdong man returned to his car and found a parking ticket on his windscreen. The fine? 30RMB. ..zb He asked one of the committee workers, “Did you clamp my car? And you want me to pay you to unclamp it?” Worker, “Yes, and the fine is 30RMB! Pay up and we’ll unclamp your car.” He replied, “That’s illegal! I won’t pay you anything!” And he poured a bottle of oil onto his car, lit a match, and set the car on fire. zc zd Well, it’s his car, so he has a right to set it on fire if he wants to, right? In panic, the committee worker unlocked his car FOR FREE. za And away he drove… from China, India and South Korea now make up roughly 50% of the total number of international students in the United States, according to a 2013 Institute of International Education report. The number of Chinese students studying in the United States has increased by 20% every year since 2008, reaching nearly 200,000 in late 2012.

Allegations of mass SAT cheating delay test scores in China and South Korea

Students in China and Korea who took the SAT on October 11 will have their test scores delayed.

All students living in China and South Korea who took the SAT on Oct. 11 will have their test scores delayed and reviewed due to allegations of widespread cheating, officials from the College Board and its global test administration and security provider, Educational Testing Service (ETS), tell TIME. The allegations of cheating, which are “based on specific, reliable information,” according to the officials, could be held up for as many as four weeks, potentially excluding some students for “early decision” or “early action” admissions to U.S. colleges and universities. Each individual test score will be evaluated for evidence of cheating. … The College Board has faced cheating scandals in the past, although this appears to be the first time “reliable allegations” have affected more than one entire country at the same time. MANY WAYS DO I LOVE THEE?

University students lights fireworks as gesture of love, sets campus on fire

University student lights fireworks as gesture of love, sets campus on fire

He was a first year student at the Liaoning Advertising Vocational College, Liaoning Province. To impress a 2nd year student and express his love for her, he set off fireworks. It started so impressively! z1 However, the fireworks started a fire among grass and went out of control! z3 The fire spread to the surrounding area. z4 It took firemen an hour to put it out. Luckily, there was no damage to buildings or injury to anyone but it sure dented his pride. Oh, by the way, the girl wasn’t even there.

Wuhan Sea World tank breaks after years of visitors knocking on glass

Published on Oct 23, 2014

Rare fish in a central China aquarium recently had to be relocated because the special tank they lived in was broken by visitors.

Video: Aquarium fish tank broken by misbehaving visitors

Gender-neutral bathrooms open on Shanghai streets

Gender-neutral bathrooms open on Shanghai streets (on Yan’an Zhong Road)

(It means that BOTH men and women use these at the same time. ) Dear fellow Malaysians, especially MEN, please refrain from using your hand phone camera when inside one of these. You might get stripped stark naked and dragged along the street. You would be the one on video! zc This week in local toilet news: gender-neutral bathrooms opened on Shanghai’s Yan’an Zhong Road on Monday, making this the first time public toilets on the city streets have featured them. Unisex public toilets have been popping up in various parts of the city, including airports, parks, railway stations and shopping malls, but none have appeared on the city streets until now. AS YOU CAN SEE, THERE ARE NO CUBICLES FOR YOU TO ‘HIDE’ IN! za

Kebab vendor in Zhejiang stuffs bra with buns, dances like no one’s watching

Kebab vendor in Zhejiang stuffs bra with buns, dances like no one’s watching

kebab-bra-zhejiang-1.jpg A kebab vendor inexplicably dressed in red bra attracted attention from crowds of onlookers yesterday at the temple fair in Yongkang, Zhejiang as he passionately danced to loud music inside his stall. kebab-bra-zhejiang-2.jpg At one point, he whipped out two buns, stuffed ’em into his bra, and continued to dance away unfazed. STRIKES YUNNAN!

China earthquake leaves 300 injured, one dead and 50,000 displaced

(World) earthquake leaves 300 injured, one dead

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चीन में भूकंप से एक मरा, 324 घायल

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Earthquake hits south-west China – Houses collapse and people in Yunnan province camping in streets as …

One person was killed and 324 others injured after a 6.6-magnitude earthquake struck SW China‘s Yunnan Tuesday

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Major rescue efforts underway in China’s Yunnan province after M6 quake Tuesday.

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The in Jinggu county, Province has killed 1, and injured 324, with 92,700 evacuated.

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JUST IN: At least 1 dead after M6.0 strikes China‘s Yunnan province:

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The Great Wall at Badaling. The 3rd Day saw the highest number of tourists, 8.75 million.


More pictures from Occupy the Great Wall:

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It is likely that this is a joke on China!

10,000 pigeons go through anal security check for suspicious objects Tue, ready to be released on National Day on Wed


Pigeons to receive ‘Anal Security Check’ for China’s National Day

pigeon.jpg China appears to be taking security very seriously for this year’s National Day, with plans to complete anal security checks on pigeons, according to a tweet from People’s Daily. The tweet, which comes from an official newspaper of the Communist Party, was sent on Tuesday night, ahead of the 65th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

A man named Mr. Yang provided some support for the security measure, “I have not heard of pigeons released at National Day requiring security checks, but it is possible for them to carry things such as explosives,” he said on China Pigeon Net. Mr Yang likened the process to airplane security checks, adding that “If they carried out security checks they would find them (explosives), just like on a person when they get on an airplane.” Security has become an issue that the Chinese government… Image via Flickr By Robert Ridley

A man caused a scene outside the Quanta computer factory in Shanghai with the dramatic way he professed his love for a female friend. Photos of the incident have been circulating on sites online such as and sparked a fierce debate. … Netizens felt that the man was throwing aside his dignity with such grovelling in public. —

Look: Passengers can now take the train from Beijing to Hangzhou with their car

Look: Passengers can now take the train from Beijing to Hangzhou with their car


The special service is for Beijingers who don’t want to drive the 1,300km to Hangzhou, but would like to drive around in their own personal cars when they do get there. According to China Daily, here’s the arrangement:

Beijing Railway Bureau announced the high-speed train will depart from the South Railway Station on Sept 30 and arrive in Hangzhou, capital of Zhe-jiang province, the next morning. The train returns from Hangzhou on the night of Oct 6, arriving in Beijing eight hours later. Before boarding the train for Hanghzou, the passengers will have to drop off their cars at the Dahongmen Railway Station, a cargo station in Beijing, on Sept 28. Once in Hangzhou, passengers can pick up their cars on Oct 1. For the return trip, they should have their cars at the station in Hangzhou on Oct 6 and can pick up their cars in Beijing on Oct 9.

All that pretty cool inconvenient convenience costs 3,000 RMB a car. Thus far 50 cars have signed up for the maiden journey. cartrain2.jpg

Company fined for sexy promotional stunt on Shanghai Metro

A Shanghai-based laundry company that paid women to strip down to their knickers on Metro Line 2 as part of a promotional stunt is being fined for disrupting public order. The video was made to promote the company’s “service on call” in an “exaggerated way”, Shanghai Daily reports. zb za The company said the promo was filmed last Wednesday, and that everyone who appeared it in, including train passengers and a protesting middle-aged woman, were all paid actors/actresses. After the video picked up some momentum online, meddling metro police got involved and announced yesterday that the company would be fined for disturbing public order, although the amount of the fine wasn’t revealed. —

Shanghai police shoot down man armed with bayonets

Shanghai police shoot down man armed with bayonets

A man was ‘lashing out at cars’ outside the complex at Jianhe Road and Quankou Road in Changning district around midnight. He was reportedly threatening residents at the complex. When officers arrived and told him to stop, he threw another knife towards police and was shot. He was transported to the hospital, where he died.



Sleeping Chinese Train Passengers: Funny or Sad?

China’s October 1st National Day long holiday is approaching and many Chinese people will be traveling during this time. For many migrant workers, the holiday is a chance to go home to see their families and friends. Train travel is the most affordable, but it is often the slowest and most uncomfortable. A Chinese train passenger using a IN GUANGXI, CHINA IT WAS A GUNFIGHT. A REAL ONE. IT INVOLVED 20 MEN. WITH REAL GUNS.

BUT NO ONE WAS SHOT! SUCH POOR SHOOTERS! September 26th, around 7am, a shooting occurred at Donghe First Road and Longchuan Alley in Baishe city’s Youjiang district. Around 20 men carrying guns shot at each other from behind buildings and cars. In the conflict, multiple vehicles were riddled with holes. The Paper learned from the Baishi Public Security Bureau Youjiang Sub-Bureau that no one was injured in the incident, and police have already established a special investigation team to investigate. china-guangxi-baishe-brawl-gunfight-02

CHINA DIGEST: Hallucinating knife-wielder arrested by police in Hefei

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Man stabs four primary school kids to death in Guangxi.

.. Star

Friday September 26, 2014 MYT 12:41:30 PM

Four children stabbed to death in southern China – state media

BEIJING (Reuters) – A man killed four primary school students on Friday in the southern region of Guangxi, state media said, in the latest of a series of knife attacks that have unnerved the country. Police have launched a manhunt for the assailant, a middle-aged man, state news agency Xinhua said, citing the public security bureau in Lingshan county in the Guangxi region. Xinhua did not give details for the man’s motive. The man attacked the children as they were on their way to school, Xinhua said. Three of them died at the scene and one died later at a nearby hospital. The attack comes less than a month after a man killed three children and injured several at a primary school in China.–state-media/Of orgies and same-sex marriages and other matters of sex in China…

This week on Sinica, Jeremy Goldkorn and David Moser are joined by Fan Popo for a discussion of the way life works for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transsexual (LGBT) community in China. For those who have not heard of him, Fan is an accomplished film-maker and social activist, best known as author of the book Happy Together, a complete record of 100 queer films, as well as the director of the China Queer Film Festival. ..

Orgies are illegal in . Why? Asks of Li Yinhe in our archive

I have said they should get rid of laws against orgies, and the reaction was huge. You can’t advocate that in China. [Orgies are illegal in China, with the crime known as “crowd licentiousness.”] And there’s also pornography. Even now it’s still a sexual crime. Recently a twenty-four-year-old young woman from Beijing wrote a sexually explicit novel. She sold 80,000 copies online and was arrested. It was considered pornography. The sentence was light but she still got four months of detention. Advocating against this is not okay. .. The attitude toward homosexuality in China is not as absolute as in the West. At least in some earlier eras, there wasn’t an absolute opposition to it. In China it’s never been illegal or outlawed. During the Song dynasty there was a law against homosexual prostitution, but not against homosexuality in principle. It’s more something that might have been considered ridiculous but not a crime. .. A couple of years ago, the Chinese press carried sympathetic stories of a same-sex wedding. Everyone in the village was out to help them celebrate and photos circulated online. If you see those sorts of stories and photos, you’d assume it was legal. But that’s only what’s known as a folk-style wedding. It’s a big banquet and party but the Ministry of Civil Affairs doesn’t give you a marriage certificate. If you go there, the officials say, “No no, it’s impossible.” People have gone there on purpose and asked. The officials’ attitude was good; they said, “Ah, we’d like to help and approve this but the law doesn’t allow it.” —

World’s youngest alcoholic, 2yr old:( this is sick, child protective services in china please? via

World’s youngest alcoholic is a Chinese, 2 years old! Authorities in China are dealing with what is believed to be the country’s youngest alcoholic – a boy aged just two years old. Cheng Cheng first tried wine at 10 months, and downed his first bottle of beer before the age of one. Now, the toddler in eastern China’s Anhui province screams for alcohol as his parents struggle to move him onto milk and soft drinks.

Outrage: Two-year-old Cheng Cheng screams for bottles of wine and refuses milk or soft drinks

It started when he was a baby and his father gave him a drop of wine to stop him crying, reports claim.

Habit: Doctors and social services are meeting to discuss the child's future as his parents insist they cannot do anything to ween him off alcohol

Habit: Doctors and social services are meeting to discuss the child’s future as his parents insist they cannot do anything to ween him off alcohol

Not yet in school, the little boy can now allegedly drink up a whole bottle of beer without any noticeable effects. His aunt Cai Teng said: ‘At that time, all of us in the family have already thought that this child can really drink a lot when he grows up.’ Whenever his family takes out bottles of alcohol, he demands to drink some, she explained. … Pediatricians in mainland China said that the body and organs in children at this age are not well-developed. A little bit of alcohol can easily harm their health.

The world’s longest traffic jam took place in Beijing, China. It was over 60 miles long and lasted 11 days.

The China National Highway 110 Traffic Jam was a recurring massive traffic jam that began to form on August 14, 2010, mostly on China National Highway 110 (G110) and Beijing–Tibet expressway (G6), in Hebei and Inner Mongolia. The traffic jam slowed down thousands of vehicles for more than 100 kilometres (60 mi) and lasted for more than ten days. Many drivers were able to move their vehicles only 1 km (0.6 mi) per day, and some drivers reported being stuck in the traffic jam for five days. It is considered to be one of the longest traffic jams by some media
5 World Longest Traffic Jam

IN CHINA, DUE TO THE MANY REPORTS OF RAPE AND MURDER OF COLLEGE GIRLS, SALE OF SELF-DEFENCE PRODUCTS HAS SHOT UP! One of the best selling self-defense products is also one of the cheapest, and most simple: an 18 yuan ($3) alarm. zxx Around 32,000 of those sold over the past month, according to the Taobao data. The device is about two inches long and can emit a very loud alarm, which sounds like a car horn, when the loop on it is pulled. ..

china#SelfDefense Equipment Sold Out in After Highly Publicized Cases of Murder and : News reports of…

News reports of vicious kidnappings, sexual abuse, and in some cases murder of college girls in China in August have boosted the sales of self-defense equipment and enrollment in martial arts classes across the country. Data from China’s largest online shopping network, Taobao, shows that the sales of female self-defense equipment in the past 30 days, up to Sept. 6, increased more than 6600 percent from the previous month, and over 1500 percent from the same period last year, according to state media. Taobao lists over 36,000 self-defense products from vendors across China: they peddle sprays of various kinds, alarms, sticks, a self-defense pen, defense rings, and more. — WHEN BEAST MET BEAUTY

Grisly Rape and Murder of Young Chinese Girl in Shanxi

21-Year-Old Girl Raped and Murdered in Jujube Grove, Head and Faced Bashed In

The rape and brutal murder of a young Chinese girl. September 20th report — [Sichuan province] Guangyuan city Cangxi county girl Liu Jiao followed her parents to Shanxi province for work. At 5pm on September 15th, she was robbed, raped, and beaten to death in broad daylight by a thug in a jujube [date] grove in Shanxi province Taiyuan city Yuci district Wanghu village. The attacker’s methods were extremely cruel, involving the use of a heavy object to bash the girl’s head and face in and a wooden stick inserted into her throat. — THIS IS NOT AN AERIAL VIEW OF HONGKONG STUDENTS PROTESTING ON THE STREETS OF HONG KONG.

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Look closely at another photo of the same scene. Yes, it’s garbage! This is Xi’an, the capital of Shaanxi province, in China. zaa Look at another photo. See the garbage, too? zb

The streets near these high-rise buildings were left completely covered in garbage.

What appears to be old furniture and discarded building materials form a winding trail of rubbish which snakes around the buildings near a children’s playground.

It is unclear however as to why the garbage has been left outside the buildings, although it is believed the rubbish has been left on the street for ten days. TOOLS OF TORTURE YOU SEE ARE  MODERN, MADE BY 130 Chinese companies for export!


Amnesty International accuses China of making and selling instruments of torture

Shock batons, restraint chairs and neck cuffs: China accused of making and selling instruments of torture by human rights group.

A growing number of Chinese companies have been making and then selling instruments of torture, including electric shock batons and restraint chairs, to countries around the world, Amnesty International has said.

The number of Chinese companies now engaged in the production and trade of such tools had risen to 130 from 28 about a decade ago, the human rights group said.

The London-based group said while most of the tools are legitimate, many are inherently cruel and inhumane.

 This is a flash light that also functions as an electric shock device!

Amnesty International said while most of the tools are legitimate, many are inherently cruel and inhumane. Pictured is a flashlight that also functions as an electric shock device

China explicitly bans torture and mistreatment of inmates, and it strongly denies widespread allegations that torture is often used by Chinese police and Communist Party investigators. — Man pretending to be a beggar counts his loot!

China ‘beggars’ caught dining at 5-star hotels, shopping for branded goods and more

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Giant LED screen in Shenzhen broadcasts footage of alleged fake beggars


Giant LED screen in Shenzhen broadcasts footage of alleged fake beggars

ZS After learning about beggars in Shenzhen’s Dongmen area allegedly living secret lives of luxury, authorities reacted by broadcasting footage of suspected fake beggars on a giant LED screen in the area’s Culture Square and on another screen nearby. … 2. UNNAMED PLACE


Crazywrita’s blog

SEE JUST HOW FAR FAKE BEGGARS IN CHINA WILL GO TO GET PITY MONEY One amazing example of this, is a beggar who has constructed a rather elaborate contraption for displaying his false paralytic condition. The beggar’s props for his dishonest charade include a rolling board, which he lays on top of and rolls around with a box strapped to his back for collecting pity money.

First, the beggar is seen rolling around in the street, pathetically begging unsuspecting strangers for money. Many strangers take pity on him and put money in his box. However, the beggar’s fallacy is exposed in one instance when an exceptionally kind, elderly woman and her family decide to do more than just give cash to the beggar. In addition to giving him money, the elderly woman and her companion decide to try to provide hands-on help to the disabled beggar. But when they try to take a closer look at his legs, the beggar becomes defensive, and in an act of paranoia, accidentally exposes himself by rising to his knees in an attempt to protect his money. Once this happens, everyone nearby is immediately aware that the poor, disabled beggar is a fake. The elderly woman confronts the beggar and it appears that she is shaming him for his dishonest conduct. Soon, the police are called and the beggar is asked to stop his charade. While the beggar does eventually give up his act, he does not appear to be the least bit ashamed of what he has done. In fact, the beggar simply continues to count his money in front of everyone around him. IN ZHENGHOU, HENAN

The Nanfang Insider

PHOTOS: A Day in the Life of a Professional Beggar in China

Posted: 09/15/2014 12:28 pm

Charles Liu
There are a multitude of beggars in China. Some are children, while some are crippled by debilitating injuries, diseases, or deformities. Some beggars need to beg in order to survive. And then there’s another kind of beggar: the professional. This is the person that begs as a career to make enough money to live. QQ sent reporter Cui Guanghua out to take these incredibly thorough set of pictures of a group of professional beggars in Zhengzhou, Henan. The photos follow the group from morning to dusk and shows what a day of work for a professional beggar is like: During the morning rush hour at the northwest corner of Huayuan Road and Weiwu Road, an old man lies on the ground covered with a sheet while a middle-aged woman repeatedly kowtows beside him. zhengzhou henan professional beggars Half an hour later, a middle-aged man comes over to join the group. He looks into the bucket, counts the money, puts it into his pocket. All three, including the man lying prone on the ground, get engaged in a light-hearted conversation. zhengzhou henan professional beggar… At 11:30am, the trio pack up their belongings and take the bus to go to another location. zhengzhou henan professional beggarsTwenty minutes later, the group arrives at Renmin Road, near “Danny’s” shopping center. It is now noon, and there are lots of pedestrians in the area. People drop money into the group’s cup.

Twenty minutes later, the group arrives at Renmin Road, near “Danny’s” shopping center. It is now noon, and there are lots of pedestrians in the area. People drop money into the group’s cup. … The group then heads for a late lunch of fried chicken and beer. zhengzhou henan professional beggars… A day of work finally concludes at 10pm when the group has dinner at a restaurant. zhengzhou henan professional beggars zhengzhou henan professional beggarsTo top it off, at some point Zhang was seen browsing at a Cartier jewelry store. Photos: QQ, Shenzhen Evening Report —–

→_→ Bienvenue à l’école des chefs chinois (Le 15 septembre, à l’école Lanxiaqng)

→_→ welcome to the school of Chinese leaders (on 15 September, at the Lanxiaqng school) (Translated by Bing)

zx — Shanghaiist Sichuan police launch Hollywood-style recruitment posters, receive incredibly enthusiastic response

The Ziyang police force in Sichuan recently launched a set of dramatic Hollywood-style action posters in an attempt to woo young men to their ranks. Unexpectedly, the viral campaign has drawn more female applicants than male. If you’ve ever wanted to be a part of the Avengers or the Bad Boys universe, you may want to consider joining the Ziyang Police Force—at least, that’s how life on the force is portrayed in these movie-like propaganda posters. By Lucy Wang

Ziyang-police-force-hollywood-recruitment-posters-2.jpg Ziyang-police-force-hollywood-recruitment-posters-5.jpg —–

Look: Zhengzhou university students tested in water bottle-balancing abilities

Look: Zhengzhou university students tested in water bottle-balancing abilities

bottles6.jpg Military instructors continue to find new and hilarious ways of making first year university students look silly during their mandatory military training. Yesterday, students from the, Henan practiced marching while balancing a bottle of water on their heads. Because training to be in the military is a lot like training to be in Miss America.

by Alex Linder ———————————————————————-

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